Solana funds attracted over $110 million in 2022

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Since its introduction in the financial sector, the digital currency otherwise known as the cryptocurrency has been subjected to various ups and downs. Even though the impact of the downward fall of the crypto has been huge on the market, there have been some that have managed to push through it. Amidst this crisis, there is some type of cryptocurrency that has been able to not only survive but also set new records. One such currency is the Solana which has ven termed one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the year.

Let’s take a look at the ups and downs of Solana

After witnessing a path-breaking success, the cryptocurrency, that is Solana was even termed the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem” by the Bank of America. It was forecasted to be one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of the year 2022. Even though it witnessed one of its major downfalls in November, the previous year, it still managed to maintain a market cap of almost 27 million dollars.

It, therefore, became one of the top ten highest value cryptocurrencies and set new records. Various reasons and factors worked in its favor and helped it reach its pinnacle of glory. These factors are as follows:-

• The kind of capital funding it received and which became the vehicle upon which Solana reached its glory.

• New reforms, developments, and a well-prepared and developed app that was backed by a strong community of users.

• Lower amount of fees along with fast-paced transactions.

How has Solana performed so well?

The cryptocurrency Solana, set such a huge benchmark for all other cryptocurrencies to follow that any anticipation of any type of crypto to achieve that height, makes it automatically the next Solana. Solana gained the limelight when people were looking for new crypto to invest in after Ethereum lost its value owing to various reasons.

Solana has shown such impressive trends that it garnered the favor of major investing bodies. It successfully collected huge funds from capitalists. It is as even been able to gather a lot of funds this year.

What are the new developments introduced in Solana?

In the previous year as well as the current year, Solana was able to garner a lot of favor from the users and was even able to merge as one of the most active marketplaces. Since then many other crypto types have also emerged but none have been able to create the cachet that Solana has created in its lifetime.

What is the future of the crypto market after Solana?

Even though the crypto market has been subjected to various changing trends and emerging developments, there have been types of cryptocurrencies that are emerging as the most valued ones and are creating a space for themselves. They have even endeavored to bring about changes that can attract more customers to the platform. Like Solana, which was able to collect a sum of 110 million dollars in the year 2022, other cryptocurrencies have also managed to gather almost the same by incorporating the same features that made Solana’s valuation so high.


The cryptocurrency market is prone to changes and is highly unstable ground. Therefore, different types of cryptocurrency would come and go with a fall and rise in their value. However, it is important to keep track of the changes that are constantly occurring especially for those who are involved in it to make informed decisions. It would help in the creation of the next Solana. It can even help save the users from suffering any losses owing to the changing trends.

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