Colony Lab makes new announcements on uniting with Phuture

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Colony Lab, the accelerator for the Avalanche ecosystem, has teamed up with the decentralized cryptocurrency index platform Phuture to produce CAI, the first index token to give exposure to the AVAX ecosystem. Colony Avalanche Index, more often referred to as CAI, is an investment instrument that allows users to profit from the expansion of the Avalanche ecosystem as a whole by holding only one token. The CAI is a basket that contains AVAX and Avalanche application tokens. These tokens are distributed over many distinct themed areas, including GameFi, Defi, and others.

Steps were undertaken by the CAI

In addition to this, the CAI token has natively integrated yield-bearing capabilities as a result of an interface with Yield Yak. The assets included within it are used to generate more yield via the aggregator, which provides a method that is not only secure but also effective for the multiplication of earnings.

Investors that are enthusiastic about the Avalanche ecosystem but would rather obtain exposure in a measured, more efficient, and effective manner that maximizes money for them are the target audience for CAI.

In addition to very successful GameFi initiatives like DeFi Kingdoms, which operate on their subnets, the network has only been operational for a total of 22 months; yet, it is now the third biggest DeFi ecosystem in terms of total value locked. Given that the ecosystem will keep growing and changing at a quick pace, it is impossible to determine who the final winners will be at this time.

The purpose of the union

CAI will do a rebalancing operation every month to ensure that it always includes the assets that are ranked highest both in terms of liquidity and capitalization. This is done to take into account the dynamic nature of the Avalanche ecosystem. The use of the dynamic rebalancing process guarantees that CAI will always be invested in the assets that provide the highest returns.

CAI, on the other hand, provides access to all of the advantages of index investing. Because of diversification, purchasers are less likely to be adversely impacted by certain occurrences that drive down the price of a single individual token. It also provides an easy approach to retaining discipline, since spending more time in the market often yields better results than trying to time the market. To increase returns for investors, the increased yield makes the most of Avalanche’s most successful yield methods.

The debut of CAI couldn’t have come at a better time, since the Avalanche ecosystem is getting ready for even more rapid expansion. Avalanche maintains its position as the industry leader in terms of both the number of new users and the number of innovative features it has introduced. Subnet-based games like DFK, Crabada, and many more are seeing huge activity that matches that of the EVM-compatible Avalanche C-Chain itself. Projects such as Platypus and Trader Joe’s provide intriguing innovations, while others, such as DFK, are witnessing massive activity.

What is Colony?

The colony is a community-driven accelerator that is transitioning into an inclusive DAO intending to foster the expansion of Avalanche’s ecosystem. Colony evaluates networks via stacking capabilities, allocates cash inside Avalanche on early-stage projects, offers liquidity to DeFi protocols, and maintains an index (CAI) on the top Avalanche projects. The genuine support and value created by Colony’s investments are redistributed back to the community in the form of staking rewards, buybacks, and airdrops.

What is Phuture?

Phuture (PHTR) is a decentralized cryptocurrency index platform that streamlines the investing process by using automated, thematic index funds built on Ethereum and Avalanche. Phuture is now offering the Colony Avalanche Index in addition to the Phuture DeFi Index (PDI), which was only just introduced (CAI). Phuture was established in 2019 and has so far raised $3.75 million.

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