Predictcoin | A Potentially Strong Project accessible to all for better earning opportunities!

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There are many projects in the crypto market at the moment where you can invest and earn but there are only a few of them that can promise a good return, better earnings opportunities and they are also potentially strong as compared to others and Predictcoin, without a doubt, is one of them.

Predictcoin is a crypto assets price prediction DAO, where users or “PREDers” (“PREDers is a term used for its users”) can predict the price of crypto assets at a particular time, which would be visible and accessible to all. It is a platform that’ll attract the best predictors to predict crypto assets and earn $PRED while at it. $PRED is the governance token of Predictcoin and can be used to create user’s profiles, predict on crypto assets and vote on community issues

Users would get the first hand experience and see what experienced predictors think the market would look like for a particular coin in the next few days. Thereby learning more about the market and the experiences.


How does it all work?

At Predictcoin, newbies and crypto traders get a clue about the market and learn more information about the green and red candles. Through this strong and well-built platform newbies would know and learn when to buy their favorite coins and when to sell, if they can study the experienced predictors on Predictcoin.

Coming towards the process, the whole prediction process is quite simple. Every week users can predict 5 different coins on Predictcoin with PRED. Each coin has only 10 seats to accept predictions and each prediction costs 10 PRED, you can only predict once from one wallet. (This means only 50 seats available in total per week and 500 PRED retrieved). Those who try to predict after seats are filled will be unsuccessful and can withdraw their 10 PRED back anytime. A position will open on Monday and users can secure their seats by choosing either Bull or Bear (Up or Down). On Friday the positions closes, it’s also worthy to note that the percentage of those who chose Up or Down will already be visible for the world to see. The ones with the right predictions will be redirected to stake PRED to earn PRED at a very high APR, while the ones who predicted wrongly will be redirected to stake PRED to earn BNB at a very high APR. Only the wallets they predicted with can stake.

Predictcoin would also be marketed as the leading cryptocurrency to be used on predicting both crypto assets, football matches & sports games. Apart from partnering up with major sports predicting platforms, they are also planning to work on developing in-house predicting features for sports games as well.

Predict Pool:

A Predict Pool is a pool on Predictcoin generating & distributing $PRED to winners of price predictions, stakers & farmers. Funded initially with 5,000 $PRED (see above in tokenomics), the predict pool would act as a backup plan or reserve for the price prediction and the whole Predictcoin ecosystem.

Winding Up…

If any of you think that you can predict better than anyone else then it’s a great opportunity for you to earn by being one of the PREDers. We will keep on updating you with potentially strong and promising projects till then make sure you check out predictcoin and get benefits out of it.

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