Users Will Get Into Web3 Platform By One Click

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Rachel Wolfson, a senior reporter of a renowned online media, sits down with the CEO and co-founder of Point Labs Serge Var in a recent AMA.  Point Labs is a company that is related to developing the Point Network. The team of the network explains it as the world’s first real full Web3 implementation. Everything is decentralized on that platform. Not only in financial aspects, but also in other user fields.

In the context of the historical market, Serge shared that many projects are forwarding for decentralization of one thing or another and that is working very well. For instance, he explained file sharing. He said that there was Napster and Mega by Kim Dotcom. That stopped when the government ended these platforms. After that, BitTorrent was created. Then ultimately, file sharing changed to decentralized. According to him, several personalities wanted to stop it, but they unsucceeded.

But it was just one example. Serge told viewers that this is just the introduction. According to him, everyone wished once that maybe they could decentralize the whole internet. It can start with domains and storage and extend to everything. He further added that the users can be set free from censorship and mass surveillance and all that kind of guard and that’s the planning of Web3.

He didn’t hesitate to say that they have been observing other projects and trying to do that. But they had not found anything close which is why they started working on Point Network!

The Web3 Foundation :

Currently, Serge points to the number of hacks. That is a significant indicator of the lack of decentralization in the current ecosystem. Focusing on the Point Network roadmap, Serge explained that their solution gives priority to both the infrastructure. All the projects could be done when the original Web3 is done. That will include a decentralized social network along with end-to-end encrypted email and a virtual file storage space that will be similar to Google Drive. It will work like that space.

He stated that presently, all the Web3 projects are identifying themselves as Web3. But the only decentralized portion is the smart contract. The projects are open to hackers as the rest is centralized. He humorously added that these platforms will often claim that they are sorry for the hacking of the name servers with a 100 in reasons.

Point Network explained that total decentralization is the only way that performs as domains on the blockchain that point to normal browsers aren’t fixed in a way that can protect users.

Overview Of Point Network :

In a complete decentralized infrastructure, the domains on the Point Network will be set on the blockchain along with storage in Arweave. Arweave is a decentralized peer-to-peer storage solution. In that context, Serge shared that Point Network will act just like another application that users download. Hence, inside the Point browser ecosystem, users only can use Point domains and decentralized storage to separate it from Web2.

An Upcoming web3 Space :

This web3 network is about to launch. After all, the infrastructure is done. Serge shared it as an experimental project. It means it will still take some time before the platform and API is ready.

It was shared that it is not like the other projects which are competing with each other. Serge wishes that Point network can simply mix all different apps into the browser. It can be done instead of imposing isolationism. The aim is towards a clear path to Web3. Point Network can be the beginning space for taking together every user in a true decentralization platform.

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