Everything about the crypto educational tool launched by Polkadot

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As new reformations are being introduced and new systems are coming into existence, a need for sources that can provide us with adequate information has also been felt. Therefore, Revolt has come up with m extraordinary platform or educational tool. for crypto that was launched on Polkadot.

Its main focus is on making the complex processes involved in the crypto market, a little simpler band easier to understand for one and all. This is going to bring about a vast number of changes in the way one looked at or understood the digital assets industry. It can also help those who are involved in it more confident with all the necessary knowledge and information.

What shall users get to learn from the class?

The educational tool. that hall is available on the Polkadot platform for all to access and learn. It is said to be comprised of two courses. Users can choose any one of these courses and learn all they need to learn about the crypto industry with utmost ease and convenience. Users can even opt for the Basics course or can even opt for the courses based on Polkadot or another blockchain network. It offers benefits for the users or the participants as well. They shall also be able to earn a sum of $15 after they take each quiz based on the course.


What are its aims and goals?

The Polkadot platform has made the course as per the needs of the users and has kept the thought process and understanding level of learning ability of the users in focus as well. It claims to have made the course in such a way that it is easier for one and all to understand no matter what expertise they have. The courses are constructed in a way that keeps the user interested in them and engages more than one or two senses while making them learn.

These courses include short videos on certain topics as well as written materials on it as well for reference. The main aim of this educational tool is to enable those who have an inclination towards this industry and want to explore it in some ways but lack the primary knowledge or information to start with.

This program endeavors to make those users more interested in the crypto industry and offer them adequate information and appropriate tools with which they can venture into this world. They have also tried to get more people interested in it by offering them incentives for each course.

What are the incentives offered to users?

To access this platform, all the user has to do is enter into the Revolt app and under the learning, segment look for the tab that says crypto. After successful completion of the course which includes all the quizzes as well as, the users shall be rewarded with certain gifts that they can be able to cash afterward. There are millions and millions of users across the globe that are currently using Polkadot platform to gather more information on the crypto industry.

This platform is not only an educational platform but has given users a place where they can access different cryptocurrencies. They can even get access to different kinds of financial services. Revolt has been the source of information for all sorts of cryptocurrencies and has been spreading information on it as well.

However, it is also subjected to ups and downs along the road and has even witnessed a downward trend in the recent few days. This downfall has even led to a decline in its activity and has also led to a decline in the number of users using this platform.

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