ETC Group To Bring New ETP For Upcoming Ethereum Hard Fork

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ETC Group has participated with a series of entities that have announced goals to support a potential proof of work (PoW) version of the Ethereum network.

The upgraded chain, should it finally appear following the network’s switch to a proof-of-stake (PoS) system, was earlier called ETHPoW and now it doesn’t exist.

All About ETP :

Though, the London-based crypto firm ETC Group aims to write down a new list of exchange-traded products (ETP). That is based on the native asset of the ETHPoW chain. It is issuing holders of its existing Ethereum ETP (ZETH) units of the new security at zero cost on a 1:1 unit basis.  

This new ETP will be known as ETC Group Physical EthereumPoW (ETHWetc). It will be registered on Deutsche Borse’s Xetra under ticker ZETW, which is based on the imminent hard fork of Ethereum. The firm said that the official listing is expected to be held on September 16 this year which is shortly after the Beacon merge event.

What Is ETP?

An ETP is a kind of security. An ETP can be traded on a stock exchange. It must include its value tracking underlying security. For instance, an Ethereum ETP tracks the price of Ethereum. During that process, it allows investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency without the requirement to physically hold the asset.

The founder and co-CEO of ETC Group, Bradley Duke, noted in a statement, “When we launched ETC Group, we determined to holders of our digital asset-backed securities that the holders would profit from hard forks to the underlying digital assets and cryptocurrencies.” He further added, “We believe that it is the only right that investors in our products and services should receive the profit of this fork.”

Already Existed Token :

The Ethereum merge was resisted

Last month. A gang of crypto miners backed by Chinese entrepreneur Chandler Guo introduced a campaign to resist Ethereum’s upcoming transition to PoS by forking the network and developing an alternate form of Ethereum minable via the proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism.

Mainly, a version of the ETHPoW (ETHW) token is denoting a debt relationship between two parties. The token is already traded on multiple crypto exchanges such as Poloniex, MEXC,, and Digifinex.

The largest crypto exchange in America, Coinbase recently stated that it will consider listing ETHW or other forked Ethereum tokens following the merge. But Binance did not abandon the possibility of eventually listing ETHW either.

On the other hand, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, OpenSea, said that any Ethereum forks will not be available on the platform. The platform is committed to only supporting NFTs on the upgraded Ethereum PoS chain.

At the beginning of August, A version of ETHW touched $141 amid an initial round of buzz in the spotlight. However, it has dropped heavily since then. The token has decreased 17.35% over the past 24 hours. It is now trading at $39. 

Notably, Ethereum fell 7% recently. The token currently sits nearly at $1,544.

Conclusion :

Mentionable, the Ethereum merge is now the most anticipated upgrade in the market. It is about to launch between September 13 to 15.  The merge is promised to enhance the main nets’ performance through the PoS consensus mechanism. While the BTC is still running at the PoW mechanism. But the second top currency, ETH, believes to be more advanced in this competitive market. The upgrade will increase the transaction speed and reduce the fees. It will be a less energy-consuming service. The stakers are going to get a massive opportunity through this merger. Investors are getting their way back through this upgrade.

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