Celsius seeks to extend the deadline for filing claims for customers who have been burned

Celsius seeks to extend the deadline for filing claims for customers who have been burned

The action is intended to give Celsius account holders more time to file prospective proofs of claim. Celsius, the insolvent cryptocurrency lender, will file a petition asking for another month to extend the deadline for customers to submit claims in the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Celsius Network, the embattled cryptocurrency lender, seeks to submit a petition that would offer consumers another month to make claims. The cryptocurrency community has become impatient as they watch Celsius’ legal bills continue to increase and deplete the lender’s fortune.

Celsius said on December 29 through Twitter that it will consider extending the current claim deadline from January 3 to early February. According to the crypto lender, the deadline of January 3 will be extended at least until then since the bankruptcy court is set to hear the request on January 10.

Creditors who believe they are entitled to payment during bankruptcy proceedings may make claims through the claims process. Celsius creditors have submitted around 17,200 claims as of December 29th.”Celsius is preparing to file a motion later this week seeking an extension of the bar date, from January 3, 2023 until early February,” the firm said late Wednesday.

According to the corporation, the delay is required “to provide account holders more time to file any proof of claim.” The application will be considered by the bankruptcy court on January 10, 2023, with the existing claims deadline set for the same date, according to the firm. According to Stretto, the firm’s claims agent, Celsius’ creditors who feel they are entitled to a refund have filed almost 17,200 claims as of today.

Celsius’ legal expenses are increasing.

Earlier this month, the bankruptcy court in charge of the Celsius case ordered the bankrupt crypto lender to restore around $44 million in cryptocurrency to clients of Celsius’ Custody and Withhold accounts.

These accounts basically served as cryptocurrency wallets, with no access to the firm’s interest-bearing lending business. After it was recently revealed that lawyers and other advisers in the Celsius case had also been seeking nearly $53 million in legal fees for their services in just four months since the firm filed for bankruptcy, a possible extension of the deadline for Celsius’ customers to submit their claims is likely to enrage many of the firm’s customers.

Kirkland & Ellis, which represents the unsecured creditors’ committee, billed over $20 million for its services from July to October, followed by White & Case LLP, which billed $10.2 million. Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC and M3 Advisory Partners LLP, who claimed $6.5 million and $4 million, respectively, for their efforts in the Celsius case, were also significant advisors.

Lawyer bills for Celsius continue to mount.

Despite the fact that Celsius’ administrative costs have risen since its original bankruptcy filing in July, creditors appear impatient. According to a December 27 Financial Times story, the costs charged by bankers, attorneys, and other consultants in the bankruptcy proceedings had already exceeded $53 million.

For example, a fee statement dated December 15 from one of the legal firms representing the business, Kirkland & Ellis, requested more than $9 million in payment for services provided in September and October. In comparison, Celsius has only put up $44 million for client reimbursements so far. This money, which accounts for a minuscule percentage of the crypto lender’s $4.72 billion in client deposits, belongs to customers who have only ever retained monies in the Custody Program.

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