Crypto winter and its impact on Bitcoin miners!

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If you are an old crypto investor or trader then you can understand that the rise and decline in crypto assets is normal and it happens occasionally. However, recently the crypto market crash has resulted in high-speed decline of crypto assets causing damage to many miners, investors and traders.

If we go deep into this crash then we can see that the price of Bitcoin plunged to its lowest point since 2020. The large cryptocurrency exchange i.e. Coinbase, tanked in value. The collapse of cryptocurrency that promoted itself as a stable means of exchange and not just this, more than $300 billion was eliminated by this crash in cryptocurrency prices causing a huge decline in overall crypto assets.

One of the most popular crypto currencies i.e. Bitcoin was also seen going down. The reason was again Terra crash. According to the news, the founder of Terra tried saving it from crash by selling Bitcoin worth millions of dollars which was also the reason that we have the high-speed decline of this asset.

However, the market situation these days was considered as a crypto winter as every other coin is at their worst phase. These things impacted many people including the Bitcoin miners. The month of June, 2022 was seen as the lowest for BTC miners.

This month (September, 2022), the Ethereum miners are in a difficult situation because of ETH’s shift from PoW to a PoS mechanism that is going to take place within a few days. On the other hand, some good news came in for Bitcoin miners. After hitting the lowest in June 2022, the crypto king i.e. BTC is seen consistently rising since. As a matter of fact, BTC moved to as high as $24,000 on the graphs. Bitcoin’s price appreciation assumed a key part in diminishing the stress on BTC miners as their benefit fairly expanded.

This month can be seen as a fairly good one as good days are waiting for miners. Also, Bitcoin’s mining trouble has been on the downfall since arriving at its extreme high in May. This is likewise a decent sign for miners as they would require less computational ability to mine blocks. Nonetheless, following a 3-month downtrend, a slight addition in trouble happened recently.  

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