Cryptocurrency advertising, package deals & more.

Attain high-quality traffic on daily basis.

A proper advertising plan enables you to reach thousands of potential customers daily.

Quality Traffic

Our traffic is exclusively organic and comes from a particular interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. We understand that this is a growing industry and we are glad to be part of it!

Wide Reach

We don’t believe in boring advertising, which is why we offer multiple advertising channels with millions of monthly reach to satisfy your needs.

Personalized Approach

We are committed to providing great quality with every product we handle. Our top priority is always on having the best value for our clients.

Advertising Options

Display Ads

  • Multiple advertising positions
  • Available geotargeting
  • A/B testing

The eye-catching banners are placed in strategic positions giving you maximum reach and quality results.


  • Thousands of Subscribers
  • Highly targeted audience
  • A/B testing

We produce exclusive mailings and banners for our top-tier clients. They have been carefully selected to highlight your product and leave an impactful impression.

Native Positions

  • CTA’s & buttons to direct the audience towards your business
  • Available geotargeting
  • Flexible

Our native positions are placed throughout the pages of the website, helping to make sure every visitor can easily find the info they are looking for, and that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Content & SEO

  • PR and Sponsored Articles
  • Backlinks and SEO Engagement
  • Guides and tutorials

Share your story with our readers. Your content will appear in an easily searchable format on our website and can reach tens of thousands of people in this way.


Package Deals

  • Our packages are available for every occasion
  • Multiple Budget-friendly options available
  • Enjoy great value for your investments

Our broad range of package deals gives you the ability to choose the best plan for your advertising campaign that fit your brand and promotion needs.

Product Listings

  • Build trust and showcase your product.
  • Reach your target audience
  • Reach a wide audience by interacting with your customers

From reaching a wider audience to advertising your ICOs or projects, Coin Network is here to help with everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

You can start by checking out our Media Deck. When you decide which advertising options you’d like to reserve, fill in this form. If you have any questions or want a personalized offer, feel free to contact us at

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

We’ll be starting the campaign as soon as we receive the materials and the payment. During working hours, it usually takes about 1 hour to set everything up. Outside working hours, it might take up to 8 hours if we don’t receive the materials upfront.

Do you offer mobile/desktop targeting?

Yes, we offer device targeting for all banner positions.

Do you offer geotargeting?

Yes, geotargeting is available for most positions at a 15% surcharge.

Can I run A/B testing or multiple banners?

Yes, A/B testing is available. You can run up to 3 different banner creatives for the same position.

Is it possible to change an ad or position during the campaign?

Yes, it’s possible to change an ad or switch the rest of impressions to a different position during the campaign. You’ll need to provide the new materials. We’ll update the ad as soon as possible and we charge no additional fee for this service.

What’s the minimum order?

For banners and other display ads, the minimum order is for 50,000 impressions per position or $300, whichever is highest in terms of the USD amount.

Do you accept advertising from casino/betting/gambling services?

Yes, but in some cases (SEO offer), there is a surcharge on the regular offer.

How can I pay?

We accept wire/SEPA/PayPal payments and Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether transfers. For PayPal payments, there is a 5% service fee surcharge.

How can I track the performance of my campaign?

We provide a comprehensive report at the end of the campaign. On your request, we can also provide a report during the campaign.

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