Let’s take a look at Binance’s decision to partner with a Ukrainian supermarket chain for accepting crypto through Pay wallet

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With the introduction of the new cryptocurrency format in the financial system, various companies have shown an eager interest in accepting it as their mode of payment as well. This has led to various initiatives and steps being taken to facilitate it and ensure the smooth flow of crypto assets from one agency to another. This has started occurring in various industries across different sectors and many have even benefitted from it. It has also given rise to several international ties like Ukrainian supermarket chain that are born out of crypto agreements.

This article looks at one such initiative that has been taken by Binance. Binance has finally decided to initiate a partnership with the Ukrainian supermarket chain to accept crypto through the Pay wallet. This article has tried to throw some light on this decision and give the readers a clearer picture of what it entails.

The announcement made by Binance on this matter

This Friday, Binance a well-established firm, announced that it has entered into a partnership with VARUS, which is a Ukrainian supermarket chain. This was done to facilitate the payment for groceries being made through the use of Pay wallet which belongs to Binance. Its decision to partner with a grocery company has been reached after considering the vastness of the industry. It has almost as many as 111 shops in 28 different cities of the country.

By making the payment feasible through pay wallet the authorities have further stated that with this system in place, it will be much easier for customers to get access to cryptocurrency almost immediately. It will also get them faster deliveries in different parts of the country. However, for the time being, the fast delivery facility is available for nine cities. These cities are, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kamianske, Kryvyi Ri, Zaporizhzhia, Brovary, Nikopol, Vyshohorod, and Pavlograd.

Ukrainian supermarket chain

Further statements were given by the authorities at Binance

Further announcements have also been made by the company which has come up with various new features as well. For example, they have also added that a reward fun promotion shall also be made available to the users. In this new feature, each customer who places an order from the Varus delivery program, and makes a payment through the Binance pay shall be rewarded with UAH 100. However, there is one condition that all must adhere to, which is a user must first place an order of UAH 500 to enjoy the cashback reward.

Similar initiatives are taken by other companies

This is not the first initiative of its kind taken in the field of cryptocurrency. There have been other steps that have followed a similar trend. For example, a company named Whitepay also launched a similar program in which customers could easily ace an order for electrical appliances and make easy payments through cryptocurrency. It was a system in place specifically for the Ukrainians to make them use crypto with much more ease and efficiency.


The new initiatives are n by Ukraine in the field of crypto and to promote the use of cryptocurrencies across various platforms, it has created a new wave of reformation for the industry. The same has been stated by the founder of Ethereum in a Summit at Kyiv, in which he said that the kind of initiatives being taken in Ukraine can potentially make it the next Web4 hub. He further stated that a country has the potential to become one only when its citizens show a keen interest in utilizing the technology available. It is only when every citizen comes together to help in furthering its cause and help it develop, only then the country can become a Web3 hub.

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