Examining the reasons behind Solana outperforming Ethereum in transactions in the Q2

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In the highly volatile market of the crypto industry, it is obvious that one crypto asset might get ahead of others. It is a never-ending race in which at one point some may fall behind and at the other point, leave other crypto assets behind. It is therefore important to keep track of it all if those who are associated with it want to be on the safe side and place their bets in the right cryptocurrency. One such event occurred more recently when Solana performed extremely well and left behind Ethereum based on its performance.

A closer look at the transactions in Solana

With time Solana has gained huge popularity and many transactions are now being made in the Solana blockchain. In recent times, these transactions have been steadily rising on the Solana blockchain, and this led to almost as many as 40 million daily transactions. In comparison to this, Ethereum failed to get as many transactions and could manage to make only one million transactions. These transactions were done specifically in April, May, and June.

What is the reason behind such performance?

Needless to say, the popularity of a crypto coin depends majorly upon the consensus of the general public. The more crypto manages to gather favor, the more its value increases. However, it is not always the case. It does not happen always that a crypto coin that is at the peak of popularity gets used more often of which Solana is an example. Even though there have been various ups and downs in its path, and despite being less popular than Ethereum, it managed to show its exemplary performance in the current season.


Solana’s magnificent rise to the top

The best part about the rise that has been witnessed quite recently is that it has been steady throughout. This rise was analyzed by various experts and was even tracked based on daily non-vote transactions. There have been various factors that have been responsible for the rise Solana has been enjoying. There have been various decentralized apps such as Switchboard, that have contributed majorly to its spike.

Later when the vote transaction was taken into account, it showed that Solana managed to father almost as many as 100 to 200 million transactions in a day. This spike gave rise to the number of wallets being used all over the world.

Other factors responsible for the growth

There have been various other factors that too are responsible for the rise in Solana transactions. It is also a result of the funding that it began receiving right from mid-2020. Solana managed to attract so much funding as it was supposed to extend its support to other platforms such as Gamefi, Defi, and the nonfungible token ecosystem. No matter what the organization is, the Solana market is at its peak and is expected to continue at its peak as well.


There have been various such news doing rounds in the market about the emergence of a Helium blockchain network, that is supposed to transition into Solana. This shift has been waited and is highly recommended because it would help with various other issues that Solana has been facing. Primarily it would help with facilitating its operations and improve the scalability. The community is well set on fixing the number of problems that the crypto is facing and to come up with a renewed or reformed system for the betterment of all.

The higher authorities at Solana have even promised that the transition is supposed to bring about a plethora of changes.

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