Reason Behind Ethereum NFT Creators’ Right Providing Activity To The Public Domain

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One of the successful NFT projects of 2022, Moonbird, has gained over half a billion trading volume within a month. One buying cost will be around $29,000 worth of ETH as of the time of writing this post.

The Web3 startup Proof backs the Proof Collective NFT group and Moonbirds have announced that there will be a transition of Moonbirds and the recent Oddities NFT collections to a CC0. CC0 is the Creative Commons Zero license.

This license provides rights to the Moonbirds or Oddities artwork and likenesses to create and sell derivative projects, merchandise, or anything. No works’ rights are reserved by any creators. The public domain can easily use the creations of the networks’ artists.

The Valuable Remarks :

The tech entrepreneur and co-founder of venture capitalist, Proof, Kevin Rose, shared a Tweet thread regarding the news. He started by pointing out his co-creation of a social platform named Digg in 2004. He said that Digg’s primary features were immediately copied and circulated by the competing platforms.

The tech entrepreneur that the default gut reaction is to secure that a user created. According to him, Web3 is an opportunity to reboot and recheck everything and return to the first principles.

Ethereum NFT

Moonbirds’ Connection With Ethereum :

Moonbirds also relies on the source-proof of the Ethereum Blockchain like other CC0 projects. It needs provenance to prove that the NFTs are the original creations. In the context of that proof, Rose wrote, the accuracy or reliability of Moonbirds will not come from lawyers enforcing trademarks. Instead, it is from the proven provenance and single source of truth of smart contracts.

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XCOPY’s Plan :

After a day after the pseudonymous crypto artist XCOPY tweet, Proof’s announcement comes. XCOPY tweeted they are also going to distribute all of their previous artwork into the public domain.

Though, XCOPY’s NFTs are different from Moonbirds. The uniqueness of XCOPY is they have sold single-edition digital illustrations for millions of dollars per person.

Last week, XCOPY posted that CC0 status would get their “summer.jpg” artwork along with every other work they made that will not be a collaboration.

The recent and latest major Ethereum NFT creators in the growing CC0 movement are Proof and XCOPY. Along with them ‘Nouns’ is there. It is a novel NFT project. Nouns auctions a single NFT per day and provides owners voting rights to a profitable DAO treasury. Nouns are now the best-known CC0 project in the market.

The Nouns-Project :

Nouns’ has its boxy Noun glasses. It can be used for all kinds of derivative NFT projects. Even though it has this kind of project. Notably, during the last Super Bowl, the Nouns glasses were introduced in a Bud Light commercial.

That Bud Light brand acquired a Nouns NFT and also participated in DAO votes. But it didn’t need to own the NFT using the glasses in the commercial. The nouns co-creator said that you don’t need copyright anymore.

Nouns’ co-creator tweeted that CC0 and NFT together do for the media what Bitcoin did for currency. it has transformed a competitive game into a cooperative one.  

It’s a massive experiment. Also, it’s only been a year with Nouns. Additionally, Nouns imagery has already got traction during a Super Bowl broadcast.  The Nouns DAO randomly utilizes its vast treasury to make funds for projects that will help further expand and spread the IP.

The Nouns auction and DAO model are special. But the existing many other CC0 projects including Goblin-town, Mfers, Anonymice, CrypToadz, and Bitmap are one of the greatest concerns. 

But Moonbirds didn’t start as a CC0 project like the mentioned projects. It’s for the public. It cannot be expected of thousands of NFT owners. 

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