Chronology (CRNO) is about to get launched on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap

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The upcoming Chronology CRNO token is going to grab the crypto market. It is a luxury watch ownership-based market. Where all traders are going to get the ownership of the renowned brand’s watch by a token. In May 2022, Chronology marketplace started its work by pre-selling the CRNO tokens. It is going to be the world’s first fractional watch investment marketplace.

What Is Chronology(CRNO)?

Like another crypto marketplace, Chronology is also a marketplace but it consists of luxury branded watches. In this marketplace, traders will be allowed to own a portion of collectible watches of brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, etc. Investors can invest to own the watches by exchanging the same valuable NFT or cryptocurrencies.

This NFT watch investment platform is backed by real physical watches in several places in the world. This platform is going to allow redeeming the trader’s watches to get back their NFTs and also they can borrow their valuable tokens.


Expectations From Chronology :

Whitepaper, the founder of Chronology, shared their expectation from this marketplace. The potential profit of Chronology is around $49 billion. Where its value is $18 billion. The team anticipated that this new marketplace will appear in the crypto world with its own identity. It is expected that by 2025, Chronology will grow at a 3% rate. By 2025, it will reach up to $25 to $32 billion.  

Initially, it already started its presale by this May. The price of the CRNO token skyrocketed by 560%. During the bearish crypto market, CRNO is sold at $0.01.

In the upcoming program, Chronology will allow the support of several blockchains. Which will be a larger marketing platform. Traders and investors will be able to stop losses, create price alerts, limit orders, etc. Additionally, users can burn their NFTs and transact physical watches with them. This facility will be provided to more than 120 countries across the world. Several transportation support will be engaged to offer their services.

Also, Chronology would offer a special membership. Through this, users will get special NFTs to trade and invest in different fields. It is reported that the NFT collection will be limited to a total supply of 7,777.

What Will Be In The Four Phases?

Chronology has a total of four phases of its planning. Within four phases, it wants to achieve its goal. The first phase of this new platform has already been started. The first phase states to presale the tokens and the official launch of CRNO along with PR publication, audits, official arrangements, etc. This phase started in May 2022. 51.76 million tokens are already sold to the users.

In the second phase, Chronology planned to perform a second round of pre-sell of tokens. It will be held at Uniswap and Pancake Swap bridge. The listing will be at CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap in this phase. Also, a second smart contract audit will be taken place in this stage.

The third phase of Chronology consists of launching CRNO in the top 10 centralized exchanges. Within the top 10 exchanges, Chronology will serve their NFT watch investment service.

In the last phase, Chronology oracle will be there along with metaverse incorporated via Chroloverse and disclosing of the first NFT holder or Chronology.

These four phases are now a pre-planning for the Chronology program. Though the whole structure and services are not clear enough to the users yet.

Predictions About  Chronology :

It was announced officially by Chronology, that this July 27, the second presale will be held. In the first pre-sell, the token’s price was $0.01. But according to the forecast, in the second round, it will increase. It is anticipated that CRNO will rate at $0.066 in the upcoming pre-sell.

Till now 51.76 million tokens have been sold to interested users. Though the target is to sell the tokens to over 175 million users.

Notably, the owner of the financial activity is not disclosed yet. Besides, the service and the exchange structure are not transparent yet to the users. So this becomes an obstacle for the investors to go ahead with the next phase.

Moreover, in between the crypto market’s downfall, Chronology got much attention from the crypto investors. According to experts, this invention is going to grab the crypto market at least for some years. But the volatility will be the greatest concern similar to the other cryptocurrencies.

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