MOBULA – The First Completely Decentralized Data Aggregator!

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Data integration is now decentralized with none other than MOBULA!

Known as the first completely decentralized data aggregator, MOBULA enables dApps to integrate trustable and on-chain data APIs. The Mobula dApp allows any user to participate in the data aggregation process simply by joining the Protocol DAO. It simply enables everyone to query reliable data about any crypto-token. Data is the backbone of any ecosystem and Mobula’s Protocol enables the implementation of a new kind of data aggregator, accessible on-chain on almost all EVM-compatible blockchains which makes the data integration completely decentralized.

From data collection, its processing and the broadcasting, everything is done in a decentralized and reliable way at Mobula. Since its launch, the team at Mobula is trying hard every day to make the whole thing perfect for its users. Just last month, the beta version of Mobula was released with many changes and a lot of bug fixing in it. With the release of this new version, the Mobula has gained efficiency, flexibility and independence and has extended the user benefits.  Now, it has a brand new, more pleasant and powerful interface to interact with DAOs. On the other hand, they have launched the governance system that allows governors (member of the governance DAO) to submit and vote on proposed resolutions. This DAO has given days to $MOBL governance tokens which is possible to have by staking of MOBL. +3,000 MOBL are already staked in the DAO pools, which is 20% of the user-minted supply

The three main and impressive things, according to us, that make Mobula one of the best are as follows:

  • It is Cross-chain: Mobula is cross-chain, supporting almost all EVM compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.
  • It is Decentralized: Mobula is fully decentralized by design, from data collection to processing and distribution.
  • On-chain data accessibility: All the data collected and processed by Mobula is completely accessible on-chain, accessible for users and dApps.


MOBULA provides earning opportunities to its users with its native token MOBL and in this way it can be considered as a potentially strong project in the market right now. MOBL is the native utility token of MOBULA that is used for the governance of the project (from treasury management to Protocol-related decisions). Currently deployed on the BNB Chain, on Polygon and on Avalanche, the token allows workers to be rewarded, to vote in DAO decisions, to make proposals, and is a way to redistribute the profit generated by the platform to investors directly via staking pools. With total supply 20,000,000 and a well organized vesting schedule, MOBL is a good token to invest in for long term benefits.

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