Using Blockchain As A Force For Good – Part 1. Recovery Punks

Using Blockchain As A Force For Good – Part 1. Recovery Punks

Blockchain technology took the world by storm, seemingly overnight. While investors are looking for the next 10x coin or “moonshot”, purpose driven companies are finding unique ways to use the new technology and web 3 culture to do good. Historically, small groups of dedicated people with a purpose make the biggest waves. “Using Blockchain As a Force For Good” is a short series exploring some of these projects.

Recently, Artist For Addicts had a stealth launch of Recovery Punks, a Crypto Punk inspired project designed to bring awareness to, change the conversation about and fund addiction recovery and connection.

On the Artist for Addicts website ( ) you will see: 

“The Mission of Artists For Addicts is to change the global conversation surrounding addiction from one of judgement to one of compassion, using art as a force for good.”

Recovery Punks is an extension of that mission; using art on the blockchain as a force for good. The project is keeping marketing and “hype” to minimum and instead using education and connection to slowly mint out the entire 10k connection. The Recovery Punks community has contributed by opening up twitter spaces and inviting the public to join the conversation: a conversation about addiction recovery and connection, which Artist for Addicts believes is one of the most important conversations to be had in the current crypto landscape.

The royalties on Recovery Punks are set at 2.5%, 100% of which goes to Artist for Addicts to continue to find creative and fun ways to educate and change the global conversation about addiction.

The Recovery Punks community has formed a council that will allow them to create governance that can increase the royalties, build a community treasury and direct the project through community contribution and vote.

Many investors will continue to follow the hype, looking for the next big thing. The companies, projects and organizations that are finding ways to use new technology and web 3 culture to have an impact might have the last laugh. Their communities are small, but they are hyper-engaged and the reach extends beyond the early adopters of crypto.

While we will have to wait and see what happens, this is a recipe for massive impact and long term success. An important cause, a strong community, real world implications and a founder with an incredible track record. Our team will have our eyes glued to Recovery Punks in 2023.

Recovery Punks is one of the many projects published by Wolf Den Labs focused on having a real impact on people in the real world. 

Published by Wolf Den Labs

The Oppenheimer Blockchain & Digital Assets Summit will have Coinbase as a participant.

The Oppenheimer Blockchain & Digital Assets Summit will have Coinbase as a participant.


The sixth annual Oppenheimer Blockchain and Digital Assets Summit on Web 3.0 and the Creator Economy will take place on November 17 at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (“Oppenheimer”), a renowned investment bank, wealth management, and a division of Oppenheimer Holdings (NYSE: OPY).

A prominent group of businesses driving the continuous development of the blockchain ecosystem, including Fidelity Digital Assets,, Coinbase, and Silvergate Capital Corporation, will be featured at the virtual event. You may sign up right there.

Timothy Horan who is the Senior Analyst for Cloud & Communications and Owen Lau who is the Senior Analyst for Exchanges, Information Analytics, and Asset Managers, said in a statement that the potential to access the internet in new and different ways based on blockchain technology is arising, along with significant opportunities for the expansion of decentralized finance in the era of Web 3.0,” 

Blockchain & Digital Assets Summit

Everything will be impacted by this, from the development of private market funds to dispersed wireless infrastructure. This virtual conference highlights how Oppenheimer Blockchain is committed to bringing together innovators and thought leaders from across the field as an ever-wider range of investors seek to learn about the adoption of digital assets.

Presentations, panels, and one-on-one discussions will be part of the summit’s coverage of significant themes in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem, including uses for DeFi and NFTs, payments and remittances, capital markets infrastructure, regulatory framework, and more. The following businesses will be present:

  • Apollo is a publicly traded, global supplier of alternative assets with over 30 years of experience working with both institutional and retail clients throughout the risk spectrum.
  • is one of the most well-liked platforms for securely purchasing bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Users can safely store, swap, trade, and purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies on its site.
  • Coinbase: A publicly traded platform for gaining access to the larger crypto industry. In over 100 countries, 103 million verified individuals, 14,500 institutions, and 245,000 ecosystem partners put their trust in Coinbase to buy, sell, save, and use cryptocurrencies.
  • Fidelity Digital Assets: The goal of Fidelity Digital Assets, a Fidelity Investments subsidiary that runs as a separate company, is to provide products and services that assist institutions in utilizing digital assets and innovating in the increasingly digital world of finance.
  • Figure Technologies is a lender that specializes in revolutionizing the trillion-dollar financial services sector by utilizing the Provenance Blockchain’s proven power for loan origination, equity management, private fund services, banking, and payments.
  • Silvergate Capital Corporation: Providing innovative financial infrastructure solutions and services to the digital currency sector. An ever-expanding list of investors and digital currency enterprises from around the world is provided by the corporation with a real-time payment mechanism.

The fifth annual Blockchain and Digital Assets Summit is excited to welcome the visionary group of entrepreneurs, investors, and presenters, according to Erica L. Moffett, who is the Associate Director of Research and Managing Director at Oppenheimer Blockchain.

As new applications for these technologies emerge, established platforms continue to evolve, and financial markets change in reaction, their insights come at a key time for the future of the Creator Economy and Web 3.0. Oppenheimer Blockchain will lead and participate in engaging discussions using our own distinctive viewpoints throughout the evening.

Oppenheimer Blockchain & Co. Inc.

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (Oppenheimer), a significant subordinate of Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. and its affiliates. It offers a full wide range of securities brokerage, wealth management, and investment banking services to individuals, corporate executives, local governments, families, businesses, and institutions.

Upcoming development in Bitgert BRC20 blockchain project

Upcoming development in Bitgert BRC20 blockchain project

The crypto market since its emergence has been subjected to various scrutinies because of its fluctuating trends. It is impossible to predict when one crypto would fall and another would rise. However, based on the market temperament, analysts have been able to. make assumptions. A recent study has revealed that Bitgert has the potential to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market this year. It is due to the success of the journey that the Bitgert team, more specifically towards the introduction of the roadmap V1.

Let’s take a look at the emerging Biggert

The developments that have already been made in Bitgert are just a trailer of what is yet to come and of the new developments that await. There are a few things that the experts have been able to shed light upon as the factors that could lead to the success of the Biggert. These factors are going to be responsible for making Bitgert one of the rapidly growing crypto projects in the market.

Factors that can lead to the growth of the Biggert

 According to analysts and researchers, various reasons could be the contributing factors to the rapid development of Biggert. One such factor could be the fast pace at which its ecosystem is growing and expanding. Their growth is quite evident from posts that the team has been posting recently. It has also been able to successfully add more products to it as well as expand its project and has been able to show a competence that has rarely been seen in any of its competitors.

The adoption of the BRC20 blockchain systems of Bitgert is also another cause that could lead to Bitgert becoming a massive success. This product is not the only one to wow its users with its features, the best is yet to come and shall be introduced in the roadmap V2. It is, needless to say, that, the demand for the blockchains would ultimately give rise to demand in the Bitgert cryptocurrency which in turn shall increase its valuation and take its market cap as well as the price to new heights.

The kind of disruptive products that are being added to the ecosystem constantly is also going to contribute majorly to the growth of Biggert. They’re also trying to introduce a new centralized exchange as well as NFT in the market. These products are something that is most definitely going to be welcomed by the users. The mass adoption of these products is the building stone upon which its success shall be built.

What do the analysts have to say?

It is quite evident from the above-given factors, observed after various researches and studies, that Bitgert is going to be the next big thing in the digital currency world. However, it is still difficult to predict the future of a cryptocurrency as this market is highly vulnerable and can experience lows and highs constantly. Some cryptocurrencies can push through whole others crumble and lose their value with time till the time they become almost obsolete.


It is important to keep in mind, that even though the market is prone to rapid changes, the factors that have been observed here and recorded, show a positive trend for the Bitgert crypto. It has the potential to become the next big thing in the year 2022. Out of all the factors that have been stated above, the two factors that are going to play a major role in ut, are the use of disruptive products and the rapid pace at which the ecosystem is transforming.

Polygon price rises nearly 6% in the last 24 hours

Polygon price rises nearly 6% in the last 24 hours

The bearish position of the crypto market creates chaotic consequences among crypto investors. The rate of the top cryptos is falling increasingly. The last couple of months is a remarkable phase for the crypto market ever. The top two cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum price fall hit the market cap separately. Even Polygon network’s crypto Matic was decreasing its rate accordingly. Though the sellers’ pressure makes a big concern for crypto investors.

But this week was quite promising for crypto members. It is forecasted about the bull run. The temporary increasing price has indicated the upcoming progress in the crypto market cap. Polygon (Matic) price rose nearly 6% in the last 24 hours. Which is a green signal for the native investors.

Other Crypto Overview :

The top two currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have continuous ups and downs that make the investors hold for a long period. Though the increasing rate of this week is making the situation in progress. As of the time of writing this post, Bitcoin is running at $23474.80. It is 1.40% at an increasing rate. On the other hand, Ethereum’s current price is $1637.49 and the increasing rate is 3.92%.

Noteworthy, the global cryptocurrency market is increasing by 4.8% to 1.12 trillion itself.  

Polygon Overview :

The native crypto network Polygon’s crypto Matic is doing very well in the crypto market cap. According to reports, in the last 7 days, Polygon (Matic) price has increased around 71%. As of now, Polygon crypto is ranked 12 in the market.

In the last 24 hours, Polygon (Matic) price has risen nearly 6%. Which creates a massive crowd among the crypto investors. The exchange status of this crypto leaves a remarkable footprint.

Why Does Polygon Perform Well?

During this falling market, Polygon did its job better than the other networks. During this bear market, Polygon was able to perform well with some pre-planned strategies. During the price decrease, Polygon managed to retain its key support levels very well. After that, the price was increasing again.

Moreover, the partnership with Coca-cola and Disney in Spring and Summer 2022 makes the network perform well with unexpected increasing prices. Also, the layer 2 scaling solution is one of the considerable reasons behind it.

Polygon Current Status :

As of the writing time, Polygon’s volume is around $1.4B. Its price is now $0.903413. Polygon’s current market cap is $7.2B along with an 8.0B Matic circulating supply, which is 80% of the total. The market activity is in a bearish position, which is 78% buying and 22% selling graph. The typical hold time according to this network is 103 days. Above all, the price change in the last 24 hours is +5.14%. The 7 days price change is +28.87%.

Experts’ Prediction On Polygon :

Government Capital :

According to Government Capital, Polygon might trade for over $3.7 per coin by 2023. Even go up to $20 within 5 years. Which indicates a bull run for long-term investors.

WalletInvestor :

WalletInvestor predicted that Polygon’s price will be reduced as low as possible. It would fall to $0.035 by July 2023. According to WalletInvestor, Polygon might be a bad choice for upcoming years.

TradingBeasts :

According to TradingBeasts, Polygon can reach up to $1.17 by December 2022. It would be stagnant at $0.9 for the whole of 2023. In 2024, it will again rise to $1.5. Which indicates a low to high rate in the long run.

Digital Coin Price :

Digital Coin Price predicted that in 2023, Polygon will reach a minimum of up to 0.93 and a maximum of $1.15.

Sellers Still Dominating The Crypto Market

Sellers Still Dominating The Crypto Market

The massive fall of the crypto market hits crypto investors. The first-ranking cryptos like Bitcoin, and Ethereum float in the ups and downs of the graph. Still, the valuable resistance phase has not occurred. Though the Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor’s comment on the Ethereum blockchain has raised a temporary relief among investors. This is the time when buyers can take their planned move. Price falls, which means the supply is high but demand is less. In this circumstance, sellers are expected to stagnate their movement in the Crypto market. But the selling pressure does match the expected graph according to the situation.

Still, sellers are dominating the crypto market even in this massive fall down. The high reducing price rate and stable seller activity leave the market a big concern.

Why Does Elon Musk Sell Crypto With A Huge Loss?

In the context of crypto, Elon Musk’s shocking step must be a considerable matter. Musk’s Dogecoin is sold with a million-dollar loss knowing the consequences! Whole social media contains only one question, why does Elon Musk sell his coin with a huge loss?

Initially, Musk stated that Tesla had not sold a single Dogecoin. Letter the announcement hits the market. It was officially announced that 75% holding of Tesla’s Bitcoin is sold.

In January 2021, Elon Musk has purchased Bitcoin at 1.5 billion US dollars. Whereas on June 2022, Musk sold it at 936 million US dollars. Which refers to a massive loss for Tesla.

It is reported that Elon Musk was forced to sell the holdings to avoid the loss of over 800 million dollars in Q2 of 2022.

Though Elon Musk did not make the price fall responsible for his selling. Rather he blamed the covid19 lockdown situation in China which raised the uncertain value of the amount.

Talking about Bitcoin, it is seen that Bitcoin is retesting one very important level of support. The market was running very critical resistance. The dumb money is already out of the market.  

Asian Investors Tend To Sell More :

In the context of the investor’s demography, a massive population is from an Asian country, especially from India! More than 10 crore investors are from India. Which is approximately 7% of the population of the country itself. After India, countries like the USA, Russia, and Nigeria take the position of higher investors.

It is reported that Asian investors ars selling more than buying even in this price-fall market! Selling indicates that the price would increase sooner. Though according to several reports, the crypto price rate is expected to drop more. Then why are the sellers dominating the crypto market still?

To analyze the strategy, it should be discussed the value of different countries’ currencies. As the maximum number of investors are from India, then Indian rupees or INR’s value might be the main reason.

Cryptos are exchanged with Tether (USDT). 1 Tether (USDT) equals $1. But during the exchange in other currencies such as INR, the rate might differ. The average calculation shows that cryptos are 2 to 3 lakhs more expensive during purchasing for Indian investors than for US investors. It means buying is costly but selling will be profitable.

In this price fall market, selling pressure is still there for the anticipation of more falling. Bulk investors are from Asian countries. The country’s currency value is less than the USD. So for these Asian investors, this is a good time to sell. As it is anticipated that the price might fall more.  

Conclusion :

The price fall market is now a remarkable concern of crypto investors. Where demand slows down and price falls. Though the selling pressure becomes another concern of the crypto world.

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