The most awaited Ethereum merge and its effects on crypto market

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The people who are into the crypto news and following all the latest updates have likely heard about the ETH merge already. However, there are many aspects of the merge that you all might be unaware of. So, in this article, you will get to know everything about Ethereum merge with EVMOS. 

What it’s all about Ethereum merge

So, Ethereum 2.0 came forward with many exciting things so far and recently the whole Ethereum community is going crazy for this merge. In simple words, the merge is an Ethereum upgrade that was being planned for quite a long time. The main purpose of the upgrade is to improve the network and make it better for its users. This update is being considered as one of the most important ones that can be very beneficial for the whole ecosystem and can completely change it. This may also have long lasting effects on the whole crypto market.

The Merge will indeed merge the Ethereum mainnet with Beacon Chain. As of now, the two chains exist in parallel and the Ethereum mainnet, which presently utilizes a component called proof of work, is handling all the exchanges. After the most awaited merge, the Ethereum mainnet will shift from proof of work to the Beacon Chain’s proof of stake mechanism.

For those who don’t know, proof of stake is a type of consensus mechanism that differs from the conventional proof of work.

Ethereum merge

 Proof-of-Stake Mechanism

After the Ethereum merge or when it is shifted to a proof-of-stake mechanism, the whole network will start depending on validators (trusted entities) in order to get all the transactions verified and to add new blocks to the blockchain. A validator will be picked randomly each time another block is to be added, which will happen every twelve seconds after the merge. By depositing around $61,000 or 32 Ethereum, anybody can get a chance to be a validator. The validators will then be added to an activation line that restricts the pace of new validators joining the network. An “activated” validator will be able to approve and review the new blocks that the Ethereum network proposes to add to its blockchain.

Effects of the Ethereum Merge

As a result of the merge, the whole Ethereum blockchain will get positively affected along with a wide constellation of services and products that depend upon it. Furthermore, due to Ethereum’s size and strong impact, the destiny of the merge is probably going to affect the more extensive crypto industry. In the meantime, the upgrade to the proof of stake will influence a huge number of individuals who are Ether miners, a considerable number of whom have put huge capital in the network. They have to shift towards mining proof of work coins so that can be quite troublesome for them.

In any case, while the merge can turn out to be a terrible case for miners, so far most of the Ethereum community are going to get several benefits out of it. One more significant effect of this merge will be a decrease in the issuance of new Ether. As per many crypto experts, post merge, Ether is probably going to turn into the biggest deflationary currency.

Winding up…

While the vast majority of the Ethereum community are in support of the merge, a group of members are seeing it as a huge mix-up. Now, coming towards its release. The upgrade is going to happen very soon as per the developers. There is no exact date announced yet but there are many things that are indicating that it is going to happen very soon.

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