A Few Simple Rules Could Have Prevented the Demise of FTX

A Few Simple Rules Could Have Prevented the Demise of FTX

The unstable cryptocurrency market was shaken by the demise of FTX; it lost billions in value and fell below $1 trillion.

The fallout from FTX’s abrupt slide and collapse will probably affect cryptocurrencies for a very long time to come and hurt other markets as well. Sam Bankman-Fried is accused in a class-action lawsuit filed on November 16 in a federal court in Florida of developing a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme intended to take advantage of uneducated investors from all over the nation. Steph Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, Shohei Ohtani, Naomi Osaka, Larry David, and Kevin O’Leary are among the other famous people included in the case as people who allegedly assisted Bankman-Fried in carrying out the scheme.

The FTX bankruptcy has an effect on Genesis Global Capital, the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, and BlockFi, a platform for crypto financing with substantial exposure to FTX. Due to FTX’s bankruptcy on November 16, the lending division of cryptocurrency investment bank Genesis halted redemptions and new loans. Following the information, Genesis, a lending partner in Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, announced delays in withdrawals from its Earn product. BlockFi, a cryptocurrency lending company with substantial exposure to FTX, stopped allowing withdrawals and declared bankruptcy on November 28.

On November 18, the Bahamas Securities Commission assumed authority of the bitcoin holdings of the defunct exchange FTX. The U.S. House Financial Services Committee announced that it will hold a hearing on the FTX collapse in December 2022.

As part of the most recent development in the FTX affair, Reuters reported on December 6 that Bankman-Fried had retained white-collar defense lawyer Mark S. Cohen. In the sex trafficking trial that resulted in Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction on many counts, Cohen, a former assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York, represented her on behalf of Cohen & Gresser. Additionally, Caroline Ellison, who oversaw the trading company Alameda Research, has retained the legal services of Washington-based Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr.

Few rules that could avoid FTX’s demise

The FTX failure has made it clear that a sizable portion of the digital asset market thrives in regulatory grey areas and jurisdictional gaps, which makes the need for new rules and regulations even more pressing. Nevertheless, a lot of experts concur that despite being mainly outside of US jurisdiction due to its offshore location, FTX might have avoided failure if only certain tried-and-true guidelines had been followed. According to Carla Reyes, an associate professor of law at the SMU Dedman School of Law, FTX is a centralized corporation like any other corporate business. It wasn’t a case of the regulations not being in place. It was an instance where they disobeyed them. Five topics have come to light as being essential for Congress and regulators to concentrate on in interviews with securities professionals and remarks from politicians and regulators.

1. Commingling of Assets

The inability to secure consumer assets lies at the heart of a series of crypto mishaps. The most severe example may be FTX, which used client cash to lend to its sister business, the hedge fund Alameda Research, to support dangerous investments.

In order to guarantee that customer assets are walled off in the event that a brokerage business collapses, the US Securities and Exchange Commission already has a consumer protection provision. The business has resisted filing with the government, arguing that tokens are not securities subject to the agency’s regulations, therefore crypto client accounts are not protected.

Gary Gensler, the hated chairman of the SEC, disagrees with crypto fans. The same was true of Jay Clayton, his predecessor during the Trump administration. Both would use a criterion from a 1946 ruling by the US Supreme Court, which said that an asset falls under the SEC’s purview when investors contribute funds to a business with the goal of benefitting from the leadership of the organization. Almost all tokens are now considered securities by the SEC.

According to James Cox, a professor specializing in business and securities law at Duke University School of Law, establishing that the majority of cryptocurrencies are securities is arguably the most significant action Congress could take.

Additionally, mixing client money is prohibited by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which currently regulates some crypto derivatives. But rather than commodities, its regulations apply to swaps and futures. Despite the fact that the majority of experts believe that Bitcoin is a commodity and not a security, no federal regulator currently controls crypto commodities, necessitating a congressional remedy to safeguard investors.

2. Separate Business Lines

To the disadvantage of their clients, several cryptocurrency businesses have provided a wide range of products and services that obscure the distinctions. The most notable example is cryptocurrency exchanges. The platforms carry out a wide range of tasks, including market-making, trading, custody, and securities lending. The arrangement, according to critics like Gensler, is fraught with problems. Contrarily, conventional financial institutions that offer many services normally register each of their distinct business lines with the relevant regulators. That also has to be done for crypto, according to experts.

3. More Disclosure

The foundation of financial regulation in US markets is risk disclosure. In crypto, however, disclosures are practically nonexistent. There are hardly any details available on the dozens of FTX offices outside the US. The American division, FTX US, is more understood, but there are still a lot of unknowns because it was a closely held private firm.

Existing SEC regulations for investment advisors and securities issuers would lessen the opaqueness of cryptocurrency, but Congress may need to strengthen them. In order to determine if programmers may, for example, influence token pricing, SMU’s Reyes adds, “I’d like to know more about the code that produced the tokens.”

Congress has been urged by a few state securities authorities to tighten disclosure rules for businesses valued at $700 million or more. While not crypto-focused, such a measure could have given investors a peek inside the crypto giants. Another option would be to treat crypto platforms like stock exchanges, which have their own registration and reporting requirements.

4. Advertising Standards

Although unrelated to cryptocurrencies, such a policy may have allowed investors to see inside the industry’s titans. The treatment of cryptocurrency platforms similar to stock exchanges, which are subject to different registration and reporting requirements, is one alternative.

Crypto companies like FTX have prospered by luring throngs of commoners through glitzy advertisements, frequently including well-known celebrities like Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and actor Matt Damon. Over 112 million people watched the Super Bowl in February when FTX and other cryptocurrency businesses broadcast advertisements.

Individuals cannot promote stocks without revealing payment information thanks to SEC regulations. The organization has utilized its power to punish celebrities for promoting cryptocurrency, including Kim Kardashian.

However, whether or not the token is regarded as security will affect these activities. The Federal Trade Commission, which regulates false or deceptive advertising, might also take enforcement action.

5. Corporate Governance

One of FTX’s most startling flaws was the complete absence of corporate governance. The person in charge of FTX at the moment, John Ray III, gave the Delaware court in charge of the firm’s bankruptcy proceedings the advice not to believe any of its financial statements. He said that most FTX organizations never conducted board meetings.

Last month, Erica Williams, the head of the US accounting watchdog, issued a warning that the US cannot inspect the audits of privately held crypto firms like FTX. Williams is essentially telling investors to exercise caution and ask more questions of crypto vendors. And they should be on high alert if they don’t receive satisfactory responses.

Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Changing The Conversation About NFTs With Wolf Pups

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
Slower than anyone wants, faster than anyone believes is possible

Just two of the many through provoking quotes you will hear coming out of the Wolf Pup NFT powered Wolf Den. Wolf Pups are an exclusive collection of 5,000 unique Wolf Pups. As a Wolf Pup holder you get access to a private community, private events and the pride of displaying your Wolf Pup NFT as your profile picture on your favorite social media platform.

That is all fairly standard in the NFT space and amongst the Web 3 community. As the founder of the Wolf Den states:

Only innovate where you differentiate. There is no need to change what works, the distinction is in the details that are unique to each person or project

Anyone paying attention would agree: the individuals around the web rocking a Wolf Pup PFP are… different.

Wolf Pups are NFT’s, digital collectibles that are transferred, stored and secured on the blockchain. Wolf Pups are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, up to this point all of the purchases and transactions have been done in Ethereum as the currency. The Wolf Den plans to change that, which we will explore later.

Each Wolf Pup has a unique blend of over 160 possible traits including background color, fur color, sword type shield type, eye color and tail color. While they have rarities that are programmed in, the Wolf Den is also changing how NFTs can be valued; another thing for later.

Each trait was carefully chosen by the creators to represent a reflection of the human condition. The Wolf Pup holders that pay very close attention have been posting publicly and in the private communities how much they have learned about themselves and how to interface with others effectively just by being part of the community.

As of today, 4,046 of the 5,000 Wolf Pups have been minted. When you ask the community members why they don’t push harder to get the rest minted the answer is a version of slow is smooth, smooth is fast. The community is far more interested in developing a strong culture that people want to not only be a part of but actively contribute to, than they are in traditional NFT metrics. The byproduct?

Only .6% of the minted wolf pups are listed on the marketplace. Wolf Pup holders don’t want to let go go their Wolf Pups. They’re busy registering them, naming them and creating stories for them, stories that the community is gravitating towards and paying attention to.

The idea is that, although each NFT has a programmatically and randomly designated rarity, holders can turn their specific Wolf Pup into a niche celebrity – the more someone identifies with, follows or learns form a Wolf Pup the more they value the IP, regardless of the randomly assigned programmed traits. The Wolf Pups are born with an objective value, but through their contribution and leaning into their uniqueness they can rise above and become more valuable to the community.

Understanding this, Wolf Pup holders have been empowered to create – specifically in a way that adds value through entertainment, education, support, etc.

The Wolf Den mission is a big one. They’ve already created their naming registry, had multiple in person events and given sneak peeks of their metaverse and gaming platform. The real mission, according to tweets and documents fom the team, is to build a web 3 world of significant contribution through building a publishing platform and publishing purpose driven projects onto the blockchain and into the Guard FDN ecosystem.

They have already published The Guardian Academy, an educational project that thousands of students learning and contributing to the web 3 space and Recovery Punks, a project by Artists for Addicts, committed to changing the global conversation about addiction recovery and connection.

The plan is to move all of the published projects, collaborators and partners over the Guard FDN ecosystem – where they will all use Guard as their primary currency and, together, use the governance structure of the Guard FDN to create a a world of hundreds of projects all working together to use blockchain tech and web 3 community to continue to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

We’re along for the ride.

To learn more about the Wolf Den and their Wof Pups visit: https://www.wolfdenlabs.com/


Guardian Academy
Recovery PunksGuard FDN
Wolf Pup Registry

BNB May Test Resistance at $300: Can it Reach $450 Next?

BNB May Test Resistance at $300: Can it Reach $450 Next?

The decentralized exchange (DEX) Binance – one of the greatest in terms of traffic, issues the cryptocurrency known as Binance (BNB) coin. As per the whitepaper, the ‘Binance’ word is a mashup of the words “binary finance” and gives a wide range of decentralized financial (DeFi) services on an approachable platform. However, using the support services given by the exchange, users can easily trade or earn yield.

Before Binance cryptocurrency, the exchanges were built by programmers without a background in finance or managing decentralized exchanges. These were basic exchanges which unable to handle high transaction volumes. At that time, the retail and institutional participants were equally impacted by the lack of liquidity on exchanges, which made things worse for investors. All of these issues significantly impeded the production of a strong crypto exchange for the general public. Binance’s staff brings a plethora of expertise to the table to offer a secure, effective, rapid, and user-friendly decentralized exchange. Although the platform has undergone extensive testing and validation for security and with the help of its wide network of cryptocurrency partners, Binance was able to efficiently service the global market.

Binance has gradually developed into a multifaceted DeFi platform with the main focus on providing its users with a large variety of financial options in addition to trading and exchange. Binance Earn is one of the platform’s features whose goal is to serve as the platform’s one-stop shop for DeFi. The service comes with a money account where users may deposit cryptocurrencies and receive interest, among other advantages.

The Secure Asset Fund for Users is another noteworthy aspect of the platform (SAFU). It was created by Binance as a backup insurance fund to protect user assets. However, this fund was established to provide user compensation if exchange funds were stolen by dishonest individuals. But things don’t stop there and a staking account, a liquidity pool, and a debit card that improved security features are also available through Binance.

 Binance Coin (BNB) momentarily surpassed the $300 level on Friday, achieving the day’s high of $303. Later on, BNB’s price reversed, although it is still trading at the $300 mark today. However, BNB has limitations, which is unfortunate, but it is still holding its own in the indices when compared to other cryptos. This coin has made an effort to present itself in the best possible light despite the current year’s unfavorable market conditions.

What Will Happen with Binance Coin (BNB)?

Despite the current downturn in crypto markets, top-known researcher Michael van de Poppe is still optimistic about BNB’s future. What prevents Binance’s price from collapsing like the other cryptocurrencies is the level of faith that investors have in the company.

BNB is one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in December 2022, according to Poppe, who has 164,000 YouTube subscribers. According to the analyst, BNB is currently in accumulation mode and could soar to new heights if its price breaches the $325 resistance.

According to Poppe, the next step for BNB might be $380 if it manages to overcome the $325 resistance level. Poppe predicts that if BNB overcomes the next hurdle of $380, it will soon approach $450 levels. BNB’s price, which is currently $292, needs to increase by over 50% for that to happen.

BNB’s progress toward $450

Binance Coin might reach $450 soon. For some weeks, the coin has been suppressed. Even for a little period, it fell below $300. However, it seems like there is a way to get $450, but there are two big obstacles to get in the way first.

$435 is the first obstacle that Binance Coin (BNB) is currently facing. BNB has attempted to pass this level on numerous occasions in the past but has failed. BNB may indicate more upside potential if it can close above this level.

The $336 threshold serves as the second barrier. Currently, Binance Coin is 10% below this mark. The coin may end the week higher than $336 if the market exhibits a more ferocious bullish trend tomorrow.

At the time of publication, Binance coin was down 2.8% over the previous day’s trading and was trading at $292. BNB has likewise lost 57.5% of its value since hitting an all-time high of $686 in May of last year.

The biggest obstacle will, however, be the next one. For BNB to retake the lead, significant momentum must build. We do not believe the coin has sufficient upward momentum to reach $358, though. As opposed to that, it’s more likely to test $336 before tumbling once more toward $310. There is also the possibility of certain negative outcomes. BNB might finally crash below $286 if the market does go sideways and fails to make any strong gain toward $336. The price of Binance Coin at the time of writing was $334.82. Over the previous several days, the native token of Binance has experienced a minor increase. But is still stuck in a symmetrical triangle configuration. Right now, BNB is trading at the peak of this formation.

If by the end of this week or early the following week Binance Coin (BNB) is unable to close above $358. BNB is most likely to start consolidating for $325. This is not always a bad thing because BNB will be well-positioned and have built a new, higher low. for a second try at an upside breakout in the upcoming weeks. Long-term, Binance Coin (BNB) continues to appear to be tremendously robust. Additionally, we think it will eventually reach $450 or even higher.

Conclusion- The bottom line

The initial step would be to assess the price momentum over the next two days. Don’t buy if Binance’s price remains constant between $308 and $318 for an additional two days.

In that situation, an upside breakout is more likely. BNB might be purchased for approximately $318 with a stop loss just below $308.

You might set a goal of $335 or even $350. If Binance Coin (BNB) moves to $350, our earlier prediction that it would enter a consolidation period would be incorrect. BNB could increase to $450 in the next weeks.

Would CBDCs eventually lead to the demise of Crypto?

Would CBDCs eventually lead to the demise of Crypto?

Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, have likely become a more popular topic of conversation if you follow the cryptocurrency, DeFi, or overall landscape of blockchain-related activities in the past year.

Recently, countries all around the world have been vigorously testing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) waters. Though, only 35 nations were exploring a CBDC as of May 2020. However, 105 nations—representing more than 95% of the global GDP—were investigating a digital currency that was supported by the central banks by the middle of 2022. 19 of the G20 nations have a CBDC under analysis.

Attached below is a visual representation of the situation as of November 30, 2022. Especially, most nations are presently involved in exploring research, proof-of-concept testing, or pilot testing.

A Threat to Cryptos: CBDCs

according to a Central Bank of Bahamas research document from Q3 2022, between a CBDC and financial inclusion, CBDCs are very important for financial inclusion as there is a positive link.

However, people all across the world have been weakening their reliance on currency as the digital tendency has been developing quickly, and having electronic copies of other currencies would certainly come in helpful in this situation. Additionally, a fostering adoption will greatly benefit from the low volatility factor.

Howsoever, there are uncertainties that cryptocurrency’s method of payment may be in danger in the future. Anastasia Kor, the CMO and board member of the cryptocurrency company Choise.com, explained the situation in a textual commentary to Watcher Guru, stating, The emergence of CBDCs could spell the end of cryptocurrencies for authoritarian governments like China, but experts generally envision a future were crypto and CBDCs can coexist.

In her opinion, “many operators” will favor the decentralized nature of privately produced digital currencies over the centralized nature of centrally backed e-currency since it brings with it “confidence and liberty.”

A well-known Indian blockchain expert, Pushpendra Singh, also emphasized the centralized and decentralized components and while speaking with Watcher Guru, he claimed that he did not see CBDCs as any danger to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Are all the birds congregating in one place?

Ultimately, the Bahamas are regarded as being at the lead of the CBDC development globally following the debut of Sand Dollar, its CBDC, in October 2020 and It was the first realm in the area to familiarize a digital currency backed by a central bank.

Jamaica launched the JAM-DEX, making it the most recent nation to do so, this summer. Parallelly, the Central Bank Digital Currency was legalized by the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ), composing it equivalent to cash.

Somewhat, China is also ahead of the competition with the beginning of its first CBDC trial series in April 2020. According to reports, 261 million people have created digital wallets for the e-CNY as of January 2022, and more than $13 billion worth of transactions had been made with the digital currency available to overseas athletes competing in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. 

Rapid progress has also been made in testing real-world use cases and using CBDCs for settlements. Recently, France and its neighbor Luxembourg took part in a test of tokenized financial markets. To pay a bond for 100 million Euros [$104 million], the two countries developed an experimental CBDC. A well-designed CBDC might play a “vital role” in the establishment of a secure tokenized financial asset sector in Europe, according to the general director of the French central bank.

For its part, the Bank of Japan intends to begin testing the Digital Yen CBDC in the first quarter of 2023. Therefore, the central bank’s strategy is to test the digital pilot for two years before deciding whether to continue with the issuance in 2026.

For its CBDC Project, Singapore has concurrently worked with the central banks of France and Switzerland. According to recent reports, the MAS has started its journey to investigate the potential of CBDC for international trade. The nation’s central bank later designated the aforementioned project as Ubin+.

Current Situation in India

One of the most recent nations to jump on the testing and trialing bandwagon in India. The aforesaid Asian nation recently began testing its retail digital rupee (ex-R) on December 1. 

More than a few other notable nations are well ahead of us in the CBDC competition and Kor gave Watcher Guru his view on whether India was in a disadvantageous position.

As the development team has learned from other central banks from across the world that has carried out their experiments, the Reserve Bank of India’s CBDC study is timely.

In reality, Singh agreed with him and believed that India could strategically benefit from both the advantages and disadvantages of the models and designs of other countries.

However, Singh also emphasized how extremely popular the Unified Payments Interface, or UPI, was in India and believed that CBDCs will eventually surpass the mentioned payment method, Singh continued, though, by stating that adoption would take time. In a similar vein, Kon continued, that the Reserve Bank of India has always been thoughtful, and without a doubt, the future will vindicate the reasons why the trials were delayed up to this point as would be seen in how the Digital Rupee uplifts the local economy.

Ultimately, some retailers have already begun letting customers pay for their goods and services using the CBDC and in fact, in a recent interview with the Economic Times, the proprietor of the store chosen for testing the CBDC expressed his view that because the Reserve Bank of India was involved, the money would remain secure in the digital wallet.

Bottom Line

The ongoing research and pilot testing phases being carried out by several nations worldwide will probably be followed by future back-to-back launches, keeping in mind the success done thus far. The torch-bearers can serve as an inspiration to the nations now in the pre-launch phase. But whether or not that all the many monetary types would be able to coexist successfully depends on the time.

IMPT Exchange Listings Confirmed For December 14 – 1 Week Left to Buy This $13.5 Million Green Crypto

IMPT Exchange Listings Confirmed For December 14 – 1 Week Left to Buy This $13.5 Million Green Crypto


Successful presales are frequently a sign of good things for the cryptocurrency industry. The latest significant green cryptocurrency, IMPT exchange, making news after raising millions of dollars in two rounds of the presale, is the finest illustration of this in 2022.

The presale was so successful that the token’s development team has decided to list the token early on exchange platforms, which analysts believe will quickly cause the price to increase exponentially.

Opportunistic investors leaped at the chance to buy the currency during its inaugural presale round. The price of IMPT has increased due to the buzz around the news of exchange listings. Many more individuals are showing interest in the concept and purchasing the price at what appears to be ATL as they become aware that IMPT will be live on exchange platforms in less than a week and that the price is poised to pump.

The token’s present price is still low, but many investors who delayed their purchases lost the chance to purchase it even more cheaply, and the price will only rise. Given that the presale ends in less than a week, and that’s when the price will start to rise, now is the ideal time to get IMPT exchange tokens.

What Is IMPT Exchange?

Unlike projects like Bitcoin, having a negative impact on the environment due to high energy usage, IMPT exchange is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency ecosystem that aspires to be ecologically friendly and support environmental sustainability.

You may connect to thousands of well-known companies through this network, offering them the choice to reduce their carbon footprint while also earning cryptocurrency-based compensation in IMPT coins. These companies include Amazon and Microsoft. These tokens, which double as NFTs, can easily be traded on the blockchain since smart contracts can execute themselves without requiring a central authority to get involved.

More than 10,000 ESG-friendly brands are presently offered through the IMPT shopping platform thanks to the IMPT affiliate network. In return, you can get IMPT tokens.

Carbon Offsets & IMPT

Globally, nations have established some very high standards for limiting climate change. For 2030 and 2050, significant emission reduction goals have been established. However, buying carbon offset certificates is the only way to accomplish those goals.

Businesses and people who cannot considerably decrease their carbon footprint will be able to balance their emissions by purchasing credits that will promote environmentally friendly activities.

The major problem, though, is that the market for carbon offsets is incredibly inefficient. IMPT, however, aims to change that. The new carbon offset effort IMPT is supported by the blockchain. Due to the initiative’s decentralized structure, which prevents duplicate counting and fraud, it is incredibly transparent.

The IMPT exchange platform enables the purchase and sale of carbon offsets by individuals, businesses, organizations, and even governments. Even better, they may retire them while also picking up a unique collector NFT. Because these NFTs will be tradable and produced by well-known artists, the IMPT project will be more beneficial as an investment vehicle.

Those who decide to maintain their IMPT assets can also benefit from the asset’s rising value. They can swap or sell them to profit from the projected value rise.

Best Features of IMPT

1. Green Project              

Because of its potential for long-term survival as a consequence of its value as a green project, IMPT is one of the top cryptocurrency options for you. Investors and affiliates can be part of a project that will transform the world by contributing their allocation to the campaign to halt carbon emissions.

2. The Carbon Offset Market’s Fast Growth – How It Benefits IMPT

Between 2022 and 2027, the market for voluntary carbon offsets is projected to rise at a compound annually  @12.71% to reach over $700 million. This is encouraging for the accompanying IMPT green energy project. And if the incredible presales indicate success, IMPT will take off!

3. Blockchain Technology Portrayed In A Positive Light  

Blockchain technology has lately come under scrutiny because of its energy-intensive nature and proof-of-work mechanism, which indirectly generates significant carbon emissions. However, IMPT proves it is sustainable by providing a blockchain option to people who care about the environment.

The fact that investors are waiting in line to purchase IMPT during the presale period is not surprising.

Exchange Listings For IMPT

IMPT exchange will go on sale on December 11 at the earliest. Customers who purchased IMPT during the presale can begin claiming their tokens on December 12. Users only need to link the wallet they used to purchase them to submit their claim.

Then the tokens will appear for them right away. Then, on December 14, IMPT is anticipated to list the DEXs of Uniswap, Changelly Pro, and LBank. All three of these esteemed exchanges have approved IMPT exchange for listing, proving the idea’s innovation. It considerably increases the credibility of the objectives IMPT has already stated and gives investors confidence that the project is on track.

No Time To Waste in the Conclusion

IMPT is doubtlessly one of the most significant recent new cryptocurrency ventures to reach the market. In addition to being a good investment for those who purchase the token, it will help the world by improving living conditions everywhere. These justifications make IMPT the #1 cryptocurrency on your shortlist of things to buy.

There will be a little longer for IMPT exchange to be available in presale if you need more motivation. It is ideal to benefit from the original cost because it will be published on Uniswap, Changelly Pro, and LBank on December 14. It is believed that IMPT’s value will soar once it is listed on such exchanges. Therefore, feel free to buy IMPT before the presale ends.

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