Rumors Of Celsius Insolvency

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Since the last month of 2021, the global crypto market has been trading in a very downtrend. Top cryptocurrencies’ falling prices led the whole market downward. The market crash is still now affecting crypto-related funds and organizations. Celsius is one of the leading companies in the crypto market. The US-based crypto lending company recently filed bankruptcy protection to the court. Where all the users are suffering from their withdrawals that are deposited to Celsius. It was reported that Celcius owes $4.7 billion from its users!  

What Is Celsius?

Celsius is a prominent lending company for crypto users. It offers a deposited interest to the users. Where a user has to deposit their savings and instead of that deposit Celsius will provide an amount of interest or loan. The fiat assets should be deposited to the company to get a good amount of loan. When it needs to withdraw, Celcius offers some other facilities to the user. Other than this lending service, Celsius has its crypto mining platforms also.

How Did The Concern Arise?

The crypto-winter started last year. Though the new year became more challenging for crypto investors. Along with the altcoins, the stablecoins also fell rapidly. The fall of stable coins like Luna and Terra during May this year, affected several crypto companies. Companies like Celsius, and Stake Ethereum have collapsed due to this stable coin’s downtrend. The companies are connected with the collateral loans in Celsius. But the crash became the main cause of the chaos in Celsius.

On June 12 this year, Celsius suspended all withdrawals of users. The deposited assets were not free from the company. The uses fell into increasing chaos. Other than that, the company started to lay off its employees for cost-cutting. It laid off over 500 employees during this concern.

The number of users’ deposits was 4.7 billion US dollars. According to the filing of bankruptcy protection, the company’s total liabilities amounted to $ 5.5 billion. Whereas the total assets of the company are $4.3 billion as of June 13. It was reported that Celsius has repaid loans to Defi lending protocols Aave, Maker DAO, and Compound.

This crypto lending company has also separated the crypto mining unit that is Celsius Mining. During this crash, this mining unit also failed to perform. That’s why the ceasing activity of withdrawals has taken place. The company has invested $500 million into USA’s Bitcoin activities. Also, Celsius was planning for an initial public offering or IPO. This was supposed to launch in May this year. But it did not happen because of the downfall of the market.

While the crypto market crashed, the price of top cryptos started to decline massively. At that time Celsius also took steps to retain its business. Additionally, all miners were sold out with a high discount rate.

The CEO-Statement Affects :

The CEO and the filing person of Celsius, Alex Mashinsky shared the company’s steps that were taken. According to him, the company’s digital assets were growing faster than the company aimed to deploy. Then it was decided to deploy certain poor assets of the company. This statement of the CEO made another lane of the crisis. Several users and experts narrated the shared view of the CEO as incorrect. Though, this statement has raised another concern that the bankruptcy was just a rumor! Though as the reports say, the bankruptcy protection was filed just after 9 days of filing activity of the crypto broker Voyager Digital in the same court.

Furthermore, the suspension of the withdrawal took place after the collapse of Singapore-based crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. The filing claimed that Celsius has a hole of $1.2 billion according to its balance sheet.

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