What happens when a blockchain dies?

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The dip in the value of the digital currency has been the most tragic in recent years. It was a phenomenon that had never occurred n the fire and which took the finance sector by storm. The digital currency world further deteriorated with the fall in the Terra USD stablecoin. However, the decline of this stablecoin ni only represents its downfall but also indicated the death or the decline of one of the most important and noteworthy blockchains.

Learn more about the reasons why Terra was halted

I’m the past few days, one of the parts of the virtual currency market, namely the Terra stablecoin was discontinued and then started again. The Terra stablecoin was responsible for facilitating the easy exchange of crypto amongst users and even allowed them to make interest and earn money from it. The reason the Terra as discontinued was sole that, the TerraUSD as well as the LUNA, lost their value. There was also high pressure of selling on the Terra, which ultimately led to its downfall.

With this, the various organizations that were supporting the Terra failed to extend their support to it. It led to a huge crisis in the digital currency market and even propelled each user into worry and concern. Its fall also affected several decentralized systems that were connected to it as well as the millions of wallets that were dependent on it.

The reinstating of the blockchain

With the collective efforts and the hard work of the team, the blockchain was reinstated again and is still functioning right now as well. Efforts are also being made to keep the process going and. keep it working at all times. The Co-founder of the company, Do Kwon, even came up with various methods a step-by-step method of which he had tweeted, to save the blockchain from getting completely shut down.

However, the new mode of Terra that emerged in the scene, after the collapse, was devoid of its various features, in an attempt to keep the Terra going. Various of its functions were also disabled as the way it used to previously operate raised some serious queries and concerns among the users.

Lessons to learn from the downfall of the Terra

The downfall of Terra, a major blockchain system, also brought into light various aspects of the digital currency market that one needs to be concerned about. The downfall of a part of the cryptocurrency world, which used the gold of high importance and was created to act as a support to Bitcoin, demanded Various reforms to be introduced in this sphere. With time this blockchain system has also become the bedrock of various cryptocurrencies. It took the whole market by storm when a blockchain of such depth dipped so tragically in value.

It is not a single case that had occurred in the digital currency market, but several cryptocurrencies have gone through the same in the past. It was due to a lot of reasons that acted against them and led to their downfall. However, those who were invested in it are still awaiting a day they would get a chance to earn more with their coins getting reinstated.


The users that are generally connected to these blockchains are quite vulnerable. They get their profits or make money if the well-being of the coins is maintained. The operational system of the blockchains is quite simple. Its value rises as soon as more people show an interest in it and start using it. However, when it fails to get the attention and appreciation it needs, it also loses the economic incentive that persuaded users to invest in it, ultimately leading to its demise.

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