Meme Season.. Is It For Real? Pepe make waves, Floki Inu Pumps, What’s Next?

Meme Season.. Is It For Real? Pepe make waves, Floki Inu Pumps, What’s Next?

Meme coins were never supposed to be mainstream. Doge, a currency made for fun and as a joke oking fun at the marketput them on the map by becoming widely adopted. Doge was even listed on Robinhood along with Bitcoin and Eth.

The financial world was taken by surprise, as were we all. Perhaps we shouldn’t have been. Meme’s have always been a powerful way to bring people together and like-minded people behind a cause or purpose, even a satirical one, change the world.

Recently, there has been a boom in the prominence of meme currencies such as Floki Inu and the newly listed Pepe, which has taken the web3 world by storm realizing expolisve growth in just a few weeks of bring listed. These meme coins have surged bu investors should still proceed with caution. Before putting significant amounts of money into meme coins, each investor should understand what they are looking for and do their diligence. For every 1000 x memecoin there are 1000 scams, failures and losses. 

Note that the value of meme coins is often based on speculation and exuberance rather than economic fundamentals or usage, making them a high-risk investment. Moreover, meme coins frequently have little to no use applications or contributes substantial, which might make them particularly prone to price fluctuations and exploitation. Meme coins with canine themes are currently experiencing tremendous pumping, with Floki Inu’s price action seems to be setting the pace for dog coins, but Pepe’s rise (a cartoon frog) has proven that it’s not just dog memes that have impressive upside.

Floki Inu

Floki Inu’s long-term goal is to be the most widely recognised and widely adopted cryptocurrency in the world. According to the marketing staff of Floki Inu, this is why the company has partnered with one of Italy’s best professional soccer teams: the team’s fans will help spread the word about the new meme coin. It would appear that Floki Inu is actively pursuing agreements with major sports leagues in an effort to gain widespread popularity.

Besides Cádiz of the Spanish La Liga and the Kerala Blasters of India, the crypto has signed sponsorship partnerships with additional professional football teams. Furthermore, SSC Napoli and the meme token share similar ideals and development targets.

FLOKI’s price growth since its beginning

With the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, a new dog-themed token called Floki Inu entered the cryptocurrency market in June of this year with the goal of becoming the most well-known meme coin in the world. FLOKI was listed at a price of US$0.00000002 in August of 2021. On November 4 it hit a record high of US$0.000405, after having risen to US$0.00006 in late October. Floki Inu, which was originally registered for millionths of a cent, had a huge price spike within a few months of its inception.

Dog-themed coins haven’t always had an easy ride. Floki Inu’s posters on London’s subway and double-decker buses caught the eye of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s marketing watchdog, some time ago. A review is being conducted to determine whether or if the crypto has broken any of the firm’s policies.

Both “Super Doge” and “Rocket Doge,” two subsequent releases, were instant hits with gamers. But at the same time, Tamadoge hired a new Head of Gaming, which boosted the platform’s popularity among gamers. But that’s not the end of it either. Further games, such as “To the Moon” and “Tama Blast” and “Tamadoge Run,” are also in the works or scheduled for release in the near future. What we’ve learned about the Tamadoge platform thus far sheds light on why the native TAMA coin has been increasing in value recently, and why crypto experts predict this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. But, behind the popularity of this meme coin is hard labour, not just a succession of tweets, as is the case with several other meme coins. Play some Tamadoge games and wait for the value of TAMA to rise while you buy them on OKX, Uniswap,, LBank, MEXC, or BitMart.

Floki seems to be a afe bet in this wild wild west of a market, but also keep an eye out for a couple of other promising cryptocurrencies that are combining internet memes with utility and have promising long-term prospects.

The time to buy Dao Whisperer is NOW

What if there was a way to bet on community and meme culture? Not just a single asset, but a crypto asset tht is designed to support all meme projects and benefit from their rises in price action? Crypto speculators and specialists believe that DWHISPR’s value could climb by as much as 30x in the next few months. 

The team has been recruiting many of the ethical crypto influencers in the space as well as eth developers that can create a “rising tide” suite of utilities. Here are some of the ideas the DWHISPR team has shared:

  • A robin hood type project that recaptures stolen funds from scammers and rug pullers and redistributes them back to investors of the various project that have been rugged. 
  • NFT lotteries and card games where the profits are paid partially to holders and partially to invest in other memes chosen by the community vote
  • A “Pawsitive Impact” fund controlled by the community to do whatever the community votes to do. The only limitation is the creativity of the community. 

The timeline is currently unknown, but one look at the Dwhispr twitter and the influencers tagging Dwhispr tells signals conversations being had, partnerships being formed and work being done on the development side. 

Dwhispr represents a lower risk than many of that popular meme plays at the time writing of this because the market cap is still low. In other words, there is a lot of room for upward momentum. This is the time to get into meme plays like this. 

Where else can you find a mascot that combines the greatest supporter of meme culture in history (Elon Musk) and the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan? 

With tremendous room for upside momentum and Elon Milan as the face of the project the meme aspects of Dwhispr are strong. The community-focused utility might be even stronger. Invest safely.

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