How Dogecoin’s Bitcoin-Beating Bounce May Be Bad News for the Market

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What is Dogecoin?

In the year 2013, DOGE or Dogecoin was developed as a fun alternative to start cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Shiba Inu emblem and moniker are set up on a meme. DOGE is purposely ample concerning Bitcoin, which was created to be insufficient. Its supply is unlimited as 10,000 new coins are produced every minute.
Dogecoin was mostly thought of throughout its inception as a humorous “meme coin,” loved by its community but having very sporadic use. The situation changed in 2021, and although each coin is only worth a few cents, Dogecoin is now one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, with a total market price of more than $50 billion.
How is it even doable? because of the large global Dogecoin population. Unlike Bitcoin, which was designed to be uncommon and inflation-resistant, Dogecoin was created to be widespread.
There is around 130 billion DOGE in use, and 10,000 more are added every minute by miners. (In comparison, just 12.5 BTC are mined every ten to fifteen minutes in the case of the approximately 19 million bitcoin).
Dogecoin was created as a lighthearted, lower-risk alternative to Bitcoin; a key element of the design is abundance.
When Doge was first presented in late 2013, it immediately drew a fervent online community. Members of this community have used DOGE for anything from paying random people for smart Reddit comments to paying for the Jamaican bobsled team’s trip to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Why does Dogecoin have value?

Based on supply and demand, the market values DOGE similarly to how it values any other asset. Given the enormous and growing supply, prices had to rise dramatically in order to reach their recent levels.
Retail investors on Reddit (particularly the wallstreetbets forum that gave rise to the “meme stock” mania), the broader crypto bubble, and other factors caused prices to climb by around 7,000 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Months of tweets from Tesla founder Elon Musk that showed to be made in gag, lead up to his appearance on Saturday Night Live in May 2021.
In the year 2021, the rapidly rising prices of DOGE obtained a lot of media attention, which for a while started a loop that attracted other investors and greater price increases.
When an asset has such a significant increase, FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” attracts a flood of new traders. DOGE is still a very volatile cryptocurrency, therefore there is no way to predict if its value will increase or decrease in the future.

Dogecoin’s Bitcoin-Beating Bounce Can Be A Bad News for the Market

Despite the increased credit risk that significant industry participants are now facing in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse, bitcoin (BTC) and the broader crypto market appear to have stabilized. However, there is still one aspect that raises the possibility that the slump is still ongoing.
Dogecoin (DOGE), a meme cryptocurrency, has increased 40% in value over the last 10 days, beating ether’s (18%) and bitcoin’s (8%) gains. According to statistics from CoinDesk, the total market value has climbed by 10% to $808 billion. The difference is noteworthy because historically, disproportionate rises in DOGE and other meme currencies like Shiba Inu (SHIB) have signaled a market-wide sell-off.
Blockchain analytics company Santiment said in a market insights report that “every time [the] price of DOGE starts climbing fast, there’s a market-wide drop following only seconds afterward. We are now noticing such a surge. The issue now is: Is this moment unique?”
The graphic demonstrates how rallies in DOGE, which were initially just a joke in 2013, have changed over the past 12 months into contrarian indications, causing investors to reduce their bullish positions in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The most famous instance would be DOGE’s late-October spike, which predicted bitcoin’s mid-November decline to 24-month lows due to FTX. Whether the past will be repeated is yet to be seen.

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