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The world is changing drastically so is currency from coins to debit cards now it’s time for cryptocurrency which completely changes the whole scenario. For some people, crypto is beneficial but others think it is less trustable it depends from person to person.

But now more people are started accepting crypto as currency as it has already shown a tremendous amount of profit in past years. Whether you accept it or not crypto changes the whole outlook.


Crypto seasonality is showing the rise and fall of bitcoin over a set period which drastically affects the crypto market. Bitcoin plays a fundamental role in the crypto world as it is the very first of them all.

However, bitcoin is a volatile asset its value consistently rising and dropping at an enormous speed. As expected every four years its volatility makes it rise and crashes relatively at a given point in time. It provides investors a great opportunity to invest when the market crashes as low rates of bitcoin are available in the market.


Crypto seasonality good or bad depends from person to person or how you perceive it. If you are new to the crypto market with no experience for you it might be a beneficial time when the market crashes as prices of bitcoin are low as compared to peak times.

But if you are an experienced trader it might be a tough time as every four years bitcoin crashes its value which affects the investor’s time so for some people it is not the best time for their trading. It has been seen in past years that bitcoin always rises back or regains its value due to demand and supply but at the end of the day, you can not take it as a guarantee.


It has been seen in previous years that due to changes in the market or basically when bitcoin crashes many investors start investing in different altcoin alternatives for attaining profits but still altcoins are never predictable someday they may provide enormous profit and another day it may responsible for a big loss.

It’s not only a single problem for investors there are rug pulls in the market, and exchanges can be hacked and also stolen by hackers which makes it hard for investors and especially for new ones. Regulatory policies are also not very sound in this market that’s the reason why many people find it difficult to trust and invest.


There are many solutions for the crypto storm but let’s focus on one solution first, Have you heard of seasonal tokens this is a very good approach for investors who feel insecure while trading. It provides relief to investors as it is a safer tool as compared to traditional methods which are riskier as compared to seasonal ones.

Seasonal tokens are tokens that are built in such a way which it rises and falls over nine months. It is more likely attractive to investors who want to invest in a safer environment.


The emergence of the crypto market, lead to a change in the whole outlook of the economy. In past years no one ever thought that bitcoin prices will rise enormously but it prove us wrong. Now every country started looking at it as a great opportunity for investment and gaining some extra income to improve its economy.

For better investment opportunities we have to study crypto seasonality in a better way to keep our investment decisions safer and gain higher income.

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