Bitcoin Blow Up Is Possible, Whilst Big Eyes Coin Hits Halfway On Huge $50 Million Presale Goal

Bitcoin Blow Up Is Possible, Whilst Big Eyes Coin Hits Halfway On Huge $50 Million Presale Goal

Overall, the cryptocurrency market’s price action today has been negative, with major coins giving back some of their remarkable gains from the beginning of the year. That news follows the recent disclosure that Kraken was fined $30 million by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and given an order to cease crypto staking in the country. When considering trading volume, Kraken ranks as the third largest cryptocurrency exchange globally.

Both Solana (SOL -9.20%) and Bitcoin (BTC -4.15%) have contributed to the market’s 4.1% decline during the past 24 hours. Not Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which has established its own market. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may be represented by a charming, cartoon cat with wide eyes, but don’t take that to indicate you should discount it.

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The market as a whole is still exhibiting signs of strength, and we’ll examine some of the most important reasons why the cryptocurrency market could soon explode in this piece. First, we’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency that started it all, Bitcoin (BTC), followed by a discussion of Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a newfound treasure that’s already making waves. As you can see, this eco-friendly cat is a crypto market player to keep an eye on. Presale revenue reaches unprecedented levels of $24.5 million, and it’s only going to keep rising.

Bitcoin’s price may skyrocket after the next halving.

The history of Bitcoin (BTC) is by now quite well known, if not universally so. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was introduced in 2009 by an unknown individual seeking to create a decentralised digital currency and a means of conducting anonymous online peer-to-peer financial transactions. Several investors are feeling positive this year because of the impending Halving event for Bitcoin in 2024. In 2024, miners may expect to receive only 3.125 Bitcoin as a return for their work, as the payout is halved every four years.

Given that the halving event helps reduce the total number of Bitcoins in circulation, it is no surprise that the cryptocurrency’s value increases dramatically afterward. There is a common belief that the Bitcoin Significantly reducing event is connected to the cycles of the cryptocurrency bull run, serving as a trigger for the influx of new investors just before each halving event. An economic revolution was launched, leading to the creation of other additional cryptocurrencies, each with its own set of characteristics. In 2021, the last year of a long bull market, Bitcoin reached an unprecedented high of over $64,000.

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That’s why it’s smart to get a head start on the crowd and buy cryptocurrency in 2023, when prices are low across the board. That way, you won’t have to worry about paying an all-time high price and may enjoy the Halving event without missing out.

Increased Success for the Big Eyes Coin, a Shining New Treasure

Bitcoin’s success has a domino effect on the cryptocurrency market as a whole, and the best part is that it creates space for up-and-coming young coins to flourish. The pre-sale of the groundbreaking new DeFi cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has soared above the astounding $25 million mark. From the looks of things, the Big Eyes Coin community is expected to treble its current success within the next year. Big Eyes Coin’s spectacular performance is not only an excellent investment opportunity, but also suggests that the future of cryptocurrency is bright. Apart from the unbelievable size of their $50 million presale goal, the fact that they have already raised $25 million is astonishing.

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To the delight of the internet’s meme-obsessed masses, Big Eyes Coin features an adorable feline with the catchy moniker “Big Eyes” due to its large, doe-like eyes. Such penetrating eyes undoubtedly took note of the deplorable condition of the world’s oceans, and as a result, he mandated that five percent of all $HUGE deals be donated to marine conservation. Big Eyes Coin’s Twitter page is always active with local contests and exciting announcements like their new NFT club “The Sushi Crew,” so it’s evident that the people behind the coin care deeply about their users.

In Conclusion 

Investing in Bitcoin now can put you ahead of the pack when the April 2024 split event comes next year. Be prepared for the next bull run since the next halving event could be the catalyst. While Bitcoin is a fantastic long-term asset in crypto, you could also pick up some brand new gems like Big Eyes Coin that have the potential to 100x!

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Big Eyes Coin Hits $24.5 Million During Presale, How Can Avalanche And Dogecoin Compete?

Big Eyes Coin Hits $24.5 Million During Presale, How Can Avalanche And Dogecoin Compete?

It appears that the crypto flock has earned the requisite attitude to prepare for a bullish offensive after almost a year of the bear market. Bitcoin and Ethereum’s bullish trading for much of January is a major contributor to this shift, among other causes. In particular, many Bitcoin maximalists are rejoicing because of the Ordinary project announcement; this is the first assemblage of freshly created NFTs. Unfortunately, not every cryptocurrency available today is performing at its best. In fact, the prices of some are far lower now than they were at their peak. The presale of the cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has reached a staggering $16 million.

Now in its ninth stage, Big Eyes Coin is hoping to keep its momentum going by maintaining its generous 200% bonus at checkout with the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200.

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More activity in the crypto industry. As January comes to a close, there has been significant market movement and the advancement of certain presale projects. More and more money is being exchanged for cryptocurrencies this year, proving that many of them are doing well in the new year. Big Eyes Coin has been crushing their presale goals, giving other presale projects and meme tokens a fair run for their money. But what does Big Eyes Coin need to know to be as successful as other coins that have already been released to the market?

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The positive mood is undeniable, despite the fact that some worry that this would cause even greater congestion on Bitcoin’s network. As a result of this information, Big Eyes Coin has been doing extremely well, completely shutting up its detractors by reaching $24.5 million in its presale. In today’s post, we’ll analyse the project’s massive success and consider whether Floki Inu and Dogelon Mars can ride the market’s impending reversal. In addition to having a stunning 3D billboard in New York City a couple of months prior to its official release and earning a launch on a tier 1 CEX, the success of this meme coin is anyone’s guess.

The People’s Cryptocurrency: Floki Inu

Token performance for Floki Inu has not been outstanding over the past several months, but the project has all it needs to succeed in the long run. The token’s unwavering commitment to its community, its strong affiliations to many organisations, and the cryptocurrency university’s efforts to educate the public about blockchain all constitute a holy trinity. After a successful website makeover, Floki Inu may soon be in the black. This endeavour rests on three main pillars, each of which is essential for a meme coin to go viral and become the next big thing on the web.

In Dogelon Mars, you can get to the Moon and back.

Dogelon Mars took a different path to cryptographic supremacy than its rival. In particular, the publication of a comic book about a dog’s journey to Mars helps the publication maintain its commitment to the community. As the market turns around, the cryptocurrency flock usually heads north, and Dogelon Mars is no exception. Considering how most meme tokens aim to piggyback on the success of previous initiatives, this concept is a welcome breath of fresh air in the space. Although Dogelon Mars tokens don’t have the same practical value as other tokens, the project’s active readership makes up for this shortcoming.

The Big Eyes Coin: No Limits

While $50 million seemed impossible to raise at the outset of the presale, recent developments have made that goal seem more attainable than ever. At $24.5 million, the Big Eyes Coin presale is almost halfway complete, and the current 10th stage is on track to quickly surpass the target.

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In particular, this endeavour stands for a flourishing environment in which everyone would have much to do. One can easily stake the project’s native coin BIG, for instance. Despite its status as the meme coin, Big Eyes has a lot more to offer than simply a friendly community and an adorable Japanese cat with anime-style wide eyes. Those who prefer NFTs are also in luck, since a new NFT collection is expected to be unveiled very soon.

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Big Eyes Coin Succeeds In Presale And Remains

Big Eyes Coin Succeeds In Presale And Remains

The success of big eye coin, reasons to invest

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) sale has already been going on for more than two months, which has been a huge success. The almost $11 million in income generated—which is continuously growing—indicates the coin’s appeal among crypto users all around the world.

After debut, the creators anticipate similar success to that of Stellar (XLM) and Ethereum (ETH) (XLM). Here, we take a quick look at the currencies and their current circumstances. Among the most popular cryptocurrency tokens on the marketplace is Ethereum (ETH). Numerous alternative and stable coins are supported by the Ethereum network.

The advent of smart contracts for transaction execution is foremost among these developments. Blockchain networks are computer programmes that finish blockchain operations as soon as the conditions outlined in the agreement are met. To successfully complete the transaction, both sides can be offline at the same time. So, agreements aid with time savings and reduce the need for site validators.
Agreements have advanced recently to serve a variety of purposes, including protecting assets like NFTs including NFT wallets. Linking NFTs stop such assets from being taken from the Ethereum platform.

Investing in Big Eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), as previously mentioned, will strive for a successful debut completing its outstanding pre initiation phase. Its protocol’s goal is to keep the coin viable in the cryptocurrency industry while still providing top-notch services to its users.
Due to the community’s support, the reorder was a resounding success and helped increase the token’s recognition in the cryptocurrency world. In order to thank the members, the creators started a contest.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is aware of the importance of a system that is rich in value and intends to employ NFT Trade to appease its users. Users will gain from the system’s soon-to-be-added addition of the NFT consumer market, Sushi Crew, and its distinctive features.

Purchase your tokens during the presale that before price increases for Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which will release soon. It goes without saying that there is a boatload of money in the field of cryptocurrencies. It might be intimidating for newcomers to think about getting engaged in the cryptocurrency world, and with so many different cryptocurrencies & platforms available, it can be challenging to figure out where to begin, what cryptocurrency better suit your interests, as well as which companies are among the most dependable.

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For novices to the market, figuring out which currencies are the finest to engage in is essential, and there are numerous available to become involved with and make money from.

The feline-themed cryptocurrency is outperforming all other coins currently available, and great new features like charity wallets that donate money to organisations dedicated to safeguarding the oceans are also included. They are also developing a private NFT space. Community members will be able to own unique and incredibly adorable content thanks to this!

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A safe place for individuals to discuss and learn about all things cryptocurrency, kitties, and other adorable stuff is the community-led defi token. Meme tokens are ideal for novices to invest in because of its humorous nature, which enables the user to have enjoyment while gaining and studying.
Global dreamers and inventors will be brought together by the proof-of-stake blockchain to create beneficial global change. This is one of largest blockchains to employ a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm with effectiveness is this one.

The platform strives to transfer power from accountable institutions to people, promoting a safer and more open society. The cryptocurrency market has lots of opportunity for newcomers, and there are even additional platforms that may help you not just to comprehend the field but also enjoy it and make money while doing so.

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