Using Blockchain As A Force For Good – Part 1. Recovery Punks

Using Blockchain As A Force For Good – Part 1. Recovery Punks

Blockchain technology took the world by storm, seemingly overnight. While investors are looking for the next 10x coin or “moonshot”, purpose driven companies are finding unique ways to use the new technology and web 3 culture to do good. Historically, small groups of dedicated people with a purpose make the biggest waves. “Using Blockchain As a Force For Good” is a short series exploring some of these projects.

Recently, Artist For Addicts had a stealth launch of Recovery Punks, a Crypto Punk inspired project designed to bring awareness to, change the conversation about and fund addiction recovery and connection.

On the Artist for Addicts website ( ) you will see: 

“The Mission of Artists For Addicts is to change the global conversation surrounding addiction from one of judgement to one of compassion, using art as a force for good.”

Recovery Punks is an extension of that mission; using art on the blockchain as a force for good. The project is keeping marketing and “hype” to minimum and instead using education and connection to slowly mint out the entire 10k connection. The Recovery Punks community has contributed by opening up twitter spaces and inviting the public to join the conversation: a conversation about addiction recovery and connection, which Artist for Addicts believes is one of the most important conversations to be had in the current crypto landscape.

The royalties on Recovery Punks are set at 2.5%, 100% of which goes to Artist for Addicts to continue to find creative and fun ways to educate and change the global conversation about addiction.

The Recovery Punks community has formed a council that will allow them to create governance that can increase the royalties, build a community treasury and direct the project through community contribution and vote.

Many investors will continue to follow the hype, looking for the next big thing. The companies, projects and organizations that are finding ways to use new technology and web 3 culture to have an impact might have the last laugh. Their communities are small, but they are hyper-engaged and the reach extends beyond the early adopters of crypto.

While we will have to wait and see what happens, this is a recipe for massive impact and long term success. An important cause, a strong community, real world implications and a founder with an incredible track record. Our team will have our eyes glued to Recovery Punks in 2023.

Recovery Punks is one of the many projects published by Wolf Den Labs focused on having a real impact on people in the real world. 

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Trading Platform GoodCrypto Closes Pre-Seed Round to Build the Ultimate Trading Terminal for Decentralized Exchanges

Trading Platform GoodCrypto Closes Pre-Seed Round to Build the Ultimate Trading Terminal for Decentralized Exchanges

What is a Decentralized Exchange?

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a digital currency marketplace where users may acquire cryptocurrencies directly from one another through an internet platform without the use of a middleman. It varies from a conventional centralized exchange in which a third party (such as a bank, trading platform, government agency, etc.) typically monitors the security and transfer of assets between two parties and takes custody of user funds.

A basic tenet of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry is decentralization. It redistributes power away from centralized authority and gives it to consumers. Decentralization is also reshaping how many traditional financial services function.

GoodCrypto: Introduction

Learning the various features and trading tools on the various trading platforms can be time-consuming. Why not combine trading resources and holdings from many exchanges onto a single platform? content sponsored by GoodCryptoApp

If you actively trade, you are aware that the variety of trading platforms might be confusing. It’s challenging to have a consistent trading experience while searching for the finest prospects because each platform has a distinct set of features, trading tools, and opportunities. Tracking your portfolios and quantifying cross-platform tactics can be challenging, even once you understand how to work with a platform’s many features.

In order to have a seamless experience across several platforms and receive the finest prospects, many consumers have resorted to GoodCrypto. GoodCrypto is a multi-exchange trading terminal and portfolio management tool all in one. Users can track and manage their portfolios across 35 of the biggest exchanges and 15 different blockchains using cross-platform software for iOS, Android, and the web.

Details on GoodCrypto trading platform for users

One of the most cutting-edge trading systems for controlled exchanges, GoodCrypto was created. Trading activity on GoodCrypto has increased despite the market slump, a sign of the platform’s ongoing development. Despite coming from Ukraine, GoodCrypto has over 300,000 downloads on mobile devices and is present in 93 different countries.

Users are drawn to GoodCrypto because of its capacity to offer sophisticated trading tools that function reliably on all spot and derivatives markets. Advertisement When San Diego appeared as a No. 1 on TV, We are defenseless and helpless in the face of illegal activity that goes unpunished. The same features are available on Binance, Coinbase Pro, By bit, and other exchanges. These features include custom order types (from Trailing Stops to Stop Loss-Take Profit combinations), automated trading algorithms (grid, DCA, infinite trailing, etc.), and order triggers based on technical indicators.

Over the last year, a variety of users have been interested in the app’s CeFi features, which has resulted in a 4x increase in orders processed. Users still quickly adopt GoodCrypto despite the weak market. This prompted the team to secure a pre-seed round from investors including Fenbushi Capital, GSR, and Cipholio Ventures. GoodCrypto is prepared to start the newest chapter of its journey—decentralized finance—with their assistance.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that trading experiences are the same regardless of the underlying exchange technology by bringing GoodCrypto’s uniform trading interface and cutting-edge trading tools to decentralized exchanges. GoodCrypto is currently seeking a seed round to align its objectives with key partners that will support its ambitious roadmap in order to accomplish this.

Despite the difficulties brought on by the present scenario, the team at GoodCrypto is more committed and motivated than ever to keep creating the greatest cryptocurrency trading software available. GoodCrypto is proudly built in Ukraine. The all-in-one platform from GoodCrypto will significantly enhance your trading experience if you are an experienced trader trying to optimize your workflow or a novice trader seeking the greatest CeFi and DeFi experience.

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