Ethereum merge in trouble, bugs being found by developers

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For those who don’t know about the Ethereum merge, the merge is an Ethereum upgrade that was being planned for quite a long time. The main purpose of the upgrade is to improve the network and make it better for its users. This update is being considered as one of the most important ones that can be very beneficial for the whole ecosystem and can completely change it. This may also have long lasting effects on the whole crypto market.

The Merge will indeed merge the Ethereum mainnet with Beacon Chain. As of now, the two chains exist in parallel and the Ethereum mainnet, which presently utilizes a component called proof of work, is handling all the exchanges. After the most awaited merge, the Ethereum mainnet will shift from proof of work to the Beacon Chain’s proof of stake mechanism. The proof stake is a type of consensus mechanism that differs from the conventional proof of work.

As a result of the merge, the whole Ethereum blockchain is supposed to get positively affected along with a wide constellation of services and products that depend upon it. Furthermore, due to Ethereum’s size and strong impact, the destiny of the merge is probably going to affect the more extensive crypto industry. In the meantime, the upgrade to the proof of stake can also influence a huge number of individuals who are Ether miners, a considerable number of whom have put huge capital in the network.

BUT, this is not it. Just recently, bugs have been found in Ethereum by developers. The release date of the merge is somewhere between 10th to 20th September however, it can get further delayed if bugs are being found in it in future as well.

Coming towards the bug that was being found by a developer at Ethereum known as Péter Szilágyi, he stated that he tracked down a relapse that is resulting in a corrupted state. He further explained that it may be one of the pull requests that had converged toward the new storage model or online pruner. In another update, he explained that the issue would probably influence the people who are running the release as it can corrupt their database and can even result in data loss. He also told that the issue regarding data loss occurs on shutdown due to which they were not able to figure out the bug.

Regardless of the issues, the Ethereum developers successfully fixed it within a day. It was further advised by them that the individuals who updated the version must move back to the older version and rerun it and check whether everything was functioning fine. After the release of the new patch, Péter Szilágyi asked the people to hold on until the engineers are done to guarantee that everything is going fine with the version. They also apologized to the community on missing out the issue during the testing and stated that they will try to test better in future.

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