Money Laundering Preventions Done By Binance

Money Laundering Preventions Done By Binance

One of the largest crypto exchanges, Binance, was continuing its journey from 2017 all over the world. It is now a well-known popular crypto platform for global crypto traders and investors. But its money laundering rumpus has been making headlines over the past few years. Till now, its anti-money laundering operation is not fixed well. The assurance given by this exchange company ultimately failed to be fulfilled.

Binance’s Assurance Vs The Productiveness :

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao was indicated as responsible for several clatters. It was reported that Mr. Zhao initially ignored his compliance team employees’ concerns about the issue. At that time, a spokesperson of Binance stated that they were planning and investing in some valuable and effective technologies to get a transparent crypto world. It was even said that Binance got approval from France and Italy as the first crypto exchange company among G-7 countries to upgrade their security.

Later, a well-known mainstream media reported that Binance was not done with its anti-money laundering program. Instead, it becomes a ‘hub’ of fraudsters, hackers, and drug traffickers. Though, the official of Binance, Matthew Price rejected this claim saying that Binance became an agenda for the media. According to him, the exchange platform was focused on several security projects for the users.

In 2021, KYC (Know Your Customer) became mandatory for every user. Without updating the KYC, users were only able to transfer 0.06 BTC from 2 BTC.

At that time another spokesperson claimed that Binance was leading and investing in future technologies to grow a well-regulated crypto world. Whereas practically no changes have been seen in this platform regarding their claim.

Several Blunders Exposed :

In the same year, Binance was exposed to serving its services in Iran until September 2021. But according to the regulation, from 2018, Iran was banned to serve Binance offers after the US reimposed sanctions. This raised the question, of why and how Binance was serving Iran after banning it?

Even 7 traders from Iran of Binance were investigated. They claimed that they were able to trade through Binance until the KYC came into force last year.

But the tightened KYC process did not work well among the transactions. It was claimed as a weak KYC and anti-money laundering initiative. Ultimately the overall business and financial structure of Binance became obscured. Lack of transparency and weak management failed to perform well in money laundering prevention.

Last year, Mr. Zhao merged with Germany’s Munich-based regulated financial service firm, CM-Equality. At that time, the service company started a close investigation on the users who transacted more than $11k in a one-time transaction. Binance upped it into a $1 lakh transaction.

During this time, it was reported that Binance was getting several letters from the German authority and law enforcement sector. In this context, Binance explained it as a regular letter from the authority regarding answering the law enforcement process.

After all these loopholes, Binance stands against its risk trading condition by recruiting customers from Russia and Eastern Europe. Additionally, Binance’s CEO avoided three senior employees’ concerns regarding the exchange platform.

Apart from these all blunders, 5 interviewees exposed Binance’s weak technology and tools. They claimed that the exchange platform is unable to follow the exact footprints of each currency in the blockchain. According to them, the existing techniques and tools are backward and weaker.

Recent Updates :

Lastly, according to recent updates, Pakistan is investigating a fraud over $100 million which took place on this exchange platform. Other than that, a Turkish organization fined Binance $750,000 for violating the regulation. Similarly, in April 2022, the Dutch Central Bank fined EUR 3.3 million to this exchange company for offering services to the Netherlands without being registered in the country. Asia has withdrawn its application from Binance regarding a crypto exchange operation in Singapore.

Predictions on when Bitcoin will see its new all-time high

Predictions on when Bitcoin will see its new all-time high

From the start of 2022, Bitcoin started to fall in its market. The whole crypto market began to crash in 2022. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency that made the other currencies dependent on it. If Bitcoin doesn’t do well then other cryptos also start to fall in their market value. For the last couple of months, the market crash created a big concern among all investors. The bearish condition is still dominating the crypto world. Though, Bitcoin is indicating to regain its market value sooner. It has already survived within the high low price falling situation.

The top crypto, Bitcoin, is now trading at $22,892.60 as of the time of writing this post. Which is a 0.90% increasable manner. Yet the ups and downs are continuing in the crypto market. But Bitcoin is becoming optimistic for the upcoming months.

Looking Back at The Price Of Bitcoin In 2021 :

At the start of 2021, Bitcoin was increasing in value day by day. At that time a single Bitcoin was priced at $32,000. By April 2021, the price was doubled. The peak value was in the middle of 2021.

Later in late 2021, this top crypto started to fall in its market value. By the last of 2021, Bitcoin was trading at $47,300.

Price At Early Days of 2022 :

After the new year, 2022 started, Bitcoin increasingly fell. The whole crypto market began to fall and bearish conditions started. Due to the slowing economy, high inflation, and rising interest, the crypto market started to run in a bear condition.

After, the risk trading made it more unfavorable. In mid-June of 2022, Bitcoin fell below $20,000. Noteworthy, last year it touched its peak in November at $69,000. It was considered a sustained recovery. But the new year has been the worst period for the crypto market till now.

Predictions Of Bitcoin Price :

Changelly Blog :

According to The Changelly blog, Bitcoin will trade between $31,235.88 to $33,891.79 in July. Though, as of now, it is trading at $22,892.60. For a couple of days, the price is between $22,000 to $23,000. But the last few days remain to see the ultimate result. The Changelly blog anticipated that Bitcoin will increase its price by this August. It would cross $35,000.

Forbes :

A group of 35 members with two panels has discussed this matter. Forbes reported keeping both sides neutral. The first panel believes in the upcoming bullish run. This panel assumed, that by the new year 2023, Bitcoin will touch $76,000. Whereas, according to the second panel, it is quite bearish. Bitcoin would higher its value up to $65,185.

Coin Price Forecast :

According to Coin Price Forecast, by the end of 2022, Bitcoin will rise to $32,812. Then by the end of the next year 2023, it will reach up to $41,885. This anticipation is increasing. Though the mid-month of 2023 is not assumed. Looking back at the price of 2021 and the current ups and downs, it might be the same trend for next year.

Wallet Investor :

The wallet investor believes in long-term anticipation. According to this expert site, Bitcoin will reach $150K in the next 5 years.

Digital Coin Price :

Digital Coin Price is also anticipated following the 5 years assumption. Though its expectation is lower than Wallet Investor’s. Digital Coin Price believes Bitcoin will touch $100K by 2027.

Technical Analysis :

The Technical analysis says about Bitcoin’s upcoming trend that it would run minimum at $37,125.49 and maximum up to $41.180.91. Also, the average trading price would be $38,288.89.

Market Capitalization Of Bitcoin Crashed Under $377 Billion

Market Capitalization Of Bitcoin Crashed Under $377 Billion

During the last period of 2021, the crypto market started to fall randomly. Top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have decreased in price day by day. Last November was the peak point of the crypto market. When Bitcoin touches its price of $69,000. The total market capitalization was then $3 trillion. That was the peak moment of the global market cap. After November last year, all cryptocurrencies have been suffering from a great downtrend.

The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has a massive market cap in comparison to other currencies. About 47.25% market cap is dominated by Bitcoin. This coin’s fall is a great tragic condition for the crypto market. Bitcoin’s market capitalization has crashed under a never seen phase.

Overview Of Market Cap 2021 :

The initial stage of the market cap during 2021 was favorable for investors. By the middle of 2021, Bitcoin was trading at $32,000. The same year in April, this coin doubled its price in the market. As November 2021 was the peak point of the crypto market, Bitcoin ran at $69,000. Only this time the global market cap was $3 trillion. Which is more than the GDP of a country! But later within 8 months, this peak market fell to $1 trillion. It has lost $2 trillion over time. This amount was less than the GDP of countries like Canada, and Brazil.

Bitcoin Downfall And The Disappointing Market Cap :

After this fall, all currencies suffered to regain their support level. Bitcoin fell under $20,000. Which was not more than a shocking period for the investors. Initially, it has been dropped to $25,000. Later the price became tragic. Over the weekend, Bitcoin dropped 20%. The market cap of Bitcoin was then lower than $500 billion.

The second top coin, Ethereum, faced its worst phase during this downfall. Ethereum was suffering from a holding period of $13,000. Its market cap dragged lower to $160 billion.

Overall, the top two coins fell around 70%. Which consequences in a bear market till now. Though the selling tendency is indicating the upcoming bullish sentiment.

Upward Tendency This Year :

In June, this year, the BTC price increased by more than $20,000. On the other hand, coins like Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin have increased by 8%. The upward movement of Bitcoin affects the other currencies’ prices as well. Though, the coins are still down 25% to 30% in comparison to the last couple of weeks.

Downfall Of Market Cap :

Furthermore, the global crypto market or market cap has fallen by $369 within the last month. After a $3 trillion market cap last November, the market fell by $1 trillion. But this was not the oy barrier. This year, the market cap has downtrend by $878 billion from $1.247 trillion. Bitcoin’s market fall is interrelated with this massive loss.

While Bitcoin was trading under $20,000 in June this year. It is suffering to regain its value and succeeded to trade between $22,000 to $23,000. At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is running at $22,642.80. Which is at a 20% downtrend. The 52-week low of Bitcoin is $17,601.58 and the high is $68,990.90. The total supply is 19.10 million and the maximum supply is around $21.00 million. The current volume of BTC is $661.42 million. The market cap of this top coin is running at $433.46 billion.

Recent data of the global market cap is $983.72 billion. As 47.25% of the global market cap is captured by Bitcoin, the Global market cap is as falling as the currency itself. Besides, Ethereum and other coins are similarly impacting the market. But being the original currency in the market, Bitcoin’s crashed capitalization affected unfavourably to the global market.

Bullish Sentiment Continues The Crypto Market

Bullish Sentiment Continues The Crypto Market

Crypto investors have been facing the random downfall of several cryptos this year. A bear market is taking place currently. Though between the ups and downs, this week was quite favorable in comparison to the previous days. Some cryptos were able to raise their prices a little bit. Yet the market is in a bearish position. Top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether have fallen lower than Before.

Despite having a bearish market, bullish sentiment continues in the crypto market. Which increases the concern about the upcoming bull run! Does the next bull run in its way? The question arises. To get logical anticipation, first, the bull and bear run should be discussed.

When Does The Bull Market Start?

When the asset’s price is at its peak and investors are confident about selling, the Bull Market arises. This condition is favorable for crypto investors and sellers. The positive graph movement is seen in the market in the Bullish run. Especially, when the economy is in good condition and the employment levels are high, a bull run occurs.

An average price increase rate is 40% during a bull run. If the crypto market’s price increases up to 40% and stays for one to two days, then it is considered a bull run. Investors start a bull market by purchasing securities through selling pressure.

When the demand becomes higher than the supply, the price increases. On the other hand, if supply is exceeded by demand and the price falls then it is an indication of the start of a bear market.

Indicators Of A Bull Run :

  • High price (approximately 40%) and stays for one to two days long
  • Investors start to sell
  • High confidence of investors and optimism
  • supply is exceeded by demand
  • A strong economy and high employment level

When Does A Bearish Condition Occur?

A bear market can be explained by one word which is low price or price fall. When the crypto value falls randomly for a long time, it is considered a bear market. Naturally, 20% fall and its continuity refers to a bearish condition.

For the last couple of months, the crypto market has been facing a bearish market. Apart from this current situation, the condition of the crypto market during 2017 is a perfect example of a bear market. At that time Bitcoin (BTC) fell from $20,000 to $3,200.

A bearish market takes the place when traders start to purchase assets and the supply is greater than the demand. Another strong indicator of the bear market is the lack of investors’ confidence about return and optimism.

Indicators Of A Bull Run :

  • Low price (Approximately 20%)
  • Buying pressure
  • Supply is greater than demand
  • Lack of investors’ confidence and optimism
  • A slow economy and a high unemployment rate

Why Does Bullish Sentiment Continue During Bearish Conditions?

The bearish market is dominating the crypto market. The expected activity is to get high buying pressure as the price falls. Where investors have to hold their assets during this bear market. But the current selling pressure is not expected during this downfall. Selling or bullish sentiment is used during a bull run. This time the price is high and it is profitable as always. Instead, why does the bullish sentiment continue?

It might be a profit-seeking step taken by the investors. Selling during bear runs can also be a profit-raising activity if it is applied for the long run. Selling during bearish conditions and waiting for the detection of trends than the current situation might be a smart strategy. After reducing the price more, the selling can be bought again at a further low rate and sell it in the next bull run! Though this is quite risky to get the right forecast before investing. But updating with crypto news and market strategy can help to be a player in the bear market!

Bitcoin is attempting to move higher against a massive cluster of resistance level

Bitcoin is attempting to move higher against a massive cluster of resistance level

The price of Bitcoin has been falling randomly for the last couple of months. According to Coin Market Cap, as of the time of writing this post, its price has already fallen by $23,018.40. As such, the price of the largest cryptocurrency has fallen by 0.57% in the last 24 hours.  

Ethereum is considered the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The current price of Ethereum is 1,578.27. Which has increased by 0.16%.

Though, after a massive fall down, the Bitcoin price is attempting to move higher. It is moving forward in its resistance level.


Overview Of The Crypto Crash And Market Fall :

Since the beginning of 2022, no bullishness can be observed in cryptocurrencies. The ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine has accelerated the decline in the crypto market.

It was reported that Ukraine is expressing fears that Russia may try to circumvent the blockade through cryptocurrency. In that case, the price of the cryptocurrency may rise again.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin’s price is also falling. However, after Elon Musk bought Twitter, the price of Dogecoin rose slightly. But like other coins, Dogecoin is losing its price again. Its current price is $0.069 which is decreased by 2.01%.

Solana’s price is $41.56 which has decreased by 5.27%.

Experts’ Anticipation :

Experts say that due to the war in Ukraine, people are losing interest in digital assets like NFTs, and cryptos and increasing interest in tangible assets like houses, and gold. Earlier, the CEO of crypto firm Nexo, Anthony Krenchev, predicted that the price of Bitcoin would touch $100,000 within a year.

Earlier in January 2020, Krenchev predicted that the price of Bitcoin would exceed $50,000 by the end of the year. Although he did not predict at that time. At the end of 2020, the highest price of Bitcoin stands at $29,000.

Two months after that in February 2021 Bitcoin’s price exceeded $50,000.

It was assumed that the dollar may fall below and rise by the end of the year, maybe $50,000.

Bitcoin’s Support And Resistance Level :

Currently, the support and resistance levels are anticipated by experts. It was expected that Bitcoin would stay above $22,500 and get its support level. Then it will move higher. Approximately, at the level of $23,000, it already found support.

The base was formed by this level. The price has moved towards $23,500. It is assumed that the immediate resistance level will be $23,500. Then the next bull run will appear above $24,000. Noteworthy, the initial support level was $22,800 and the next will be at $22,500.

Since April 5 this year, Bitcoin has been facing a descending resistance line. Though this top crypto succeeded to retain its existence in the crash market. Cryptocurrency has fallen below $20,000 several times this year. Yet, Bitcoin survived. It continues to trade in the range of 20,000-22,000.

Multi-Strategic Buying And Selling Pressure :

The crypto market is now in a bearish moment. The buyers there are in the support level to throw the market in higher. But the initial selling pressure indicates an upcoming bull run. Maximum crypto investors chose to hold their assets till the bull run. But in Asian countries, the investors are going forward with selling.

According to some experts, this uneven selling pressure could be the reason for a short bull run. For unexpected selling, the support level becomes weak. The price is not increasing in its expected value.

Though the increase in Bitcoin price is quite optimistic for investors. Some traders focus on buying in bearish conditions. But as it is forecasting a bull run, sellers implement their bullish sentiment. Though in some cases, it is sold to buy at the next estimated lower price. Then the holdings will be sold in the bull run.

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