We are in the 21st century where women are equally important as men. We can not ignore that for any country to grow it is very essential part is that women also participate in the country’s growth and for that gender equality must be needed. Women should get proper education and opportunities for their growth.

Empowering women by giving them economic opportunities and ending gender gaps is key to growth. Women are facing lots of issues in the past decades, for the same work they are not getting the same payment, violence, and harassment in work and it’s not the condition of any specific country it is all over the world.

For every woman financial independence is highly important but when we talk about the crypto world women hold a low percentage as compared to men, but now the scenario started changing many women taking active participation in the crypto world.


These are the women who are changing the world of crypto.


She is the lead engineer and founder of GUAP coin. Evans told that she is taking the help of crypto for ending the wealth gap and also assisting black-owned businesses in the United States, she also added that her company also gained more profit than ever before.


Lisa wade is the official founder of NEOMI, it connects charity entrepreneurs who are willing to raise capital with investors which are searching for impactful investments. She is highly active with the issues which are faced by women in the financial sector which automatically led them back.


Olayinka is the chairperson and founder of (BWBC) Black Women Blockchain Council. Olayinka is working for increasing the number of black women blockchain developers in the year 2030.


She is a Pakistani American author and internationally praised visual artist and Women rise NFT is also founded by Maliha in which women from all over the world who are artists, scientists, activists, and coders are united.


She is the founder and host of (WIBT) Women In Blockchain Talks, this is a woman’s educational platform where women with the help of a network learn about blockchain in the United Kingdom.


Jen is the board member for (KBA) Kerala Blockchain Academy and also Utah based advocate of women’s empowerment through cryptocurrency. She will be coming with the NFT podcast ideas which help females increase crypto knowledge.


Manasi became the first investment DAO that helps women in funding and non-binary crypto founders. She is also working for Women In Blockchain whose main focus is to mentor women about crypto and blockchain. This idea is very unique as it helps women to participate, inspire, collaborate and learn from each other.


Roya Mehboob is not just an activist but also one of the female CEOs in Afghanistan before the Taliban took control over the country where hardly any women take part. She is also the founder of (ACSC) Afghan Citadel Software Company where more than half of the employees are women.

She is also taking an active part in educating females about technology and finance.


She is also called a bitcoin lady and also the CEO of Santoshi center where the main of the community is to provide proper education about how we can make money with the help of crypto and bitcoin.


Now cryptocurrency is not just a boy club anymore, women are also seen taking interest and also women’s participation increased in past years which lead to economic growth because women are the pillars of growth for any economy.