Learn all about the need for mental health support for decentralization

Learn all about the need for mental health support for decentralization

With the rise in the rush of everyday life and the world becoming more and more chaotic every day, mental health issues have become quite common. It has generated the need for mental health support professionals who can help provide the kind of support and counseling people need to get rid of all sorts of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, etc. Needless to say, to keep society running smoother ay and to increase productivity in the workplace, it is not only important to ensure the physical health but also the mental health of people.

What do studies suggest?

As per the studies suggested by Professors at John Hopkins University, it is said that decentralized mental health services are the key to having sufficient mental health professionals that would fill up the vacancy for mental health professionals in today’s world. There is an accurate shortage of mental health professionals in our society which has become a matter of major concern in today’s world. A sudden need to appoint professionals to ensure the good health of every individual, especially mentally, has become of utmost importance to ensure that they prosper more in their family life as well as their professional life.

Professional from well-established mental schools such as John Hopkins Mental School has said that by taking reference from the decentralized autonomous organizations, and by providing support in a very decentralized way, it would be able to make up for the lack of mental health professionals.

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What do the mental health support professionals have to say?

There are many professionals such as Johannes Thrul who are known for their notable contribution in this field, who have said that taking the help of individuals who have lived through such issues can better provide help to individuals struggling with the same. These papers suggested that people who have had similar issues have developed expertise in handling these cases as they have had experience with it. They have lived the problems that other people are still struggling through.

It is a very new approach and one that can most probably provide the best help, as one who has had troubles in the past, can even understand the things that some are not able to speak up about.

Reward system in the new mental health awareness program

However, incorporating it into practical use needs much more than just a theoretical concept. It needs to be employed strategically to make a positive impact on society and lead to positive outcomes.

Thus, they came up with a solution of having tokens attached to it. In this process, those who make a  noteworthy contribution to eradicating mental issues in society shall be rewarded with tokens that they can use for their benefit. It is specifically for those who have extended help to other people struggling with mental diseases and helps them overcome them in a friendly and supportive environment.


Even though further studies suggested that governments would be open to adopting these systems, as they would be opened to remote methods of which the pandemic scenario was proof. However, there are some concerns regarding the same which suggest otherwise. It is a looming concern that this new online method might not be adopted by those who believe in traditional methods. The current medical system might not be able to implement it and use it with the traditional methods.

However, many have also suggested that with the adoption of this new system, the approach to mental health issues and their treatment might become much more flexible and thus provide better solutions as well.

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