Tether’s Reserves Dropped $16 Billion In The Second Quarter

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The world’s largest stablecoin, Tether, announced last week that it reserved $66.4 billion at the end of June. That is down from $82.4 billion during March. According to Tether, the fall took place due to fulfilling $16 billion worth of redemptions.

Tether And BDO Connection :

Tether announced it had switched to accountancy firm BDO Italia for certifying its reserves. The platform intended to release monthly reports by the end of the year. A day after that announcement, the reserves statement on Tether’s website came.

Notably, stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that is minted to keep unchanged or stable value. For instance, a 1:1 U.S. dollar peg. These pegged coins or stablecoins are mainly used in cryptocurrency trading to transfer funds between different cryptocurrencies or they can be regular cash. 

The world’s several financial regulators have warned that stablecoins could cause riskier financial stability. Presently, Britain and other major economies are looking to regulate the sector.

Tether remarked that the stablecoins balance their value by holding dollar-denominated savings to equalize or increase the value of Tether coins in circulation. Tether commented that BDO is a top-five firm and participates with BDO Italia and agrees with their commitment to the Tether community to work with a wider and more experienced firm.

BDO Italia is an audit and consolation company. It is based in Italy and is an independent member firm of BDO International Limited. At least two executives from Italy are included with Tether management.  

BDO Italia stated that Tether’s $66.4 billion reserve assets have crossed its $66.2 billion liabilities.

The Statements Regarding The Redemptions :

In June, Paolo Ardoino, the chief technology officer of Tether, said that Tether had reimbursed its $16 billion in redemptions. On the other hand, Tether stated, last week, that these redemptions were caused by the fall of the reserves. A wider portion of the crypto market had requested investors to swap their Tether holdings back into dollars.

The investment partner at Securitize Capital, Joseph Edwards stated that the report seems positive for Tether as it amplifies that there might be no bank big enough to run them down to the sections of their treasury that might raise questions. He further added that the questionable segment of the report is switching auditors again. 

According to Tether’s website, since 2017, it has already published reports witnessing its reserves from at least five other firms.

Noteworthy, the statement noted that Tether’s holdings of the U.S. Treasury bills dropped to $28.9 billion in the second quarter. That is a $10.3 billion fall down from the $39.2 billion. it held $39.2 billion in the first quarter.

The Aim To Slash Commercial Papers :

Alongside, commercial papers and certificates of deposit showed an $11.7 billion drop. That stands at $8.4 billion now. 

For further information, commercial papers are unsecured promissory notes with a permanent maturity date predominantly issued by large institutions to acquire or earn funds for their short-term debt responsibilities.

Earlier in July, Tether announced it had slashed the commercial paper holdings as part of a plan to decrease the exposure of riskier assets. 

In the second quarter of 2022, Tether decreased its commercial paper holdings from $8.5 billion. That stood at $20 billion. That was a reduction of more than 58% according to the reports of company.

Arduino further added that the company (Tether) will slash its commercial paper holdings to $200 million. Which could take place by the end of August and it would go to zero by the end of October.

In addition, Tether said the amount that was previously invested in the commercial paper is now primarily held in U.S. treasury bills. It has been used to repay Tether’s clients appealing redemptions.

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