Big Eyes Coin Hits $24.5 Million During Presale, How Can Avalanche And Dogecoin Compete?

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It appears that the crypto flock has earned the requisite attitude to prepare for a bullish offensive after almost a year of the bear market. Bitcoin and Ethereum’s bullish trading for much of January is a major contributor to this shift, among other causes. In particular, many Bitcoin maximalists are rejoicing because of the Ordinary project announcement; this is the first assemblage of freshly created NFTs. Unfortunately, not every cryptocurrency available today is performing at its best. In fact, the prices of some are far lower now than they were at their peak. The presale of the cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has reached a staggering $16 million.

Now in its ninth stage, Big Eyes Coin is hoping to keep its momentum going by maintaining its generous 200% bonus at checkout with the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200.

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More activity in the crypto industry. As January comes to a close, there has been significant market movement and the advancement of certain presale projects. More and more money is being exchanged for cryptocurrencies this year, proving that many of them are doing well in the new year. Big Eyes Coin has been crushing their presale goals, giving other presale projects and meme tokens a fair run for their money. But what does Big Eyes Coin need to know to be as successful as other coins that have already been released to the market?

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The positive mood is undeniable, despite the fact that some worry that this would cause even greater congestion on Bitcoin’s network. As a result of this information, Big Eyes Coin has been doing extremely well, completely shutting up its detractors by reaching $24.5 million in its presale. In today’s post, we’ll analyse the project’s massive success and consider whether Floki Inu and Dogelon Mars can ride the market’s impending reversal. In addition to having a stunning 3D billboard in New York City a couple of months prior to its official release and earning a launch on a tier 1 CEX, the success of this meme coin is anyone’s guess.

The People’s Cryptocurrency: Floki Inu

Token performance for Floki Inu has not been outstanding over the past several months, but the project has all it needs to succeed in the long run. The token’s unwavering commitment to its community, its strong affiliations to many organisations, and the cryptocurrency university’s efforts to educate the public about blockchain all constitute a holy trinity. After a successful website makeover, Floki Inu may soon be in the black. This endeavour rests on three main pillars, each of which is essential for a meme coin to go viral and become the next big thing on the web.

In Dogelon Mars, you can get to the Moon and back.

Dogelon Mars took a different path to cryptographic supremacy than its rival. In particular, the publication of a comic book about a dog’s journey to Mars helps the publication maintain its commitment to the community. As the market turns around, the cryptocurrency flock usually heads north, and Dogelon Mars is no exception. Considering how most meme tokens aim to piggyback on the success of previous initiatives, this concept is a welcome breath of fresh air in the space. Although Dogelon Mars tokens don’t have the same practical value as other tokens, the project’s active readership makes up for this shortcoming.

The Big Eyes Coin: No Limits

While $50 million seemed impossible to raise at the outset of the presale, recent developments have made that goal seem more attainable than ever. At $24.5 million, the Big Eyes Coin presale is almost halfway complete, and the current 10th stage is on track to quickly surpass the target.

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In particular, this endeavour stands for a flourishing environment in which everyone would have much to do. One can easily stake the project’s native coin BIG, for instance. Despite its status as the meme coin, Big Eyes has a lot more to offer than simply a friendly community and an adorable Japanese cat with anime-style wide eyes. Those who prefer NFTs are also in luck, since a new NFT collection is expected to be unveiled very soon.

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