What Happens When a Blockchain Dies?

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Death of a blockchain!!! 

Yes, there is a possibility that a blockchain can die and leave behind a lot of stress for people. Before you all over exaggerate, let us tell you that by the term death of a blockchain is the point when all the investors leave it and just a few of them remain. Blockchains, then, are fragile financial ecosystems of investors, validators, developers, users and many other people with their participation directly linked to the block chain token’s appreciation and success. The whole process works in a way that as soon as more participants get involved in it and the activity increases, coin values will also increase, which will result in attracting more users and creating a virtuous circle. However, on the other hand, if a blockchain’s token starts going down, everyone’s decision to support the chain changes with it. If the loss of value appears to be permanent, only a few investors will remain while everyone else will leave. That’s how a blockchain can end up dying

If we look back at the crypto market history then there are many such events that we can consider as the death of the blockchain. Just like the recent market crash, in which the Terra blockchain was the one that was the highly and negatively impacted one. After this market crash, Terra is considered as a dead blockchain. Reason?

Well, the reasons are several but to be clear and simple, the main reason behind it is that it went straight 100% down and now the majority of people don’t trust this blockchain. The millions of dollars of investments of a huge number of people drowned and they just went bankrupt just because of this market crash and now, there is very negative feedback regarding Terra. Terra’s co-founder, Do Kwon, is still attempting to revive the effort and come up with plan B. Even though the team behind Terra is trying hard and coming up with different restoration plans, there is still no chance that it can be back anytime in near future. So yes, we can simply state that Terra blockchain is dead for at least now.

After a blockchain dies…

Now, let’s talk about what happened afterwards.

After a blockchain dies, it can leave long lasting impacts on the whole crypto market. Not just the ones that invested in that particular blockchain will face the circumstances but the entire crypto investors will have to face the negative impacts due to the sudden change in overall market. When a particular crypto asset starts going down with such long jumps then people start panic trading and that affects the overall market. Just like it happens with Terra. To save Terra (LUNA) from going down, the co-founder of the blockchain sold bitcoins worth millions of dollars that turned down the BTC value and created panic among the BTC investors. The value of BTC is still not recovered just because of that. So, you all can imagine how the whole crypto market assets are depending on one another.

There is no prediction about the death of blockchain and it can happen to any chain out there however, the scars it leaves on the hearts of investors can stay there for years

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