Community Reactions On Vasil Hard Fork By Cardano

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One of the prominent blockchains Cardano started to enhance their internal ecosystem by inputting several changes. Over 1000 smart contracts were added to the network. Like the other network, Cardano is also competing with the market through multiple improvements. Since last year, Cardano’s focus was on smart contracts. Now, this platform is working on its upcoming project named Vasil Hard Fork. This upgrade is about to launch this year.

The launch of the Vasil Hard Fork’s date has changed multiple times. Before the recent date, it was about to be released in late June this year. Later it was switched to the end of July. But now, it again changed its launching date. That caused chaos among the users and community.

What is a hard fork in a blockchain?

Like other technological devices and platforms, blockchain also needs time-to-time updates to enhance its performance. When a node does not accept the older version of a blockchain and needs a new update, it is called a hard fork. In the hard fork operation, experts work on the upgradation of the version of a blockchain.

Cardano and other crypto platforms have already performed multiple hard fork programs to sustain in the market. Without new techniques and tools, the crypto market would not be able to retain its validity. Even users would start to shift into other networks.

Lack Of Conviction To Launch :

This year Cardano started planning to make their Vasil Hard Fork live. But due to some internal obstacles still, it could not be launched in the network.

Recently, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, shared their execution regarding the update from the live stream named ‘Vasil Upgrade- The State Of Play. It was hinted that it will take more time to launch in the Cardano market.

The delay in its launching got mixed reactions from the community. Tim Harrison, the vice president of community and ecosystem hinted before that the Vasil Hard Fork will not launch this July. By the end of July, it was supposed to launch in the market. 

Before that, during the Cardano 360 event, IOG’s technical manager, Kevin Hammond indicated that there will be a few weeks’ delays in the launching. But was not mentioned specifically. It was reported that the technical team was testing the project and getting the surety and smoothness of performance. Though, it needs four weeks to complete testing. The For testing planning was started on July 3. It is now expected to launch in August. But any date has been announced yet.

According to the IOG’s report, the hard fork program will add a node of a newer version. That is V.1.35.2. It is going to improve the network’s performance and fix the existing bugs in the network. Also, the Plutus V2 cost model is temporarily removed from the Cardano test net. As the issue raised by the community.

Community Reactions :

The update of the Vasil fork program primarily got very positive responses from the community. But when it started to change its launching date multiple times, the community started to convey mixed responses.

A group of users believes in the quality and capability of the hard fork. They think that it is alright if it takes a lot of time. But there should be no error. A separate group appreciates the initiative taken by Cardano. According to them, at least the platform is focused to be enhanced. Nothing important that this. But another group through their frustrations towards the Cardano team. They think that as the team members are old, they cannot be able to launch the hard fork to its target. Some users suggested the team first complete their project and then start to be worried about the launching date.

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