Let’s take a look at how the Ethereum community does not believe in wasting time on minting PoS NFTs right after the merge

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The cryptocurrency market is subjected to various changes and reformations since the time it was introduced into the financial system. Since then it has been adopted by many companies and organizations as their mode of payment. There have been various kinds of crypto that have gained real fame over time and the Ethereum community is one of them. As the merge has taken place, the Ethereum community has been keeping a watch over it very much proudly. Ethereum has taken its first steps or has started a new venture as a proof-of-stake consensus.

Let’s talk about the much-awaited merge

The much-awaited merge has filled them with a lot of eagerness and the community has not been able to keep its calm since then. This event has been termed quite historic even by many. Moments following this event one of the users even minted the first ever nonfungible token. It was consensuses of the proof-of-stake. The merge took place quite recently and various changes have followed it.

This merge took place on the 15th of September. It took place in the block of 15537393. The announcement regarding it came right after it the decision about the mint as well as the sale of the NFT. The NDT has also been referred to as a time capsule. It is specifically for a time capsule of the first NFT mint as well as the iconic panda face. This particular NFT was purchased very recently as well as very quickly for 36 ether.

This event was even tweeted by various trustworthy crypto information sources. It was a much talked about event to have taken place.

A look at all the tweets that followed and the information they contained

After the announcement about the PoS NFT was made, several tweets followed it. It was so much that it almost exploded on Twitter. There on been various positive as well as critical comments on the same. There have been some users who questioned the decision made by the authorities, whereas there were some who thought of it as the best decision ever made. There have been various other users who have even questioned whether the Merge panda is going to become the new ape.

This comment was made in the context of the iconic Bored Ape Yacht. With the emergence of the new system, a series of new somethings also appeared on the blockchain system. The authorities from different trusted sources such as Sheldon Evans, who is the founder of the Web3 lifestyle brand bloom, have also tweeted that this particular brand has formed the first ever official NFT collection to mint on the PoS network.

What the Ethereum community is boasting about?

There have been various users who have been seeking out different ways to showcase their achievements. While some have been showcasing their first ever minted digital assets there have been some who have been showing off their first purchase of the same. These purchases have been made on the very new system.


Consensys, another blockchain software company has also been trying to get more and more users to make their transactions on the PoS by the process of minting one of their NFTs. These commemorative NFTs are there to celebrate the Merge. This merger has also become the factor responsible for instigating various creative endeavors from different well-known and well-established companies. There have been various other displays of creativity one example of which is the Ethereum community coming together and creating a song for the event.

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