Coinbase Is getting rid of slide decks and endless meetings

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One of the popular crypto exchange companies, Coinbase, has taken a thinkable decision to abandon the slide decks and “endless meetings” before launching a product. This decision has shocked the whole market and raised the question that why this step has been taken by this exchange and how it could fulfill the needs? Though all curious answers have been given by the company’s CEO Brian Armstrong. In precise words, he does not want to waste time, instead, he wants quality products only.

What are Slide decks?

Slide decks are a series of presentation slides that describe the upcoming project or product. These consist of the pre-planned structure, framework, and upcoming performance of a business or product. Slide decks are mainly a model or visual representation of any particular project. It shows how the project will be done or how will the product be made with which instrument and in which ways? Complete guidance for planning is showcased through the slide decks. For any business or product manufacturing company, these pre-planned decks are crucial to be there. For business purposes, a weak or unconvincing slide deck is one of the greatest obstacles to executing a successful outcome.

Why Is Coinbase Banning Slide Decks And ‘Endless Meetings’?

The crucial thing is going to be banned by the famous crypto exchange company, Coinbase. Though the planning instead of this time-consuming process has been stated by its CEO himself.

Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong explained that his company is focusing on productive activities. Only the product matters, not the pre-planned script, he believes this. The decision has already been executed following the retrenchment of roughly 18% of employees last month. The CEO stated that his company is “driving more efficiency 200% year-to-year employee growth over 18 months”. He thinks, most overrated companies focus on their goals and hard work to achieve the goals. After satisfaction, the companies become weak and start to fall.  But Coinbase wants to grow with a smart decision without investing in unnecessary things.

Mr. Armstrong explained that he is experimenting with banning slide decks in product engineering reviews. He focuses on a speed-up product development process without getting an overview of the project beforehand. His company needs only quality products rather than a time-consuming pre-discussion which does not assure the product quality or performance itself.

Additionally, the CEO believes that a great slide deck can not give a great product. It needs an efficient advanced team who can produce a quality product without providing any useless slide decks.

With the view of the customer, Armstrong realized that the company makes products keeping in mind the users’ satisfaction. Users don’t want luxurious slide deckers. They just want a good product. So, according to him, his company should focus on quality products only. It would be done using a dashboard with metrics, product mockups, actual product, realistic reviews, how the product work, etc. But no slide decks will be needed.

The CEO doesn’t even want any internal meetings regarding any project or product manufacturing. He believes that the ‘endless meetings’ are time-wasting. That circles around feature adding and modulation. This could be the reason for being late and less productive.

How Can Productivity Be Increased By Banning Slide Decks?

Without any slide decks and meetings with the team, it could be done in another way. Explaining his thought, Coinbase’s CEO stated that all the work will be done under an API catalog. They are moving forward to model. All product and engineering teams will publish their works in APIs. Under APIs, all work will be shared. Employees will be more specified and individualistic to perform their responsibility well.

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