Mark Cuban Wants To Buy Bitcoin At Much Lower Prices

Mark Cuban Wants To Buy Bitcoin At Much Lower Prices

The Bitcoin price was $16,825.85, down -0.10% in the last 24 hours. The current price movement of Bitcoin has resulted in a market value of $323,794,533,258. Bitcoin has changed -63.61% so far this year. According to CoinDesk’s Digital Asset Classification Standard, Bitcoin is classed as a currency (DACS). Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency, a sort of digital asset that records, signs, and sends transactions across the Bitcoin blockchain without the control of a central authority.

The Bitcoin network (with an upper-case “B”) was established in January 2009 by an unknown computer programmer or group of programmers under the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto.” The network is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system that employs bitcoin (lower case “b”) as a cryptocurrency to transmit value via the internet or as a store of value like gold and silver. Each bitcoin is composed of 100 million satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin), making each bitcoin divisible to eight decimal places. That implies that anyone may buy a fraction of a bitcoin for as low as one US dollar.

Billionaire software entrepreneur Mark Cuban is positive on Bitcoin, predicting that the price will continue to fall. “I want Bitcoin to fall a lot further so I can purchase some more,” Cuban remarked on comedian Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast. The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks stated that investing in gold was not worthwhile, preferring digital assets. Mark Cuban, who is worth $6.25 billion, has long been a supporter of cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

“Gold is a store of value, as is Bitcoin,” he explained when Maher made the analogy that what if everything had been to hell in a handbasket but they had a gold bar? Someone would have assaulted or murder you and stolen your gold bar. It is useless.” Owning gold these days, according to the investor, it is essentially the same as owning a digital transaction, therefore he opted to invest in Bitcoin.

According to CoinGecko, bitcoin is currently selling at $16,844, which is more than 75% down from the all-time high of $69,044 it reached last year. In 2022, gold—and silver—performed far better as investments. Despite the fact that the crypto market and US equities have taken a beating, metals have mostly kept their worth. Gold is presently priced at $1,800 per ounce, up from $1,807 at this time last year.

Bitcoin, according to Maher, is not worth purchasing since it is not backed by anything. But Mark Cuban retorted, claiming that owning stock in “90% of the firms out there” was similarly meaningless. During the two-hour chat, the two agreed on at least one point: that San Francisco is no longer a good place to establish a digital startup, with Mark Cuban calling the city “pretentious.”

Cuban said that an entire industry had been pushed out and the entire technical sector had deteriorated from and this is the latest thing, to just people urinating on the street. SEC Chair Gensler’s attitude on bitcoin is criticised by Mark Cuban. Cuban was originally a sceptic of cryptocurrencies, but his NBA club now takes cryptocurrency for tickets and merchandising. It became the first basketball team to take Dogecoin in 2021. Since then, Mark Cuban, along with billionaire Elon Musk, has stated that Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency established as a joke, may be beneficial for making payments.

Will Bitcoin Reach $500,000 in 5 Years? Mike Novogratz Has the Answer

Will Bitcoin Reach $500,000 in 5 Years? Mike Novogratz Has the Answer

Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency in the world, to record, sign, and send transactions across the Bitcoin blockchain without the intervention of a centralized authority and under Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified computer programmer or group of programmers introduced the Bitcoin network. Mike Novogratz, the founder, and CEO of Galaxy Digital predicted that a single Bitcoin (BTC) will be worth $500,000 in five years during a broadcast interview with Bloomberg Technology in March.

Knowledge of Bitcoin

The name domain was registered in August 2008 and this is WhoisGuard Protected today at least, which means the person who registered its identity is private. However, on the Cryptography Mailing List at in October 2008, someone or some organization going by the fictitious name Satoshi Nakamoto posted that he has been working on a new electronic payment system that’s peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party. The Bitcoin – A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, a now-famous white paper that was posted on, would go on to become the Magna Carta for how Bitcoin functions today.

The first Bitcoin block, known as Block 0, was mined on January 3, 2009. The line “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on edge of the second bailout for banks” can be found in this block, which is also referred to as the “genesis block.” This text may serve as both verifications that the block was mined on or after that date as well as political commentary.

For every 210,000 blocks, the incentives for Bitcoin are halved. As an illustration, in 2009, the block reward was 50 new bitcoins. The reward for finding a block was reduced to 6.25 bitcoins on May 11, 2020, as a result of the third halving.

The smallest unit of a bitcoin is known as a satoshi, and one bitcoin can be divided up to eight decimal places (100 millionths of one bitcoin). if modifications are required and approved by the participating miners, Bitcoin could be made divisible to even more decimal places.

Understanding Bitcoin as a type of digital currency isn’t that difficult but for instance, if you have a bitcoin, you can send smaller amounts of that bitcoin to pay for goods or services using your cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, when you attempt to grasp how it operates, it gets really difficult.

Blockchain Technology for Bitcoin

A blockchain and a network are needed to power it to contain cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a common database that houses data that is used for encryption techniques to protect data, so when a transaction occurs, data from the previous block is copied to a new block with the new data, encrypted, and the transaction is validated by validators, or miners, in the network and a new block is constructed and handed as a reward to the miner(s) that verified the data in the block once a transaction has been confirmed, and are then free to use, hold, or sell the new Bitcoin. However, the information held in the blocks on the blockchain is encrypted by bitcoin using the SHA-256 hashing algorithm and it is simply explained, a 256-bit hexadecimal integer can be used to encrypt transaction data that is stored in a block. All transactional information and details about blocks before that block are contained in that number.

Mike Novogratz, the founder, and CEO of Galaxy Digital predicted that a single Bitcoin (BTC) will be worth $500,000 in five years during a broadcast interview with Bloomberg Technology in March.

Cryptocurrencies are something Mike Novogratz firmly believes in. In reality, it is known that how Galaxy Digital and Goldman Sachs had joined to give clients of both firms access to an Ethereum investment fund for a minimum investment of $250,000. A similar Bitcoin investment fund was also being offered by Goldman and Galaxy.

Although no one is surprised by his support for Bitcoin, his price projection and time horizon are audacious considering the current market value of the cryptocurrency.

The cost of Bitcoin and its market value would have to rise by 12 times

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has the highest market cap, which is over $768 billion at the time of writing. Although Bitcoin’s price rose by a healthy 60% last year, it has now fallen by just over 40% from its all-time high of about $69,000 on November 8, 2021.

The price of Bitcoin would need to rise by more than 12 times to reach $500,000, which would expand its market capitalization to an astounding $9.2 trillion in just five years. I haven’t heard any analysts estimate that Google, Apple, or Amazon’s respective company valuations will climb tenfold by 2027, so that’s comparable.

The collapse of the FTX exchange in early November, however, made the cryptocurrency crisis far worse, and Bitcoin’s price fell to its lowest point in two years. After a little comeback, the leading cryptocurrency is currently trading just above the $17,000 mark. According to U.Today, in a recent interview with CNBC, Mike Novogratz called former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried “delusional” and said that the disgraced crypto guru needed to serve time in prison.

In an earlier prediction, Mike Novogratz stated that Bitcoin would hit $500,000 in 2028 after five years. Investors were persuaded by his incredibly bullish prediction that BTC will soar to new yearly highs. In May 2022, when TerraUST and LUNA lost all of their value and went to zero, Mike Novogratz reiterated his earlier assertion that he still thought Bitcoin would reach $500,000 in five years.

Bitcoin: Will It Achieve $500,000 by 2028?

The persistent and severe bearish market conditions have appeared to have dampened Mike Novogratz’s enthusiasm for bitcoin.

Novogratz recently told Bloomberg that he no longer thinks Bitcoin will reach $500,000 in five years. The impending recession, he continued, will impede Bitcoin’s rise and make rallies more difficult.

For those who are unaware, Mike Novogratz was one of the first to foresee that 2022 will be a worse year for cryptocurrency investors. His prediction came true, as the markets were in the red for the whole calendar year.

His prediction that Bitcoin would not reach $500,000 by 2028 may come to pass if the world economy continues to be unsteady. The markets are being pushed back by layoffs, inflation, and recession concerns, which is causing Bitcoin’s price to decline.

Weak Bitcoin Hands are “Mostly Gone” as BTC Ignores Amazon and Meta Stock Declines

Weak Bitcoin Hands are “Mostly Gone” as BTC Ignores Amazon and Meta Stock Declines

Bitcoin, which is known for its volatility, has only lost 18% or more in a single day ten times in the past ten years and twice in the past five.

As of the right moment, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have more 20-day volatility than Bitcoin, according to analysis from data provider Kaiko. Over the past year, META has underperformed in both BTC and ETH.

Large tech stock losses, which often happen after Wall Street closure, do not translate into a drop in the price of bitcoin.

In a study report published on Thursday, Kaiko reported that “Bitcoin’s market share of trading volume touched its greatest level in more than two years.” Since April, Bitcoin dominance has grown significantly, suggesting that after the collapse of Terra’s ecosystem and the wave of high-profile bankruptcies over the summer, sentiment has shifted primarily to the downside.

The future for equities is becoming more and more uncertain due to disappointing profits, a pending central bank decision, and a turbulent macroeconomic environment.

However, BTC/USD prevented a domino effect. Economic data for Q3, 2022, showed significant losses for some tech stocks.

Hodlers of bitcoin ignore the Q3 tech findings.

After reaching its greatest levels in six weeks, the largest cryptocurrency lost over $800 on October 27, or 3.8%.

As of the publication of this article, Bitcoin was still trading at roughly $20,200, exhibiting more consolidative trading behavior than a significant decline.

However, this was not the case for IT stocks, which were driven by a spectacular 20% decline in Amazon during after-hours trading as a result of failed earnings projections. At almost $230 billion, Amazon’s market cap secured the largest post-close decrease in history.

The CEO Andy Jassy said in the company’s third-quarter results release, “A lot is occurring in the macroeconomic climate, and we’ll balance our investments to be more streamlined without jeopardizing our important long-term and strategic commitments.”

Although a sign of the unsettling state of flux that digital titans around the world have been experiencing this year, Amazon’s comedown notably failed to inspire copycat actions on cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, the same is true for similarly upsetting outcomes from Meta, whose stock price dropped under $100 this week and returned to levels from 2015.

The end of 2021, according to economist, trader, and entrepreneur Alex Krueger, was characterized by sharp price reductions that coincided with Netflix’s subpar performance.

The 20% of slump that followed Netflix’s earnings in January caused $BTC and $ETH to drop 20% and 30%, respectively. On October 28, he tweeted: “Today Amazon’s results and its subsequent 20% drop pushed $BTC down 2% and $ETH down 3%.”

“Weak hands are mostly gone,” with its current stock price of $300, Netflix is down 50% year-to-date, and according to statistics from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView, BTC/USD is down another 6%.

Continuity of Correlation

The finding contributes to a burgeoning narrative about Bitcoin’s relationship with conventional markets.

The clear-cut lockstep movements between BTC and equities over the last week have not been present, with the latter having to play catch-up as stocks cooled. Bitcoin’s increasing resemblance to gold is currently receiving more attention, as Cointelegraph has reported.

Overall, though, it’s still premature to declare a long-term trend change in association with, say, the S&P 500.

Although it’s too soon to tell if this trend will persist, it’s important to keep an eye on it, according to Mario Nawfal, the founder of Blockchain consulting company IBC Group.


This article expresses just the author’s ideas and opinions, not necessarily those of Every investment and trading action entails risk, so you should research your options before choosing.

All you need to know about what the future holds for Bitcoin

All you need to know about what the future holds for Bitcoin

The American dollar is hitting an all-time high and is most evident at the top beating all others to the ground. Investors have now started turning towards the largest global economy which has contributed further to the development and growth of the dollar. However, in such circumstances, the falling price of the British pound has posed a threat. But with it, there can also be some advantages that many belonging to the crypto industry are looking forward to.

There are chances that the fall in the pound could also lead to a positive effect on Bitcoin. This article has tried to explore this probability in detail and provide readers with some clarity regarding the same.

The condition of the British pound

The British pound has fallen tremendously and can even be said to be the lowest it has ever been. Various factors led to this downfall of the pound. These include cuts in taxes as well as steps to increase debts to lessen the blow of a recession, that was supposed to occur.

This particular action that led to the downfall of the pound is nothing but a remark on how the people perceive the government and its abilities. It is quite clear from this instance that the investors had almost no faith in the government’s power of handling the price across the region. It is this volatility that led to the poor state of the pound.

Let’s take a look at Fiat currencies

Going back to the history of the pound, it is quite clear that since the time its conversion with gold was banned, it has not acquired a definitive valuation. Currently, the issue of inflation has been a major concern in the market. It has been the scenario since the beginning of the year 2022. There are various reasons why it has become a concern now.

It came especially after central banks took the initiative of including liquidity in the market as a step to encourage economies. Thus, this led to a rise in prices all over the region. As a result, there was almost an increase of 9.9% in consumer prices in comparison to the previous year. Additionally, with the never before seen tax cut the British pound fell further low and became one of the contributing factors in the downfall of the currency.

How can a fall in pounds work in favor of Bitcoin?

Before venturing further into it, it’s first important to know how the fluctuations in the British currency can be a booster for Bitcoin. It is not as simple a phenomenon as one would expect or think it to be. However, it is important to keep track of the Bitcoin fiat trading in which the majority of the share belongs to U.S. dollars followed by other currencies such as the yen, euro, and sterling.

Therefore, the effect of the dip in British pounds on Bitcoin can be negligible, but the fact that it has reached an all-time low when compared with dollars is simply something that can affect cryptocurrency in one way or another.

The Conclusion 

With the people starting to understand how the central bank has been exploiting in a way, their money as per the norms laid down by them, they would start realizing the importance of decentralized money. However, in the current scenario, it is the dollar that has emerged victorious out of all the currencies of all the countries. Even though it has worked in favor of Bitcoin in some way, it has raised some concerns that need to be addressed soon.

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