A new water heater on the market

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Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, a classic property ha! A father has built a system that utilizes energy from his mining rig to heat his swimming pool so that his kids can swim in hot water.

The heat which used to go out of the system as waste popped an idea into a miner’s head, Crypto miner Jonathan Yuan had kids who loved swimming but because it was too cold for them, they barely ever did. Crisis brings innovation and it did.

Yuan shared to Cointelegraph saying, he bought a heat exchanger and integrated it with some ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), and eventually managed to keep his pool above 90degree F throughout the summer.

Working on the system

The basic working principle is “immersion”, which cools down the ASICs meanwhile reclaiming that waste heat that otherwise would’ve been out of the system as waste, and putting it to practical uses such as heating rooms, workspaces, swimming pools, or anything that needs a heat up to 140F.

China ban and Difficulty drop “When difficulty dropped he had to push the ASICs to the maximum limit, which in return led the pool temperature to rise above 110F, so the kids were not able to swim for about a month or two, lol. Yes, he had to say “sorry kids, the pool is too hot for you to swim, can’t swim today.”

The difficulty adjusting to making new highs since then, and his kids got the pool back from their dad. In addition to this, Yuan has made money mining while the pool continued to act as a perfect heat buffer.

 Looking at the data, using Bitcoin miners to heat their swimming pool seems to be more effective than conventional methods; it helps maintain temperature swings over 24 hours between 1F to 2F despite the ambient temperature hovering over 40F on some days.

Yuan’s recommendations

Recommendations in trading aren’t something one should be looking for but, with this innovation, Yuan recommends anyone with a pool to do the same, as it’s the perfect use of waste heat.  This innovation helped Yuan see with a little more clarity and now he’s refining his creation.

Yuan is now working on building a pool-specific tank that will be used to run pool water directly through the heat exchanger making the whole system a whole lot better than before, seems more like version 2.0 of the original model.

An organization is driven by passion

ASICs now also heat his home and he surely has turned his project into a passionate profession. He has his own Bitcoin mining company named “CoinHeated” which is entirely dedicated to converting waste heat from miners into usable and more practical heat.

According to him, His next big move is to bring this whole idea to other people’s homes and provide them value with this system. Currently, he’s in conversation with the experts and manufacturers of heat exchangers to build something that won’t corrode around the chemically treated pool water.

The bottom line of all

In this modern problem-modern solution kind of scenario, Yuan managed to bring this innovation to reality and solved a few problems as well. He was working on his own with the previous model and now because he established a whole new company just to make his miner’s waste heat to be a thing of value and people will be happy to have his service and he also has brought the experts into the frame which means this design will be more efficient and inexpensive as well.

This could be a big thing shortly.   

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