Top 5 Upcoming Asian Cryptocurrency Projects

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The crypto market is becoming the future of the financial world. The trend of various crypto platforms brings the world into a new path of development. Asia is one of the largest crypto mining regions that have a bunch of potential to grow in upcoming years. Asian countries are actively working on several crypto projects that offer multiple creative ways to trade and earn. Though, China was responsible for the crash of the crypto market. But the countries like Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong contribute a massive role to develop the global crypto market. In this post, we are going to inform you about the top 5 Asian crypto projects that have the potential to grow and develop the global market.

Battle Infinity :

Battle Infinity is one of the popular P2E multiple battle games. This game is not a classic game but a gaming platform. It is a combined platform of Defi gaming and NFT trading. The ecosystem of the gaming platform offers several options to the users. It is not only a platform for players, rather it opens to the artists and creators. Users can make their desired Avatar and earn from multiple activities.

Interestingly, Users don’t need to play for earning every time. The platform provides earning opportunities through exploring virtual reality, watching other players, and interacting with them.

This platform was integrated into IBAT Battle Arena with its Metaverse world and technology. It combines multiple gaming strategies in it.

The Sandbox :

Sandbox is an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world. That offers to explore virtual things, purchase virtual lands and interact with other players. Through this platform, users can purchase clothes and virtual gaming products through the NFT structured trading space Sandbox Shop. Its native token is $SAND which is used for every activity on that platform. Sandbox uses the 3D voxel modeling and NFT creating software, Voxedit service.

Tamadoge :

Tamadoge is another crypto project that has a huge potential to contribute to the world crypto market in future journeys. The project is a combination of P2E and Metaverse. That is considered a new meme coin utility. It is denoted as the next Doge and Shiba Inu model of gaming. It consists of metaverse aspects where every player has their pets and their 3D rendering. The players who spend more time bringing baby Tamadoge will get more rewards. Notably, the valuable reward is provided at the skill level in battle with other pets.

Tamadoge is a more play-to-earn version than a classic play-to-earn that offers innovative NFTs.

Decentraland :

It is also a metaverse crypto project that 3D world is backed by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform grew with a slower mode. That took 1 year to grow. In Decentraland, users can create their Avatars and purchase the virtual lands. l The ecosystem is designed as where users can monetize their creativity. All activities are denoted in a game token, $MANA.

Silks :

It is an upcoming metaverse crypto project with a huge potential to dominate the market. Silks is a P2P game, based on horse racing industries. The platform offers users to make their Avatars and own silk horses. Users can purchase their desired horses on the same platform. It is structured as NFTs. The platform’s Silk horses are the representation of real-world horses. Where the real horse’s activities and tendencies are captured through various types of research. It was reported that the platform will be initially centralized and later it would be decentralized after the growth of the users and players on the platform. The native token of the platform will be $SLK. This token will be used for purchasing or selling purposes.

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