DigiDaigaku NFTs Price Rises After Super Bowl Ad

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How did the prices increase after the game?

Boundary Break’s NFT initiative gaming business DigiDaigaku advertised the match promoting a freebie mint from its Dragon Eggs collection. Audiences could obtain the free “digital collectable” that was promoted in the advertisement by simply scanning a QR code.
While there was no cryptocurrency advertising on Sunday night’s Super Bowl, one non-fungible token (NFT) accumulation did pay for one of the pricy advertisements, and it is now experiencing a surge in value.

The tokens were free to produce, but after their Sunday night advertisement, their price on the resale market skyrocketed. The 10,000 unit label’s floor price, calculated using information from NFT exchange OpenSea, is 0.31 ETH, or $460. A total of 1,133 ETH, or nearly $1.7 million, have been traded.
This is how advertising can usually help in the increasing prices of any coin. Here is how advertising crypto can help in future.

Advertising helps the promotion of crypto

It’s crucial to know who these people are if you want to contact and promote this growing demographic of cryptocurrency users. Cryptocurrency consumers are a unique breed and they’re not as readily categorised as you may believe.

Broadly stated, the more you understand your audience, the more successful your advertising effort will be. The characteristics of crypto customers, where to put your content, how to develop an advertising strategy, and the prospects of crypto advertisement are all covered in this article. The main takeaway from this article is a greater grasp of what cryptocurrency users desire, which will help you increase the number of people on your site and subsequently your business.

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Despite the enormous surge in cryptocurrency usage, the demographics who help compensate this community nevertheless have their own unique characteristics. Understanding these characteristics of the crypto audience can help you ensure a successful advertising campaign even before you begin.
It’s obvious that millennials’ tech aptitude is a plus among this group given that they make up the vast majority of said industry. This demographic is heavily dependent upon technology, and most individuals are innovators or early investors in cutting-edge and innovative technologies.

Coins can be purchased by cryptocurrency users for a wide range of reasons. from the thrill of the profession to the urge to work with technology. Several of these cryptocurrency users, though, might have suffered losses in one of the numerous crypto collapses over the past years.

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Huge losses might well have caused people to be a little more hesitant when making purchases. Because of this, they favour value-added acquisitions and look for prospects that have previously been profitable, gone through more inspection, and are less unstable compared to some of their competitors.
Decentralization is among the key features of cryptocurrencies that all users completely support. Rather than meeting in a conventional buying exchange, the decentralised cryptocurrency market employs blockchain technology to let sellers and purchasers transact directly. The typical cryptocurrency user welcomes this innovation that decentralises decision-making.

Knowing where to position your distinctive messaging comes after you’ve identified your target demographic. Traditional marketing methods won’t be effective within the cryptocurrency economy. You need to conduct thorough research and comprehend each distinct cryptocurrency area if you want to succeed in this market.

With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to target the market and focus your product offerings on particular stages of your selling process.
Now that you are aware of your target audience and where you’ll place the ads, it is time to develop an advertising strategy and put it into action. However, check to see if the commercial medium you select does not have any ad limitations in place before you launch your first marketing campaign.

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