MECH – A community-focused metaverse game providing opportunities to Earn!

MECH – A community-focused metaverse game providing opportunities to Earn!

P2E games are one of the most amazing things about the crypto world. The fact that you will get paid by just playing the game is very fascinating to those who are new to the crypto community. Today, we are going to talk about a game “MECH” which can help you in earning and will provide you a fun gaming experience at the same time.

About MECH:

The P2E game is a battle game where player owns an NFT mech that is completely individual to its owner. Every unique mech looks different, feels different, and has different abilities. Players use mechs to earn Ore in the game, which can be turned into their cryptocurrency called Forge Token. Ore can be earned by mining resources, fighting arena battles, and spent to upgrade and repair your mech. Ore can be turned into Forge Tokens in the Trading Post, and then used to breed two mechs or purchase new mechs from our Mech Marketplace. Sound’s exciting, right?

There are different game modes available to enjoy that includes win battles, races or match 3 mini-games to earn Forge (the cryptocurrency used in Mech). You can also create your own arenas, design garages for renting Mechs, purchase assets in our exclusive NFT shop to build and sell in-game NFT weapons or even create your own Mech mini-games. is also a Player Versus Environment (PVE) and a Player Versus Player (PVP) game built on the Ethereum blockchain, and is built on the premise that ‘fun comes first.’ Their sole focus is for the community itself to build the most exciting, repayable, and profitable NFT game on the market for the players. Player can also build businesses inside the metaverse using their embedded tools. Players will be able to buy land, create shops, upgrades, and sell wares to facilitate other players.

MECH Marketplace:

MECH consists of its own Marketplace which is a place to put mechs up for sale and for players to sell their mechs and other NFTs. That said, it be more than simply a place to sell and buy. The Marketplace will serve as a complete mech lineage tracker, a mech stats tracker, and a success tracker for each mech. Any Mech user will be able to see a given mech’s heritage, its upgrades, its potential for success. Think of the Marketplace as a way to get a complete dossier on any mech for sale.


The core of PVE in is mining. Mining resources helps you earn Ore, upgrade, repair, and battle mechs. In order to mine, you must drive your mech to a designated mining site, which can be found via accessing a PVE area map. There are multiple mines in the PVE area, any of which can be used to gather resources.

Players can use Ore to repair, upgrade, or enter battles. Players then use Forge Tokens to breed or purchase new NFTs in our marketplace. Forge Tokens may be traded or exchanged on major cryptocurrency exchanges.


$FORGE will be used in the marketplace to purchase NFTs, Land and various objects in the MechVerse. With the Total Supply of 500,000,000, $FORGE tokens can be used to purchase ore inside of the game, and it is tradeable on exchanges.

If you are looking forward to get connected to this amazing P2E game project then below are their socials:

Join their discord for a chance to get exclusive access and play for free”


Building Legacy Wealth With $FORGE | Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Building Legacy Wealth With $FORGE | Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Feeling “lost” or “stuck” in crypto?  Not sure how to navigate DeFi safely for profit?  Then this article may be valuable to you, let’s dive in Forge Finance & $FORGE!

Forge Finance:

Let’s start with introducing Forge Finance first. So, for those who don’t know already, the project was initiated to provide investors on the Binance Smart Chain as safe environment to learn how to navigate the crypto landscape for profit. The token works completely on the core values of creativity, community, education, integrity, and trust.


$FORGE is a utility and governance BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.  The $FORGE token was designed and built to be an asset that provides sustainable streams of compounding interest via DEX yield farming.

With the total supply of 50,000,000 $FORGE, this token is slowly moving towards a better future. Like any other token, every transfer of $FORGE tokens from one wallet to another has some tax i.e. 7%.

Building legacy wealth with $FORGE:

Now that you all know about all the basic stuff related to this project, lets jump towards the main part that brought you here i.e. how you can earn through it.

So, wealthy individuals seek investments that provide:

  • The least amount of risk
  • The least amount of effort
  • The most amount of options
  • The ability to earn interest/yield on their assets

These are the core fundamentals that $FORGE was built upon.  $FORGE can be used as a “lead domino” in a passive asset accumulation cycle that allows investors to predictably multiply their “assets”.  Through targeted education surrounding goal setting, expectation management, & asset accumulation; holders of $FORGE can learn strategies they can deploy to predictably multiply their capital over longer time preferences, while hedging their downside.

Here are several ways in which you can use the $FORGE token!

  • Buy & HOLD $FORGE In Your DeFi Wallet:

Buy $FOGE HERE: ⬇ 
 (Click the swap settings & change the slippage tolerance to 8-10% in order to buy/sell $FORGE)

Then add the $FORGE Contract Address to Your Wallet: ⬇

0x5138868ed1814be113227b8c6025cdc46d9d1d16KnightSwap was chosen by FORGE to provide LP because of the core values that revolve around sustainability and longevity. So, KnightSwap is the DEX & ecosystem that $FORGE will use to lock in long term financial security.

  • Provide Liquidity on KnightSwap & Farm Your $FORGE/$BNB LP

Provide Liquidity Using The Link Below: ⬇

Find the “$FORGE/$BNB” LP Farm and Deposit Your LP Tokens
 Here: ➡ 

  • Auto-Compound Your “Gold Mine” Using The KnightSwap “Vaults”

Deposit Your LP Tokens Into The KnightSwap Auto-Compounder Here:  ⬇

  • Day Trade/Swing Trade It

They have a 7% fee on all transactions, so to make a profit you’ll need the asset to appreciate minimum 15% to get 1% profit. Their asset isn’t intended to be a “moon-shot” or “pump to the moon”, but if you’re naturally a trader & want to deploy this strategy and play the game, by all means, you can give it a chance.

Always remember that patience and consistency is the key to slowly accumulating wealth via compounding interest. It may take some time, but as long as you are maintaining the asymmetry to the upside & investing in assets that are built with time as their ally; you stand a better chance than most to reach your financial goals.

So, is Forge Finance the asset you should buy?

Well, we don’t know because it depends.

You can get connected to this amazing project through the below given links:

Telegram: ➡️ 
 Twitter: ➡️ 
 Discord: ➡️ 
 Medium: ➡️