A Suspected Exploit Drained Solana And Slope Wallet Users

A Suspected Exploit Drained Solana And Slope Wallet Users

The random crypto fall is still dominating the market. During this tough condition of the global crypto market, multiple exploits are taking place. Users tend to be drained anytime. Recently, Solana blockchain wallets Phantom and Slope users claimed that a suspected exploit has drained their tokens rapidly. Both wallets have lost a massive amount of toke due to this suspected exploit.

It is reported that from the Phantom wallet and Slope wallets millions of tokens are removed through the exploit. It is suspected that the exploit is either linked to the wallet itself or any trustworthy applications. According to several users, the exploit happened due to the Solana ecosystem or for its native wallets.

Overview Of The Exploit :

The exact details of the exploit are not revealed yet. But the users claimed that they were getting some notifications during this exploit. The notifications show that the user account is transferring their tokens to another suspected address’s wallet. But the users were not doing it themselves. The whole process was taking place automatically.

After the spread of the information, Phantom wallet officially gave its statement. The team informed them that they started the investigation regarding the exploit. They are working with other expert teams to find out the weakness of the Solana ecosystem. But for now, they are not ready to believe that the exploit happened for Phantom’s specific issue.

Though the exact amount of the exploit is not known yet. But it is suspected that more than $6 million SOL was removed. Over 7,760 wallets have been victimized in this suspected exploit. Notably, the assumed amount is not verified yet. But it is claimed that million-dollar tokens were removed through this process.

Not only a Phantom wallet but web-based crypto wallet Slope users were also drained off through this exploit.  Both wallets are exploited with the same tactics. Not only SOL but also the Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens were also removed at the same time. Both token users have faced a massive loss from their wallets.

Due to the exploit, users are worried about saving their assets. It was reported that the users expressed that they are depressed after the exploit. They were suggested to move their remaining coins to a ledger and disconnect all the connections from the trustworthy apps and websites like Magic Eden or lock up via staking.

Suspect Of The Exploit :

A user, named by its Twitter handle @Paladin, created new suspense in this exploit. Paladin pointed to two major wallets. He thinks that these wallets belong to the exploiters. The balance data is quite interrogative. The total amount of the two wallets is roughly 37,777 SOL. That means nearly $1.5 million. Another wallet is also a suspect. This third wallet has 2,402 SOL. That equals $95k.

This exploit has already created a sensation in the whole crypto market. This is not only impacting  SOL, but all the Solana-based tokens are in trouble. It was recommended to the users to revoke the authentic trustworthy platforms and websites. These recommendations are followed rapidly. But the drained tokens are the main concern for now. Will it be recovered or will it be lost? That is the question.

Recent Another Exploit :

Recently another security exploit took place in the Nomad token bridge. Over $190 million has been removed by the exploiters. But luckily, the users cooperated with the Nomad team. The users intended to return the tokens that they received from the bridge directly. Though this exploit took place with a different technique. During the exploit, the community alert came across and the team came to know. Later, the white hat users aimed to return the fund to the Nomad team.

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