Role of bitcoin in building cryptographically based networks

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With numerous reforms that are being introduced in the financial sector, the most recent one is the introduction of the digital currency system. There are numerous types of cryptocurrency out of which Bitcoin has garnered the most popularity and has also been adopted by various companies.

Needless to say, that Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates without the control or supervision of any central-based authority or the government. It is a system that is completely dependent upon peer-to-peer interaction as well as cryptography.


A look into the Bitcoin market

Instead of being governed by any central authority, the transactions of Bitcoin are recorded by a public ledger which is then stored in servers that are available around the globe. Anyone who has access to a computer can et up. this system or served quite easily and conveniently. The decision regarding the ownership of the coins is done with the help of the cryptography system and not by using any government source like a bank.

Is Bitcoin convertible to cash?

Even though the digital currency market has been introduced for quite some time now, there are a few misconceptions surrounding it. People are still not very aware of its uses and advantages. One such question that surrounds Bitcoin is the possibility of whether Bitcoin can be converted into cash or not. Yes, these Bitcoins can quite easily be exchanged into cash and is quite useful as any other asset that one might have.

These exchanges can quite easily be done through online platforms and can even be done by any other communication platform as well. It has also enabled even the smallest businesses to accept this particular digital currency with utmost ease and convenience.

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What is the aim and goals of Bitcoin?

The first and foremost purpose of digital currency that is, Bitcoin was to make the online transfer of money quite easily was supposed to. provide an alternate way to transfer money from one source to the other which is deprived of any sort of regulatory frameworks of the central authorities such as the government. However, these Bitcoins can quite easily be used like any other form of money or like the traditional form of money, I e., as a means of exchange.

How is Bitcoin flawed?

Bitcoin has its flaws as well which have also made it quite an unsafe platform for many. As this currency does not have any regulatory frameworks, if the digital currency gets mistakenly sent from one source to a wrong source, then there is no one whose help can be taken to rectify it or retrieve the money back. Even if someone loses their password then also it cannot be rectified.

Therefore, there are certain flaws that Bitcoin is yet to overcome to make itself a safe platform for each and all. Certain steps are being taken to make it so and reforms are being introduced at each step of the way  

Problems that Bitcoin is facing today

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it has been subjected to various criticism all over the globe. Its mining system has also been referred to as an extremely hungry system. It has been observed to be using hundreds of terawatt and since then it has been tracked down regularly to keep a tab on the rate at which it is consuming energy. It has also been criticized to be a system that is quite efficient and unsafe and through which transaction in the black market has also become possible. Therefore, the current system calls for a reform that would help make the platform a safer place for traders and users.

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