How Does Blockchain Affect The Tourism Industry?

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The travel and tourism industry is a very important aspect of any country’s growth. The travel industry has been increasingly getting bigger day by day. This is the second-fastest-growing industry. For any service, industry customer is king, and customer satisfaction is everything for service industries but sometimes it is hard to make customers happy or satisfied. Customer satisfaction is not dependent on one factor it has many steps which affect it.

For attaining its maximum growth it’s highly important to take customer issues more seriously and deal with and in the end, solve them. The tourism industry faces some fall in growth due to some barriers that we are not able to address all customer issues. This industry is not only dependent on one factor it has been broken into flights, car rentals, hotels, tours, and other services.

Problems Faced By The Tourism Industry

Many problems are faced by the Tourism industry like long chains of intermediaries, bad reviews, overbooking, late reply from customer support, and many more human errors which made customers dissatisfied. Imagine if a customer book a hotel even if you provide a clean room with all the amenities still if customer support is not fast and responsive and up to the mark then it will be no for the customer which in the end make the customer dissatisfied.

Blockchain Works As A Solution

For better customer satisfaction it is highly important to deal with all the barriers that affect customer satisfaction. Blockchain technology is a magical tool that works as a solution to change the experience of the customer. Previously customers are facing issues due to the intervention of intermediaries which not only increases time but also cost. With the help of blockchain technology, it reduces middlemen which shorter the steps and makes customers and service providers more close and direct.

This technology provides a platform that gives customers and service providers the same level in which they can work together which decreases and also our main major concern is to minimize the time which is the main reason for customer satisfaction.

Travel Care Platform

Travel care platforms work as a tool by providing the platform and gateway for entering into tourism to the cryptocurrency economy. Their main motive is to improve customer experience. It also provides several benefits like deals on travel and cashback services which help for future trips. By reducing cost and mediator fees, it will be possible through blockchain technology which enables customer fast transactions, free international commissions, and maintain transparency in the travel industry.

It is also come up with over 50,000 hotels, 600 airlines, and a growing number of car reservation and experience services. When customers book through the travel care website they are eligible for various sorts of benefits and rewards. After making a regular booking from the same website they will also have the authority to be a shareholder which sounds interesting.


Travel care has seen some drastic growth in recent years as many users liked it very much as compared to different platforms. Their online community is growing day by day they have approx 13,000 holders, 19,000 on Twitter, and 17,000 Instagram followers. Travel care focuses on its customer experience that’s why they ensure that the platform holders are getting the best benefits.

Their team is very confident that they can provide the best facilities to their platform owners. If you are dealing with the customer service sector you need to understand that customer is everything if you want to remain in the market for the long run you have to focus on customer needs. Customer satisfaction is key to focusing on this field.

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