New crypto staking dashboard by Polkadot

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With the emergence of the new staking system, the staking of DOT has taken a turn for the better. It has helped in simplifying the process and has made the whole process a lot easier. This upgrade which has been introduced in recent times, was a long-awaited one and one that this platform needed for a long. It has made things much easier and simpler for the less technical DOT holders.

More about the new staking experience introduced

The introduction of the new staking platform has brought numerous features that have got all eyes hooked on it. Users are filled with excitement and enthusiasm to have a new experience that they hope shall be rewarding for them in many ways. In this platform, a very simplified as well as a streamlined interface has been introduced which would help users have a very intuitive staking experience.

Teamed up with the introduction of the nomination tools, it has endeavored to eliminate the need for less technical DOT holders to stake with the help of their party staking service providers. Even though the new dashboard is up and running and is available for all to experience in the beta mode, still new features are being introduced in it and the existing features are expected to go through upgrades that would better the user experience shortly.

The Polkadot staking dashboard in its beta form

With the new changes and innovations that have been introduced in this sphere, managing or controlling numerous staking functions through the Polkadot staking dashboard has been quite easy. The interface functions by connecting to the Polkadot wallet that already exists with you. It is, right now, supported by Polkadot JS Extension and Talisman. However, new support systems are emerging to extend their support to the Subwallet as well.

There are also certain provisions made that would give one access to all accounts but only on a read-only basis which would give them a chance to track down their staking experience. These read-only accounts are also supported. The current dashboard, that has been mentioned here has also extended support to various other platforms as well.

What are the features of the staking dashboard?

The features of the staking dashboard have been mentioned below here:-

• One can easily conduct research on the validators, choose their favorite, and nominate their choices as well.

• Due to the availability of the opt-in sub-scan API integration it has been possible for users to check out the history of their payouts.

• It has extended its support for the nomination pools.

• It has also offered handy definitions for various staking terminologies.

• Ut has also extended support for the read-only accounts that are available on the mobiles.

• It also offers provisions for deriving extrinsic -data that can be taken directly from the RPC nodes. It helps in the process of decentralization.

• It also offers a cast and network-wide experience of staking.


To get started with the staking experience one has to first visit the staking dashboard. After that one has to click on the ‘connect’ option that is visible there, to link a particular account from the compatible wallet extensions. These wallet extensions include Talisman as well as Polkadot JS. To get any address of any account to the dashboard, one then has to select the “Read-only accounts” option. After that one has to ensure that the controller account,  as well as the destination for reward, are set upon. It would then be easier for them to improve upon their staking experience or even modify their preferences and setup. One can even get help in understanding the terms given therein from the help option provided.

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