Binance Card Users Now Have Access to Three More Cryptos

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Binance is one of the user-friendly crypto exchange platforms. That maintains the update and improvements in the technology regularly. The platform has launched its crypto card which has been a great product for the users. Without multiple processes, withdrawal and purchase have been easy through this crypto card. Recently, it added three more cryptos to it. Binance card users will have access to these three cryptocurrencies for withdrawal and purchase.

What Are The Three New Cryptocurrencies?

It is reported that the Binance card now supports three more new altcoins. The users can access their holdings of Ripple (XRP), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Avalanche (Avax). There was a further 11 coins access to the card. Now it has become 14 currencies.

Binance card allows users to convert and spend crypto in over 60 million online and physical stores. Though this service is only available to European citizens and Ukraine refugees. Globally it is not supported or accessible. After the Ukraine crisis, Binance took the initiative to broaden its service to the Ukrainians. The economic crisis of Ukraine was covering the whole country. To support the Ukrainian refugees, Binance started to expand its card reach.

With the recent addition of three more currencies, the Binance card supports a total of 14 currencies including BNB, Bitcoin (BTC), Binance USD (BUSD), Ether (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS), SHIB, Swipe (SXP), Tether (USDT), Polkadot (DOT), S.S. Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO), FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO) and Ripple (XRP).

Context Of The Prepaid Card Of Argentina :

The addition of these three coins took place after a day of partnership with Mastercard. Binance announced its partnership with crypto service firm Mastercard recently. They mainly partnered to bring the Argentina Mastercard into that country’s marketplace. Binance and Mastercard teamed up and bring the prepaid crypto cards to the Argentinian users. These two crypto service firms are aiming to broaden the payment possibilities across the world. The crypto’s demand is increasingly touching the sky globally. Though the global market is now in a downtrend position, physical or digital money is becoming less important. While the crypto market has grabbed the globe.

Coming to the partnership of Binance and Mastercard for Argentinian users, the card will allow access to Bitcoin and Binance (BNB) both along with other currencies.  All Argentina users will be allowed to purchase and withdraw through the currencies. But where the card is acceptable, its users can buy or pay.

At present, Argentina is suffering from an economic crisis. The economic condition is not good for the country. In this situation, crypto-demand is rising in Argentina. People are shifting from physical money to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has the potential to balance the economic structure in this crisis. And Binance got a golden opportunity to launch its new product to Argentinian users. The company launched its prepaid crypto card partnering with Mastercard.

Both firms informed that all customers of Argentina will be able to access the card. It just needs valid ID proof of the user. This card will allow users to purchase and pay bills globally where it will be accepted. Online and physical merchants, both are suitable for using the card. For purchases, the card will instantly convert crypto to fiat currency. Furthermore, this prepaid card will get instant 8% cash back on purchases. Through this launching, Argentina became the first Latin American Country where Binance cards debuted.

Other Crypto Cards :

Though Binance added its three new currencies recently to the card. But other exchanges have done it earlier. This year, WireX added Avax cryptocurrency to its card. WireX card has a total of 61 currencies access along with fiat and crypto. Nexo had also started its crypto card collaborating with Mastercard.

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