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In today’s world crypto is like a new trend it’s an ongoing buzz, now, financial institutions, companies, and government bodies everyone showing interest in these digital currencies. No doubt it provides to enter new gateways which never be possible without it. There are no boundaries for crypto the world is one place.

Even if crypto is everyone’s mouth but people always hesitate or are not comfortable investing money in crypto due to trust issues or several reasons. For retaining the trust of customers it is very important to build a trustable platform so that they can easily invest in crypto.

Payment platforms work a big role in building trust in customers if you want to increase users you have to provide trustable payment methods. In the crypto market, users have anonymous choices when it comes to choosing between different assets.


For an increase in the adoption of crypto, it is highly important to have a safe payment platform. In a study, Banxa revealed that around 62% of users whose transactions failed never use the service again which means you are losing two-thirds of potential customers which is huge.

It not only failed payments but also fraudulent transactions also change the customer conversion.

Payment platforms



Coingate is an old and most trusted gateway for cryptocurrency, it helps to solve many issues regarding transactions that users face during processing. Coingate provides user-friendly apps that help users to watch all the payments on their phones which makes it very easy and fast.


Coinpayments is one of the best platforms we have it is not only safe but also very cheap as it only charges 0.50% fees as transaction fees which is very low as compared to other platforms. This gateway supports n number of cryptocurrencies like, repel, bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.


It is a non-custodial crypto payment that allows you to accept payment in 75+ cryptocurrencies and the best part is it has an auto coin conversion tool available. Regardless of what users pay merchants have the power to accept the coin which they prefer and it converts automatically.

It also provides tools like API, widgets, invoices, Zencart, open cart, and more.


Bitpay is a US-based payment gateway that is one of the best simple gateways in the market we have. It allows you to do payment transactions globally with high security and it accepts multiple currencies as well.

It permits bank deposits across 38 countries and transaction fees are only 1%. Bitpay facilitates a simple and user-friendly gateway with a multi-user facility.


Shopify is a trustable and secure payment gateway in the market. It not only provides secure payments but also accepts crypto payments from anywhere in the world at any time. Shopify provides very interactive features including APIs, low transaction fees, and fast payments without the hassle and the best part is we can use it on PCs, mobile, and tabs also.

But only one problem with Shopify is that the merchant needs to register in a Shopify account first.


Gourl provides a high degree of anonymity and also works well with major crypto wallets. It provides clear payment breakdowns which make it easy. In Gourl you don’t need to link your id or bank account. Gourl charges 1.5% of transaction fees which is higher compared to other platforms.


For any business customer is king if you want to retain in the market you have to take care of customer needs this payment gateway provides safe and secure options for users which helps them to invest more. You have to educate yourself and then choose the best possible payment gateway which suits your needs.

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