Even if all users begin withdrawals, Binance will not go bankrupt: CZ

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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that is the largest in the world in terms of daily cryptocurrency trading volume. It was founded in 2017. It’s headquarters is in the Cayman Islands. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who previously built high frequency trading software. Binance was created in China, but it quickly shifted its headquarters before the Chinese government imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency trading.

Binance was investigated for money laundering and tax evasion by the US Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service in 2021. In June, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority ordered Binance to cease all regulated business in the country. Binance supplied client information, including names and addresses, with the Russian authorities in 2021.

Binance coin (BNB)

Binance has released two cryptocurrencies that it created: Binance Coin (BNB) and BinanceUSD (BUSD). BNB debuted in July 2017 as an Ethereum currency before transitioning to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in September 2020. BSC was eventually combined with the older Binance Chain and re-launched as the BNB chain. BNB Chain employs “Proof of Staked Authority,” a hybrid of proof of stake and proof of authority. It has 21 validators who have been approved. Binance Coin was the cryptocurrency with the third greatest market capitalization as of 2021. Binance allows its users to pay fees for BNB exchanges.

BSC works with the Ethereum virtual computer and supports smart contracts (EVM). There have been several concerns about Binance Smart Chain’s level of centralization, which has resulted in several network vulnerabilities.

Even if all users begin withdrawals, Binance will not go bankrupt: CZ

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, concurred with the rest of the crypto-verse that the exchange had a difficult year. The market was thrown into disarray earlier this month as a result of the massive withdrawal streak. Despite assurances to the community concerning the exchange’s reserves and stability, CZ got a similar query yet again.

CZ was questioned during a recent AMA session, “If Binance users withdraw their cash at the same time, would it collapse/go bankrupt? In a nutshell, no,” said the CEO of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. “We have more than 100 percent reserves on every currency that we hold on behalf of our users,” CZ stated, explaining how the exchange will be fully OK. So feel free to go at any moment.”

As previously stated, Binance saw a rise in withdrawals from December 12 to December 14. During this time, the exchange lost a total of $6 billion. The key cause, according to reports, was speculation over the exchange’s reserves. However, like CZ, a spokesman for Binance confirmed that user assets are backed by 1:1.

Furthermore, as seen in the accompanying data, Bitcoin outflows rose in November and December 2022. However, if Binance is forced to close, money in the Trust Wallet would be protected, according to CZ.

‘Never touch user funds,’ CZ advises his colleagues.

The FTX crisis and its subsequent ripple effect created market uncertainty. The cryptocurrency community was eager to see how Binance would handle this situation. CZ emphasized the importance of staying out of such a circumstance in the first place.

Nonetheless, CZ emphasized the need of being “transparent, open, and communicative” when handling billions of dollars in customer cash. He said that there are a few standards in business to never breach those includes never handle user monies. Keep them safe, separate, and run a healthy and sustainable company. Take no shortcuts.

CZ elaborated on the upcoming year, stating that 2022 will be a terrible year. As a result, he hopes that beneficial occurrences occur during 2023. More builders and developers will be needed to create user-friendly systems for ordinary people.

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