Ethereum Whales Sold 880K ETH: Is there a Silver Lining?

Ethereum Whales Sold 880K ETH: Is there a Silver Lining?

Following the demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Ethereum (ETH) is under intense selling pressure. According to Ali Martinez, ETH whales traded about a million coins in December 2022, escalating investor concerns. According to Martinez, whales with between $10,000 and $100,000 in ETH sold or dispersed around 880,000 coins. At the time of publication, trading volume had declined by 3.05% in 24 hours. However, trading volume increased 23% to $4.5 billion the day before, while the market cap fell 2%.

To put it mildly, Ethereum’s price performance in December was poor. The key causes of the market’s lack of momentum were poor fundamentals, a grim economic background, and a lack of network activity. However, after investigating whale wallets, it appears that the fundamental problem is rather more basic. According to on-chain statistics, Ethereum whales with up to 100,000 ETH have sold or moved up to 880,000 ETH since the beginning of the month. At least a portion of the money was most certainly sold on the market, mirroring the selling pressure we experienced all month.

Ethereum has had a difficult year, with its value plummeting by 75.5% from its all-time high and 70.4% in a single year. Many people are concerned that the value of ETH may fall much more as we enter the new year. ETH has dropped below $1200 and may continue to decrease if it does not rise over $1215. Furthermore, since mid-December, issuance has grown.

While trading activity on Ethereum has been slow in December, with the market’s low liquidity, merely 500,000 ETH of selling pressure would be enough to push the market’s second largest cryptocurrency below the $1,200 barrier.

Another significant contributor to active asset redistribution was the global trend of capital migrating from centralised cryptocurrency exchanges to self-custody. Although migration from exchanges to wallets is not directly tied to selling activities, it may be a factor since some investors choose to liquidate their holdings rather than simply shift them to their own wallets.

As previously said, the primary cause for the ETH price drop might be related to decreased network activity as more investors leave the sector for good, or at least until the market rebounds. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,199, attempting to hold the $1,200 price mark, which serves as a platform for any advance toward the next resistance.

What may propel Ethereum higher?

With issuance growing, the most likely scenario would be a rise in coin issuance with a gradual decline in supply following the new year. If more investors return to the market and produce more activity, the market’s burning process will speed up.

Guy of Coin Bureau, a well-known cryptocurrency specialist, forecasts that Ethereum will have a spectacular year in 2023. Guy believes that the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade will lead Ether’s trend to reverse. The Shanghai update will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2023.

If billions of dollars in ETH tied up in smart contracts are released, the analyst believes that investors will be enticed to stake their tokens for a potentially stress-free investment experience. The Shanghai update, among other things, will allow ETH stakers and validators to withdraw cash from the Beacon Chain. At the time of publication, ETH was trading at $1,194.74, up 0.2% in the previous 24 hours. However, in the previous 14 days, the cryptocurrency has fallen by 8.8%.

Shiba Inu among the most popular cryptocurrency in 2022, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Shiba Inu among the most popular cryptocurrency in 2022, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What Is Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

A cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin called Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) is built on Ethereum and has the Shiba Inu, a Japanese hunting dog breed, as its mascot. Shiba Inu is frequently mentioned as a Dogecoin substitute; in fact, its proponents refer to it as the Dogecoin killer.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are two instances of meme coins. Meme coins are digital currencies associated with a certain topic, in this case, the Shiba Inu dog. Meme coins are typically introduced as inside jokes or parodies rather than as useful digital products. Unlike Dogecoin, which was introduced in December 2013, Shiba Inu was developed in August 2020 by an unidentified person or group called Ryoshi.

The Shiba Inu Ecosystem

The following three coins make up the Shiba Inu ecosystem:

  • SHIB: Shiba Inu: This serves as the project’s primary unit of exchange. Starting with a supply of 1 quadrillion, or 1,000 trillion, Ryoshi gave half to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin for storage and then locked half in Uniswap for liquidity reasons. When India was suffering from the Delta version of the coronavirus in May 2021, Buterin sent the country more than 50 trillion Shiba Inu coins, which were then worth over $1 billion, to a COVID-19 relief fund there. Shortly after, Buterin added 40% of the whole supply of Shiba Inu to a so-called “dead wallet,” or permanently deleted it from circulation.
  • Leash (LEASH): Leash is the second token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem and symbolizes the opposite end of the ecosystem’s spectrum with a total supply of just 107,646 tokens as opposed to the billions of Shiba Inu tokens.
  • Bone (BONE): With a total supply of 250,000,000 tokens, Bone falls in the middle of the other two tokens in terms of its supply in circulation. On subsequent proposals, the SHIBArmy will be able to vote using it as a governance token.
  • ShibaSwap: ShibaSwap is a DeFi platform that aims to offer a secure cryptocurrency trading environment while remaining decentralized. The best site to purchase and sell SHIB and LEASH is on ShibaSwap.
  • Shiba Inu Incubator: The incubator looks for ways to value originality and ingenuity while refocusing attention away from well-known artistic forms including painting, photography, and computer portrayal.
  • Shiboshis: They are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by 10,000 Shiba Inus and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Shiboshi has a unique set of characteristics that makes it collectible.

Understanding Shiba Inu (SHIB)

A “woof paper”—possibly a play on the word “white paper”—that is accessible on the website lays out the fundamental principles of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The article claims that Shiba Inu was created as a response to the following straightforward query: “What would happen if a cryptocurrency project was 100% managed by its community?” Ryoshi, the organization’s founder, explains that it began as an “experiment in decentralized spontaneous community creation.” Ryoshi asserts that collective decentralization has the ability to forge stronger bonds than a centralized team could possibly manage.

The SHIBArmy’s base of more than 500,000 members upholds its founding tenets, which are: 

  • The project started from scratch, with nothing, in the spirit of building something from nothing; 
  • It was not established on the foundation of an already established group or pre-formed team; and 
  • A professed love of Shiba Inu dogs.

Being an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum, Shiba Inu was created on and is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain rather than its own blockchain. The Shiba Inu ecosystem was built on Ethereum because, as Ryoshi said in the paper, it was already secure, and dependable, and allowed the project to keep its decentralized nature.

Shiba Inu joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Numerous other types of assets have entered the cryptocurrency market throughout time. Most, however, fell short of rivaling well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] or Ethereum [ETH]. As its ubiquity increased, the meme coin Shiba Inu [SHIB] changed this story. The product was well-liked even if its worth dropped somewhat this year.

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, tweeted about the cryptocurrency that will be most popular in 2022. It was anticipated that BTC and ETH would be on the list. But the presence of the Shiba Inu caught a lot of people off guard. But the Shib Army was jubilant. Clearly, 2022 was a very important year for Shiba Inu. The network generated a lot of buzz with the launch of its own video game and a restaurant with a SHIB theme. 

Alongside this, network developers could be observed making fun of the locals regarding Shibarium. The SHIB network started a surprise countdown earlier today. While many people thought this countdown had something to do with Shibarium, several people disagreed. The countdown had reached 14 hours, 45 minutes, and 11 seconds at this point.

Shiba Inu holding count clears the way for healing

After this year’s holder count significantly increased, a decline in the total number of unique addresses began in December. However, the Shib Army was once more seen seeking to raise its numbers before 2022 came to an end. The number of addresses on SHIB at the time of publication was 1,268,344, which was a record high for the network.

As was already established, despite the asset’s price is in freefall, Shiba Inu’s popularity did not change. SHIB is currently trading 90.34 percent below its October 2021 $0.00008845 record high.

Shiba Inu was selling for a low of $0.000008537 at the time of publication, with a daily increase of 3.19 percent. In light of this, numerous members of the community pointed out that SHIB may be on level in terms of popularity with BTC and ETH. However, it was extremely doubtful that the price of the meme coin would ever reach those levels, at least anytime soon.

Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
Slower than anyone wants, faster than anyone believes is possible

Just two of the many through provoking quotes you will hear coming out of the Wolf Pup NFT powered Wolf Den. Wolf Pups are an exclusive collection of 5,000 unique Wolf Pups. As a Wolf Pup holder you get access to a private community, private events and the pride of displaying your Wolf Pup NFT as your profile picture on your favorite social media platform.

That is all fairly standard in the NFT space and amongst the Web 3 community. As the founder of the Wolf Den states:

Only innovate where you differentiate. There is no need to change what works, the distinction is in the details that are unique to each person or project

Anyone paying attention would agree: the individuals around the web rocking a Wolf Pup PFP are… different.

Wolf Pups are NFT’s, digital collectibles that are transferred, stored and secured on the blockchain. Wolf Pups are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, up to this point all of the purchases and transactions have been done in Ethereum as the currency. The Wolf Den plans to change that, which we will explore later.

Each Wolf Pup has a unique blend of over 160 possible traits including background color, fur color, sword type shield type, eye color and tail color. While they have rarities that are programmed in, the Wolf Den is also changing how NFTs can be valued; another thing for later.

Each trait was carefully chosen by the creators to represent a reflection of the human condition. The Wolf Pup holders that pay very close attention have been posting publicly and in the private communities how much they have learned about themselves and how to interface with others effectively just by being part of the community.

As of today, 4,046 of the 5,000 Wolf Pups have been minted. When you ask the community members why they don’t push harder to get the rest minted the answer is a version of slow is smooth, smooth is fast. The community is far more interested in developing a strong culture that people want to not only be a part of but actively contribute to, than they are in traditional NFT metrics. The byproduct?

Only .6% of the minted wolf pups are listed on the marketplace. Wolf Pup holders don’t want to let go go their Wolf Pups. They’re busy registering them, naming them and creating stories for them, stories that the community is gravitating towards and paying attention to.

The idea is that, although each NFT has a programmatically and randomly designated rarity, holders can turn their specific Wolf Pup into a niche celebrity – the more someone identifies with, follows or learns form a Wolf Pup the more they value the IP, regardless of the randomly assigned programmed traits. The Wolf Pups are born with an objective value, but through their contribution and leaning into their uniqueness they can rise above and become more valuable to the community.

Understanding this, Wolf Pup holders have been empowered to create – specifically in a way that adds value through entertainment, education, support, etc.

The Wolf Den mission is a big one. They’ve already created their naming registry, had multiple in person events and given sneak peeks of their metaverse and gaming platform. The real mission, according to tweets and documents fom the team, is to build a web 3 world of significant contribution through building a publishing platform and publishing purpose driven projects onto the blockchain and into the Guard FDN ecosystem.

They have already published The Guardian Academy, an educational project that thousands of students learning and contributing to the web 3 space and Recovery Punks, a project by Artists for Addicts, committed to changing the global conversation about addiction recovery and connection.

The plan is to move all of the published projects, collaborators and partners over the Guard FDN ecosystem – where they will all use Guard as their primary currency and, together, use the governance structure of the Guard FDN to create a a world of hundreds of projects all working together to use blockchain tech and web 3 community to continue to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

We’re along for the ride.

To learn more about the Wolf Den and their Wof Pups visit:


Guardian Academy
Recovery PunksGuard FDN
Wolf Pup Registry

China Lockdown caused Bitcoin and Ethereum price down by 5%

China Lockdown caused Bitcoin and Ethereum price down by 5%

Due to a series of events that have significantly harmed any altcoin, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, the crypto winter may last longer. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, fell more than 3% to $16,160 after failing to break out of a descending triangle pattern in the market. Similarly, Ethereum, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency, has fallen nearly 5% to $1,171, following Bitcoin’s lead.

It looks like that the bad time of crypto is not going to end any time soon. The recent FTX collapse has also affected the entire crypto industry and most of the big coins are going down when it comes to their price. Just recently, we have seen the sudden crash of BTC going below $17000 which looks quite alarming to all Bitcoin holders. While on the other hand, for the people who were thinking to buy BTC, it may be a good time for them since they are now less expensive than their value before the collapse.

China’s Situation:

China Lockdown Causes a Sell-Off in Global Markets.  Cryptocurrencies fell as a result of investor apprehension in global markets brought on by protests in China against Covid restrictions. Outraged by the stringent COVID-19 regulations, protesters demanded the resignation of China’s powerful leader.

On Sunday, officials in at least eight cities attempted to suppress demonstrations that posed a direct threat to the ruling Communist Party. This was a rare rebuke. Nearly three years into the pandemic, dissatisfaction with President Xi Jinping’s well-known zero-COVID policy has sparked a surge of public disobedience on the mainland not seen since President Hu Jintao took office a decade ago.

The COVID-19 regulations are also having an impact on the second-largest economy in the world. The largest demonstrations against the ruling party in decades have taken place since and have spread to cities like Beijing, the capital, and dozens of university campuses.

China’s role in the cryptocurrency slump:

The second-largest economy in the world, China has a significant impact on global financial markets; therefore, financial backers are searching for a place of refuge to stop their speculations. Since stocks and digital currencies are not considered safe havens, today’s price action is bearish.

However, Bitcoin and other currencies may experience a sharp bullish reversal as the situation in China improves and the protest ends.

However, given that some investors are beginning to believe that Chinese stocks may have reached a crossroads following the recent sharp gains, the protests may dampen sentiment. This is the case in spite of a growing chorus of bullish China calls on Wall Street, which cited favorable policies and low valuations.

The unrest in China may also dampen hopes that a gauge of currencies from emerging markets will experience its strongest monthly rally in six years on global markets.

How and should you buy Ethereum?

How and should you buy Ethereum?

Describe Ethereum. that’s a reasonable question for someone new to the cryptocurrency world to ask, as long as they are likely used to seeing Ethereum and its native (Eth) token alongside Bitcoin in the media and on exchanges. It’s not exactly fair to compare Ethereum in with Bitcoin. Its characteristics, objectives, and even technology are distinct.

According to Cointelegraph, with Ethereum, users can conduct transactions, stake their holdings to earn interest, utilise and store nonfungible tokens (NFTs), trade cryptocurrencies, play games, access social media, and far more. Ethereum may be a decentralised blockchain network powered by the Ether token.

A bank or a web brokerage like Vanguard or Fidelity won’t let you acquire cryptocurrency. you want to instead make use of a bitcoin trading platform. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges accessible, with dashboards that range from basic to complex for knowledgeable traders. Before registering, it is a good idea to conduct some research on the various platforms because they have varying pricing structures, security measures, and other features.

You’ll almost probably have to provide some personal information and have your identity validated to register an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. then, you’ll add money to your account by linking a debit card or bank account. counting on the option you select, fees may change.

As with any investment account, funding your account doesn’t mean you have purchased Ethereum, and you do not want your unspent money to sit there. to take a position at this time, you want to first buy Ethereum.

After your account has been credited, you’ll exchange your dollars for Ethereum. Enter just the dollar amount you would like to convert to Ethereum. you’ll purchase shares of a single Ethereum currency, counting on the price of the cryptocurrency and the amount you choose to invest. A percentage of the whole amount of ether coins will be shown as your purchase.

If you simply have a small amount, it’s simpler to go away your cryptocurrency investment in your exchange account. However, a digital wallet might offer additional security if you select to move your holdings to a more secure storage site. Digital wallets are available in many different forms, each with differing levels of security, like paper wallets or mobile wallets.

Should you buy Ethereum?

According to market capitalization, Ethereum is the second-most valued cryptocurrency and is viewed as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. like all investments, there is a chance that Ethereum’s higher risk will also result in higher rewards. In any case, the year 2009 is not longer relevant because Ethereum has advanced past the proof-of-concept stage, and now’s the perfect time for investors to start looking into this asset class.

Do your research before investing a large portion of your retirement money in Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency due to the unpredictability and volatility of the market. But it is often worthwhile to take into account as an aggressive growth option in a diversified portfolio. Naturally, never risk extra money than you can afford to lose.

The future of Ethereum

The Ethereum blockchain has become increasingly well-known in recent months as a result of the development of numerous NFTs and decentralised finance projects. Advocates claim that the arrival of new applications like these, which are among the primary ones to operate on a public blockchain, has already resulted in a significant network effect, where new developers are drawn to Ethereum due to the increased activity.

However, there are still fundamental questions over whether Ethereum, which is not on time due to a complex series of technological upgrades, are going to be able to compete with more agile rivals and whether any consensus on its long-term function will emerge as the cryptocurrency industry expands.

As a result of Ethereum’s long-term significance, investors like Garg warn that the cryptocurrency markets could also be due for a turnaround, with Bitcoin returning to undisputed dominance.

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