Sudden Crypto Price Drop Led BTC To Three Weeks Low

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Cryptocurrencies fell roughly last week. The selling of bitcoin was sudden upward. The falling market pulled it down to a three-week low.

The Price Analysis :

During the European morning, at nearly 0640 GMT, Bitcoin fell around 7.7% which led the price to $21,404 within a few minutes. Though,  it managed to retain again. Later, BTC was trading at around $21,528 at 1651 GMT. I was 8.05% down on the day. Notably, Ether was last seen to drop 8.32%. That was trading at $1,721.

Analyst at digital asset broker GlobalBlock, Marcus Sotiriou, in an analytic note stated that there did not reach to be a single catalyst that led the market to the heavy selling.

According to him, the S&P 500 rejection and failure to continue its recovery contributed to bitcoin’s drop. Furthermore, the S&P 500 fell around 1% by early Friday last week.

Alongside, the senior investment and markets analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, Susannah Streeter, remarked that the activity was a “result of a large sale transaction.”

According to her, it did not seem like the pattern of a flash crash. Because the assets did not instantly recoil sharply but managed to sink even lower in the hours that followed.

Streeter said it caused the cryptocurrency, Cardano, to first move following the bitcoin and ether and also other coins like altcoin, and Dogecoin.

The Experts’ Views :

Cryptocurrencies fell remarkably this year. Because the Federal Reserve rate was on a hike and ultra-high inflation worked as a catalyst to the investors not to go with riskier assets.

The senior market analyst at Oanda, Craig Erlam, stated bitcoin’s failure which aimed to recover its losses “suggests there is an opportunity to move”.

Often these kinds of sharp moves are shown in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. During the middle of June, bitcoin dipped by more than 15%. This causes the investors to be scared to trade. 

Hargreaves Lansdown’s Streeter stated that anticipation in the cryptocurrency market is causing extremely high risk and it is not pointful for the large community.

The Investments :

Corporate investors like asset management companies, BlackRock, investment banking corporation Morgan Stanley and electronics company Samsung invested a massive amount in the market. BlackRock invested $1.17 billion, Morgan Stanley contributed $1.11 billion, and electronics company Samsung provided $979.2 million. Alongside, Google gave $1.5 billion to Blockchain companies.

Current Condition :

In November 2021, the global crypto market reached a $3 trillion market cap. That was its last high market cap. At the end of the year, the market started to fall. Later it fell below the $1 trillion market cap. The top cryptos like Bitcoin, and Ethereum dropped lower. The volatility of the global market increased and the total value of the market is still in a lower trend. Coins that stand in the middle of the list, start to regain their value. Investors shifted their investments to other platforms. Even, in a phase, it was speculated that BTC’s price could fall to zero! Though, the current market is focusing to upgrade the technologies to regain

customers. Ethereum’s upcoming Beacon merge is now the hottest topic in the media. Cardano is also waiting for its Vasil Hard fork.

Notably, the metaverse project and web3 technologies are going to dominate the global market. Due to the crash, the individual platforms have already lost their value. In these circumstances, they are improving their mechanisms and technologies. Several metaverse projects are going to be implemented through gaming platforms. Also, NFTs are taking the market gradually. Multiple companies have started their NFTs acceptance. Cryptocurrencies have now become acceptable in several companies for purchasing purposes. Even, the countries like Japan, the US, European region bring their cryptocurrency ATMs into the market.

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