Overview Of StepWatch, A Developing Move-To-Earn Bandwagon

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Move-to-earn (M2E) projects started to dominate the virtual world over the last couple of months. The M2E platforms like Dustland and Steph have been popularised among users. These platforms are increasing mainstream adoption. The platforms offer the users to earn a good amount of crypto. Users just need to stay fit. StepWatch is the recent launch into the M2E bandwagon. This is a web3 health tracking application. It gives rewards to the users for exercising and burning calories. 

What is move-to-earn?

Move-to-earn works like play-to-earn (P2E). These concepts are related to the largest GameFi sectors of the metaverse. That is the mixture of gaming and finance. These GameFi platforms provide players the opportunity to earn in-game assets. 

This move-to-earn platform is different from the traditional play-to-earn. On these platforms, users are the owner of their in-game items. That has actual value even outside of that platform.

What is StepWatch?

This latest GameFi bandwagon is a new move-to-earn space in the virtual world. StepWatch was launched in May 2022. It offers NFTs and Crypto token rewards for exercising along with incentives. All users need to be fit. StepWatch is a physical fitness and health app that analyzes and tracks the users’ physical activities along with health conditions. It also suggests the best changes in the physical fitness activity that requires a user.

StepWatch contains web3 features that offer users to give rewards, the value of their content, and monetize their activities.

How does it work?

The mechanism of this web3 platform is not so complicated. It offers 100 SWE if a user moves 500 meters. There are two main native currencies of that platform which are SWE and SWP. The gaming platform is connected with Watch NFTs as it is named StepWatch. This game offers a free watch for the new users or they can purchase an upgraded one.

Though the free watch is less profitable. It will provide rewards for only 500 meters of activity per day. More than this, it will not pay any extra rewards. It needs a 24 hours ‘cool down’ span for recording the next 500 meters.

There are multiple gaming modes for the users. That is –

Solo :

This is the primary and basic mode of the game. The users have to play alone and there is the limitation of 500-meter movement.

Teams :

This mode gives up to 30 percent extra rewards according to the users’ team members. The users can choose their captain through this mode which provides more rewards to the team members.

Missions :

It provides challenges per day that allow earning more cryptos. There are two kinds of missions in this mode. They are ‘work sharing’ and ‘quest to perform’. In the first category, users have to complete tasks such as check-ins and photoshoots. On the other one, users need to hunt for treasure and track the activities of other users on the same platform.


The app also offers users an option to earn a passive or indirect income through staking in the platform. The three different kinds of stakings are Cooker Zone, Fat Man Zone, and Fleshy Man Area.

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