The effect of ETH merge on how Ethereum has been perceived by Enterprises

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With the introduction of the crypto industry in the financial system, various cryptocurrencies came into being. With time, people started adopting these systems in their organizations, and new changes started taking place. However, the crypto industry did not stop there and is constantly going through an evolution and adopting new reformations. It has even changed the bias and concerns that surrounded it initially. It has now been adopted as one of the modes of payment by various well-known and well establish institutions and companies. This article deals with a recent change that has led to certain alterations om how Ethereum has been perceived by certain Enterprises.

Let’s take a look at Ethereum evolution

Ethereum has undergone certain changes and reformation and has taken a new role or form. As suggested by the reports published by Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, how the system of Ethereum has developed and matured over time. It has now reached a certain level or phase where this new system can be adopted by institutions or companies to take care of problems occurring in the real world. It has been a widely used system and has become a kind of public choice.

Be it a supply chain management use case or the payment solutions employed by various companies such as the likes of Visa and PayPal, the Ethereum network has become one of the most appreciated and used networks. As a public blockchain, it has successfully been able to garner huge popularity.


What are the challenges that the growth of Ethereum has to lead?

Everything that occurs or every new change that happens brings with it certain pros and cons that need to be addressed. Likewise, the growth or development of Ethereum has led to several challenges that other companies are facing. This has been reported by the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. The challenges that most companies are facing as a result of this are the issues of scalability, consumption of energy on a large scale as well as issues related to that privacy.

There have been various concerns regarding Ethereum and the way it functions that have become a hurdle for companies. Among all this there is also a growing concern of privacy issues as the transparent nature of Ethereum has restricted companies from maintaining their data security and privacy.


How can the Merge create an impact?

In such times, the merge has proven to be a boon or an agent that has changed the way people used to look at Ethereum. The way Ethereum has managed to bring about the merge in an organizational manner has been an eye opener for various companies and the heads at the company have said that soon other organizations shall start adopting it. It has also been reported that with all eyes on the merger of Ethereum, its progress and how it manages itself under such circumstances shall be noted and taken into consideration by different companies.


With the above-said things in mind, it is important to note here that the merger will generate a lot of interest in Ethereum by other companies as its network advances. However, the Ethereum merge shall take into certain key aspects that need to be good on or let go of, depending on the progress of the network and what is in its best interest. It is also important to note here that the benefits that are supposed to be generated by the merge, won’t be immediate enough to be noticed at the earliest. It might take more than a year or two for it to reach complete fruition.

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